Best Hair Color for Greying Brunettes

Best Hair Color for Greying Brunettes

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Aging is an unavoidable process and as we grow older, our hair tends to turn gray. But every journey is different. Grey hairs are more visible on brunettes far earlier than their counterparts. If your hair has just started turning grey and you are looking for the best hair color solution for coverage, we got you covered! Read on.

Best Hair Color for Greying Brunettes

There’s nothing wrong with going grey. However, the best thing about it is that it’s totally optional. Finding the best hair color for greying brunettes is an uphill task. This is because covering grey hair is harder especially if you are looking to try out richer or darker shades. The only trick is to look for a color that can easily penetrate your grey hair.

There’s nothing to look out for in terms of ingredients in the hair color for better grey coverage. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t try out different hair colors. The best way for brunettes to cover their greying hair is by leaving the hair color on for a bit longer. Even so, don’t leave the dye on your hair for far too long as it tends to cause damage.

In addition, some hair colors usually help nourish the hair and minimize damage. When looking for the best hair color for greying brunettes, you should also put into consideration the type solution you going for whether -temporary, permanent or semi-permanent, a full head refresh or just a touch up. You should also opt for versatile brunette shades that aren’t too dark to hide your greying hair.

When looking for the best hair color for greying brunettes, go for less saturated shades that will make regrowing gray hairs less visible. Warm tones are usually more flattering as compared to their cooler counterparts since they highlight your facial features to make you look younger and vibrant. Plus, they help accentuate the blush of the cheeks.

Best Hair Color for Greying Brunettes

Remember, the right hair color helps add dimension and depth. If you are willing to commit to a salon trip to tackle your natural greys, then here are some inspiration ideas of the best hair color for greying brunettes to try out:

1. Butterscotch

Embrace the deliciousness of butterscotch with this hair color that adds a sweet and creamy touch to your greying brunette mane. It’s like having a delightful treat right on your head, giving you a playful and irresistible allure.

Recommended Product: Permanent Triple Care


2. Light Auburn

Set your greying brunette locks ablaze with a touch of fiery elegance. Light Auburn adds a vibrant and energetic twist to your hair, bringing out the natural warmth of your complexion and making you feel like a fiery goddess.

Recommended Product: Smart Beauty Hair Dye

3. Ash Brown

Discover the enchantment of Ash Brown, a hair color that adds a cool and sophisticated vibe to your greying brunette tresses. With its muted and smoky tones, it creates a modern and edgy look that exudes confidence and effortless charm.

Recommended Product: Clairol Nice’n Easy Hair Dye

4. Golden Brown

Elevate your greying brunette hair to golden heights with this hair color that radiates warmth and radiance. Golden Brown adds a touch of sun-kissed glow to your locks, making you shine like a golden goddess wherever you go. It’s a color that brings out the best in your natural beauty, making you feel like a true golden queen.

Recommended Product: Clairol Balsam Golden Brown 

5. Caramel Swirl

Embrace your greying brunette locks with a touch of warmth and richness. Caramel swirl hair color adds delicious dimension to your hair, blending seamlessly with your natural grey tones for a luscious and inviting look.

Recommended Product: Garnier hair Colour 

6. Smoky Mocha

Turn up the drama with smoky mocha hair color. This sultry blend of deep browns and smoky undertones adds a mysterious allure to your greying brunette hair. It’s like capturing the essence of a moonlit night in your tresses.

Recommended Product: Keracolor Clenditioner Hair Dye

7. Silver Fox

Embrace your inner vixen with the silver fox hair color. This stunning shade takes your greying brunette locks to a whole new level of sophistication. It’s like sprinkling stardust on your hair, creating a captivating silver sheen that commands attention.

Recommended Product: Manic Panic Silver Stiletto hair toner

8. Espresso Delight

Indulge in the rich and decadent beauty of espresso delight hair color. This deep, velvety brown shade enhances the natural greying hues of your brunette hair, adding depth and intensity. It’s like savoring a cup of your favorite gourmet coffee in every strand.

Recommended Product: LÓreal Paris Permanent Hair Color

9. Ashen Rose

Unleash your inner rebel with ashen rose hair color. This edgy and unique blend of cool ash tones and soft rosy hues adds a playful twist to your greying brunette locks. It’s like a rebellious romance between the silver moonlight and a blooming rose garden.

Recommended Product: LÓreal Paris Permanent Hair Color Rose Blond

10. Maple Glaze

Sweeten up your greying brunette mane with maple glaze hair color. This warm and inviting shade mimics the delectable hues of maple syrup, creating a deliciously delightful look. It’s like drizzling your hair with a touch of autumn magic.

Recommended Product: LÓreal Paris Permanent Hair Color Maple Brown

11. Charcoal Chic

Embrace the boldness of charcoal chic hair color. This striking shade blends deep charcoal tones with hints of silver, creating a mesmerizing and modern look. It’s like channeling the fierce spirit of a grey wolf in your tresses.

Recommended Product: Adore Semi Permanent hair Color

12. Chocolate Truffle

Dive into the decadence of chocolate truffle hair color. This rich and indulgent shade adds depth and dimension to your greying brunette locks, resembling the irresistible allure of a luxurious chocolate treat. It’s like wrapping your hair in pure indulgence.

Recommended Product: Garnier Hair Color Chocolate

13. Frosted Chestnut

Add a touch of winter magic to your greying brunette hair with frosted chestnut hair color. This enchanting blend of cool chestnut tones and icy highlights creates a mesmerizing frost-kissed effect. It’s like stepping into a winter wonderland every time you style your hair.

Recommended Product: Herbatint Haircolor

So, my fellow grey brunettes, don’t let the greys dim your spirit. Embrace the magic of these best hair colors designed just for you and let your beautiful locks shine with confidence and charisma. It’s time to rock your greying brunette hair like the fabulous trendsetter you are!

Best Hair Colors to Cover Grey for Brunettes


Finding the best hair color for greying brunettes is all about embracing the magic of transformation and having fun with your locks. Whether you go for the delectable Butterscotch, the lively Light Auburn, the enchanting Ash Brown, or the golden allure of Golden Brown, these hair colors will make you feel like a radiant and confident goddess.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and let your hair shine with vibrant hues that bring out the best in your greying brunette mane. It’s time to unleash your inner color chameleon and rock your unique style with a touch of fun and fabulousness!

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