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  • 40 Pop Smoke Braids Hairstyles to Rock in 2022

    pop smoke braids

    Pop smoke braids is known for its signature middle part and is equally a protective hairstyle. It works well for different types of hair and is easy to recreate. Pop smoke braids consist of three or four medium-sized braids braided and cornrowed straight down to a regular traditional braid. It’s one of the trendiest braids […]

  • Passion Twist Hairstyle Tutorial

    passion twist hairstyle

    This article features everything you need to know about passion twist hairstyle and different passion twists hairstyles. The number of protective hairstyles to rock is on the rise thanks to the unlimited options available. Ranging from goddess locs, faux locs, cornrows to box braids, braided hairstyles are not only classic but also timeless. Braided hairstyles […]

  • Short Natural Fade Haircuts for Black Females

    short natural fade haircuts for black females

    Fade and tapered haircuts are as popular as they are trendy. Tapered haircuts have gained traction over the years and women can now rock it since it was mostly associated with men in the past. Fade and tapered haircuts are almost similar in terms of looks but the two are quite different. This article features […]

  • Stitch Braids Hairstyles

    This article features everything you need to know about stitch braids hairstyles. It’s basically stitch braids 101. Those who love braided hairstyles know that there are a variety of ways, techniques and styles of doing them to come up with a piece of art. Black hairstyles do not shy from experimenting different designs ranging from […]

  • Passion Braids Hairstyles

    passion braids

    Passion braids also known as butterfly braids are the in thing right now after the exit of passion twists. Yes! Passion braids is the new braids hairstyle in town and we are going to cover every little detail you should know about them. Passion Braids Hairstyles Passion Braids are typically the new box braids version […]

  • How to Do Fulani Braids with Knotless

    Fulani braids with knotless

    Fulani Braids were originally done by the Fulani Tribe from West Africa. Currently, they are dispersed across the Central as well as the Northern part of Africa. In the past, Fulani braids hairstyles were identified with straight cornrows going towards the back and parted down at the middle and accessorized with beads. As is the […]

  • What is a Silk Press on Natural Hair + How to Silk Press at Home

    what is a silk press on natural hair

    This article features everything about silk press on natural hair with different textures and how to silk press at home. Shrinkage is usually quite deceptive to say the least. As much as you are not supposed to subject your natural hair to too much heat, there are a number of ways you can get to […]

  • Types of Cornrow Braids Hairstyles

    Cornrow braids hairstyles just like other braided hairstyle trends that are popular among the Black African community carry a rich history. Braiding patterns and different hairstyles were used in the past to help identify people according to their marital status, community and age especially in the African community. In this case, cornrow braids hairstyles otherwise […]

  • 40 4C Natural Hair Styles to Rock this Year

    4c natural hair styles

    There is one thing about Black hair that will always be undeniable: it is very adaptable. However, despite the fact that the world as a whole still does have a long road ahead in destroying ridiculous assumptions concerning Black hair, The Black people all over the globe have refused to allow this deter them from sporting […]

  • Relaxed Hair Vs. Natural Hair: Pros and Cons

    relaxed hair vs. natural hair

    The debate about relaxed hair vs. natural hair is not about to end anytime soon. The constant reinforcement in different media platforms as to what holds the beauty standards in the most desirable and acceptable manner according to societal norms plays a significant role. The same goes for hair especially the hair of a black […]