Box Braids for Older Ladies



Most women cycle through box braids when it comes to braided hairstyles, and older ladies are not an exception. Just as the name suggests, box braids are three-strand plaits in square shape after sectioning the hair. The braids come in a range of sizes, colors and lengths.

As a general rule of thumb, you should trim and treat your hair before getting the braids done. After this, blow dry the hair to make the installation process a bit easier.

You can never go wrong with box braids.

Box Braids for Older Ladies

Box braids give you an opportunity to add color to your hair, extend it and wear it in so many different ways. This is also one of the best protective hairstyles that require little to no maintenance. The braids can be done with both natural hair and extension to add volume, thickness and extend the length.

There are different types of box braids. For example, there are knotless box braids, which have a more natural finish compared to classic box braids. Knotless braids looks like your natural hair.

Knotless box braids also put less pressure on the scalp. Whether you go for classic or knotless box braids, is a matter of personal preference and style.

Box braids for older ladies are quite simple but can transform a basic and plain look to a classy and sophisticated one. Before getting your hair done,  first decide on the diameter and length of the box braids. Also, determine the maintenance routine.

Box Braids for Older Ladies

Ladies, let your box braids introduce you! You are bound to find something that will excite you from the recommendations below.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with different box braids hairstyles from time to time since they all look great on older ladies. If you are in doubt, always remember that there’s no way in hell you can wrong with box braids.

Here are some of the coolest box braids for bolder ladies to try:

1. Bob Box Braids

A hairstyle where the braids are styled into a bob cut, typically chin-length or shorter. This is a modern and sophisticated look for older women.

2. Jumbo Box Braids

Large braids that are thicker and heavier than traditional box braids. This style can be very striking and is a great option for older women with thick hair.

3. Knotless Box Braids

A variation of traditional box braids where the braids are not knotted at the root, giving them a more natural and less bulky appearance.

4. Small Box Braids

Thin, small braids that are great for older women with fine hair or who want a more delicate look.

5. Medium Size Box Braids

Braids that are of medium size, not too thick or too thin. This style is versatile and can be styled in many ways.

6. Mini Blonde Box Braids

Small braids that are dyed blonde, providing a unique and trendy look for older women.

7. Braided Box Braids

A style where the box braids are braided together, creating a unique and intricate look.

8. Braided Bun

A bun hairstyle where the braids are styled into a bun, often at the nape of the neck. This is a elegant and polished look for older women.

9. Braided Beehive

A variation of the braided bun where the bun is styled to resemble a beehive shape.

10. Imperfect Box Braids

A style where the braids are not perfectly neat and symmetrical, giving a more relaxed and bohemian look.

11. Box Braids in a ponytail

A classic and simple style where the braids are pulled back into a ponytail.

12. Box Braids with a Scarf

A style where a scarf is wrapped around the braids, adding a touch of color and texture.

13. Box Braids with Color

A style where the braids are dyed in different colors to create a unique and bold look.

14. Space Buns

A style where the braids are styled into two buns, often on either side of the head. This is a fun and playful look for older women.

15. Long Box Braids

A style where the braids are very long, often reaching the waist or beyond. This is a dramatic and striking look for older women.

16. Short Box Braids

A style where the braids are very short, often chin-length or shorter. This is a modern and sophisticated look for older women.

17. Center-Parted Box Braids

A style where the braids are parted down the middle, creating a symmetrical look.

18. 90’s Box Braids

A style that was popular in the 90s, characterized by thick, chunky braids that are often styled with beads or rings. This is a nostalgic and retro look for older women.

And for our white sisters, we didn’t forget you. Check out these braided hairstyles for older white women.

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