Best Hair Color for 60 Year Old Woman

Best Hair Color for 60 Year Old Woman

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There’s a wide range of hair colors that can complement 60-year-old women. These colors include natural gray, red, brunette, blonde, among others. There are also other exquisite blend of colors, such as  ombre and balayage solutions.

Most women tend to shy away from experimenting with mix-ins and highlights as they grow older. However, that shouldn’t be the case. Your hair deserves some TLC, age notwithstanding.

If you want to step out of your comfort zone and try different hair colors, you are at the right place. We will help you decide the right color scheme or shade that pairs well to complement your skin tone. See the recommendations below for inspiration.

Best Hair Color for 60 Year Old Woman

  1. Honey Blonde

It’s best to find a color that not only complements the color of your skin but also looks flattering. For instance, a warmer hair color will give an older woman a youthful look. Honey blonde is one of  the best hair colors for 60-year-old woman.

  1. Dark Hair with Blonde Feathers

If you’re a 60-year-old brunette woman, try highlights to achieve a gorgeous hairstyle.

  1. Black, Blonde and Brown

You can never go wrong with balayage. This hairstyle blends remarkably well with natural hair colors to give you a look that will make you stand out in a crowd.

  1. Matte Beige Blonde Hair Color

A balayage color like a sophisticated matte beige blonde is summery and light. This is best suited for 60 year-old women looking to feel attractive and look younger.

  1. Ash Blonde Shade

60-year-old women with natural grays can try out ash blonde and silver tones.

  1. Platinum Bangs for Brown Hair

You can go for subtle, partial highlights if you feel platinum hair color is too bold for your liking. The dark and light contrast makes this hair color quite interesting.

  1. Blonde Hair

60-year-old women with fine tresses can go for balayage highlights. This is especially if they’re looking to try trendy and more interesting looks.

  1. Light Blonde Hair Color

A light blonde always yields amazing results, especially for older adults in their 60s. Champagne, Silver, Ash, Platinum along with other youthful blonde shades blend  well with natural graying hair to give you afresh and vibrant look. Moreover, these hair colors help create an illusion of added volume.

  1. Chestnut Brown with Blonde Highlights

The best hair color for 60-year-old women effortlessly take a few years off your age. A brown hue that’s not too dark, like chestnut brown, checks all the right boxes. A touch of golden-brown highlights here and there will make you look classy especially if you have relatively brown hair.

  1. Highlights

Partial caramel highlights look great on shorter, straight brunette hair. This hair color is flattering especially for women in their 60’s with dark hair. The color helps to conceal your natural grays.

  1. Brown Blonde

Brown blonde also makes it on our list of the best hair color for 60-year-old women. The color looks funky but not too brazen for older adults. The red-like tinge of the blonde shade draw attention to your mane while the feathered layers are ideal for layered hair colors.

  1. Burgundy and Auburn Blend

Cinnamon and burgundy shades are an excellent choice for 60-year-old women who prefer bold hair colors. Auburn hair color, on the other hand, makes you look and feel young.

  1. Gray Blonde Hair Color

This graceful gray blonde hair color will let everyone know you’re in charge and  independent. The hairstyle is for women in their 60s who don’t shy away from rocking different accessories. The golden highlights in the blonde hair are an accessory.

  1. Burgundy Red Ombre

This elegant and delectable hair color will take a few years off your age without getting in the way of your personality and downplaying your level of maturity. The red wine color is quite vivid but the dark brown roots tend to soften it.

Burgundy red ombre is one of the best hair colors for brunettes that like spicing up their hairstyles.

  1. Gray Blonde

Not only does gray blonde with lowlights look elegant but also makes for a great color combination on natural hair.

  1. Honey Blonde with Silver Highlights

60-year-old women with pale skin should stick to warm hair colors as it helps brighten their complexion.

  1. Honey and Butter Blonde Highlights

This hair color is a posh and snappy play of both lowlights and highlights. Moreover, it makes you look sensational.

  1. Golden Brown Highlights on a Short Bob

You can still rock trendy and chic hairstyles in your 60s! There are many different trends of funky hair colors that look impressive on older adults. For instance, a short bob haircut with subtle highlights will give you a fresh, gorgeous look.

  1. Youthful Blonde

A beachy sandy blonde hair color blends well with natural grey hair. The hair color will make you look and feel young.

  1. Multi-Color

The display of ash blonde, burgundy and strawberry hues on this hairstyle makes it quite appealing. Take the style a notch higher with hints of copper. This is an outstanding hair color for 60-year-old redheads.

  1. Light Brown Lowlights on Blonde Hair

If you’re looking to switch up your blonde hair to a different color, throw in light brown lowlights to give your hair some life. The beauty transition will be a sight to behold for older adults with blonde hair.

  1. Glossy Babylights on Brown Hair

If you’re looking to brighten the natural color of your hair, glossy Babylights will come in handy. The soft and delicate sheen of glossy babylights on brown hair is incredibly beautiful. If you are a brunettes, try this hair dye trend.

  1. Medium Blonde

Medium blonde hair color is best suited for older adults who prefer natural hairstyles.

  1. Snazzy Cherry Red Color

Snazzy cherry red is the best hair color for seniors who like maintaining the shade of their dark hair. You can create highlights in cooler and deeper shade on your red hair or add radiant red hues.

  1. Bright Blonde

Allow your natural hair to go in tune with the bright blonde hair color.

  1. Dark Blonde

Go for a perfectly blended ash blonde balayage on warm blonde hair to exude your delightful sense of style. The two shades of blonde will give you an elegant and youthful hair color. That is what is meant by not compromising your style as you grow older.

  1. Sliver with Highlights

Silver hair with highlights is a trendy hair color for 60-year-old confident and bold women. Embrace your grays with pride with a touch of dark highlights for an elegant look.

  1. Foil Highlights on Brown Hair

Just like you, your hair also deserves some TLC. This is where highlights come into play.

  1. Chocolate Hair Color with Caramel Balayage

Balayage guarantees to make your pixie haircut stand out.

  1. Brown Hair with Golden Highlights

Women in their 60s who prefer simple hairstyles should consider  brunet balayage. This is a simple yet absolutely gorgeous color.


Finding the perfect hair color as a 60-year-old woman can be a fun and exciting journey of self-expression and self-care. From subtle highlights to bold and daring shades, there are plenty of hair color options to choose from that complement your skin tone and enhance your natural beauty.

Remember to consider your personal style, lifestyle, and hair texture when selecting a hair color that suits you best. With our expert tips and inspiration, you can discover the best hair color for you and rock a timeless and stylish look that makes you feel confident and beautiful at any age.

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