spring hair trendsUpdating hair, makeup and accessories are an affordable way to stay in style without spending a fortune every season. Hair styles are the most affordable part of daily style to change and are instrumental in creating the look one hopes to achieve. Here are the top hair trends for Spring 2017 and style tips.

The Wang Braid

Braids are hairstyle of the season! Since the Vera Wang show last year, the “Wang braid” has spread like wildfire. Part hair to one side and braid on the opposite side. Start out loose and the base and make it tighter towards the end. Another way to style braids is by wrapping a long headscarf around the head, gracing the face, and weaving the rest of the headscarf into the braid itself.

Brazilian Hair Extensions

Brazilian hair is becoming extremely popular. Even though the idea of covering your head with someone else’s hair has been around for longer than you and I, it has only been made popular lately thanks to super stars like Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé. The days of settling with your own hair are long gone. Brazilian Hair extensions are extremely easy to install and can be done within a few hours. They can be quite expensive however, especially if you’re shopping for the “real deal.” Brazilian hair comes in multiple grade ranging from grade 6A to 9A with the latter being the highest quality. It generally takes around 3 bundles to cover an entire head so if you are looking, make sure you find Brazilian Hair for sale 3 bundles. This can be much more cost effective compared to buying bundles one at a time.

Up-dos, Chignons and Bulky Buns

Up-dos were all over the runways for spring 2017. Chignons and bulky buns are popular. For a more casual look, style at the base of the head and for a more high fashion look, style closer to the top of the head. Either way big chignons were in, which means lots of teasing before the bun is actually formed. Some shows, like Carolina Herrera’s wove beads and threads into the hair before creating the chignon.

The Turban / Headscarf

With the Sex and the City Sequel coming out in May, no one has been able to stop talking about the turban that Carrie is sporting in the trailer! Headscarves and turbans are bound to become the new fashion statement in late spring and summer. For a simple headscarf look, simple find a beautiful, bold print and drape it over the length of the face and finally, tie it at the base of the neck.

The Bunny Ears Trend

Bunny ears have never meant more to fashion that spring 2017. That’s right, supermodels were wearing bunny ears on the runway for spring. For a less-theatrical look, why not use an oversized bow that has some height, or even some braids that you can support with wire from a local craft store?

Mickey Mouse and cat ears are also picking up on the trend, and that just means two modest buns sitting on the front of the head. This style is not for the timid, but if feeling a little outrageous, give it a try! The only word of caution is be careful of the materials used. There is a fine line between wearing something that looks like it was purchased at a costume store and wearing something that looks high-end.

If interested in more ways to stay in style this season, updating beauty and fashion accessories for spring is another affordable way to do so without spending too much money on fading trends.