spring hair trendsUpdating hair, makeup and accessories are an affordable way to stay in style without spending a fortune every season. Hair styles are the most affordable part of daily style to change and are instrumental in creating the look one hopes to achieve. Here are the top hair trends for Spring 2017 and style tips.

The Wang Braid

Braids are hairstyle of the season! Since the Vera Wang show last year, the “Wang braid” has spread like wildfire. Part hair to one side and braid on the opposite side. Start out loose and the base and make it tighter towards the end. Another way to style braids is by wrapping a long headscarf around the head, gracing the face, and weaving the rest of the headscarf into the braid itself.

Brazilian Hair Extensions

Brazilian hair is becoming extremely popular. Even though the idea of covering your head with someone else’s hair has been around for longer than you and I, it has only been made popular lately thanks to super stars like Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé. The days of settling with your own hair are long gone. Brazilian Hair extensions are extremely easy to install and can be done within a …