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5 Best Nursing Bras for Large Breasts

If you are looking for the best maternity bra for you, it is important to know your correct size bra. You can know your bra size wither by measuring yourself properly or checking the bra fit check, based on how your current bra fits.

In most cases, the additional breast volume that you gain when pregnant should not affect your band size by a huge margin. If there is any change on the band size, it should not be by more than one size. The breast volume you gain should, instead, affect the cup size first.

Therefore, if you have large breasts and get pregnant, it may be necessary to up up a several cup sizes.  This can present a problem as finding bras for large breasts can be quite difficult.

In this large breast bras review, I’ve selected nursing bra models that go well beyong the DD. Some of the bras on the list go up to a cup size I or J. These nursing bras are incredibly comfortable and supportive. Moreover, they are good looking!

One of the best things you can do for your body post-pregnancy is investing in a well-fitting nursing bra. Below are my …


25 Types of Bra Every Woman Needs to Know [WITH IMAGES]

There are different types of bras on the market. You probably only know of a few of them. In this article, I’ve listed 25 of the most popular types of bras with images so that you can easily identify most bras you will come across.

The various types of bras on the market serve different function and not all of them are ideal for every woman. This is why being able to identify the type of bra you come across and its function is important.

Let’s get started with this list of 25 of the most common bras you will come across. I’ve also included my recommendations for each of them.

Let’s roll!



How to Measure Your Bra Size