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  • 50 Short Natural Haircuts for Black Women

    short natural haircuts for black women

    Maintaining long hair is such a hassle and that’s where short natural haircuts for black women come in. You are at the right place if you are yet to decide whether you want to go for short or long hair. However, if your mind is made up but you don’t know where to start or […]

  • How to Install Faux Locs Goddess Braids

    faux locs goddess

    This article gives an overview of everything you need to know about faux locs goddess braids including different installation methods and the cost of doing them. Faux locs are a bit different from other protective hairstyles. Unlike braids that tend to look good when freshly done, that’s quite the opposite with faux locs goddess braids. […]

  • How to Maintain Bohemian Distressed Locs

    bohemian locs

    The braids evolution has seen the rise of different braided hairstyles as a result of genius techniques. Braids have been around since time immemorial dating back to the 1300BC when slaves used them to deliver secret messages and weave escape routes and maps. It’s safe to say that the current crop of braided hairstyles is […]

  • How to Feed in Braids with a Quick Weave

    how to feed in braids

    This article covers everything you need to know about how to feed in braids with a quick weave since its currently trending. Here are some of things you need for this hairstyle: A rat tail comb Shine n jam conditioning gel A wig cap Hair needle and thread Prestretched Xpression Kanekalon braiding hair – 2 […]

  • 50 Kids Braids with Beads Hairstyles

    kids braids with beads

    Beads are the way to go if you are looking to give your hairstyle that wow factor. This also applies to braided hairstyles for kids. Kids braided hairstyles allow parents to keep the little one’s hair neat and also saves them the hassle that comes with prepping their hair anytime you want to leave the […]

  • 25 Trendy Short Knotless Braids with Beads at the End Hairstyles

    knotless braids with beads

    This article highlights all the details you need to know about short knotless braids with beads at the end hairstyles. These braided hairstyles are as stylish as they are trendy. Plus, you can never go wrong with short knotless braids with beads at the end hairstyles as they are equally versatile. Before we get into […]

  • Tutorial: How to do Soft Locs on Yourself

    How to Do Soft Locs

    Just like the name suggests, soft locs are typically a faux locs variant with a soft like appearance and touch. You can achieve this hairstyle by using a combination of different textured hair as in butterfly locs and distressed bohemian locs. The best thing about soft locs is that they can be done in different […]

  • 25 Cute Criss Cross Knotless Braids

    criss cross knotless braids

    Criss cross knotless braids otherwise known as rubber band knotless braids are a protective braided hairstyle featuring different criss cross sections done using rubber bands at the front. This braided hairstyle can last up to a maximum of four weeks. However, you might need to refresh the front part with the criss crossed sectioned after […]

  • How to Make Bantu Knots with Natural Hair

    In bantu knots, the hair is usually sectioned, twisted then wrapped around continuously at the base to create a stacked knot-like appearance. Plus, it’s one of the best protective hairstyles. Bantu knots have been around since time immemorial dating back to the 2nd millennium up to the 1500CE. This was around the time the Bantus […]

  • 100 Back to School Braid Hairstyles for Black Girl

    back to school braid hairstyles

    Vacation’s over and school is here! Morning preps are usually the most hectic part especially when you have to do the little one’s hair. In such cases, braided hairstyles will come in handy as they are quite easy and equally effortless to maintain. What’s more, there’s a wide range of styles you can try out […]