Passion Twist Hairstyle Tutorial

Passion Twist Hairstyle Tutorial

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This article features everything you need to know about passion twist hairstyle and different passion twists hairstyles. The number of protective hairstyles to rock is on the rise thanks to the unlimited options available. Ranging from goddess locs, faux locs, cornrows to box braids, braided hairstyles are not only classic but also timeless.

Braided hairstyles date back to 3000BC, professional black hair stylists and creatives all over the world keep inventing different styles, designs and braiding techniques. The styles are meant to cater to everyone in the years to come owing to their versatility and the passion twist hairstyle is no exception. Passion twists gained massive popularity and that’s why they are trending.

The passion twist hairstyle was created and also debuted in 2018 by the stunning Kailyn Rogers aka The BohoBabe who is a hairstylist in Miami. Kailyn Rogers debuted a step by step tutorial of the passion twist hairstyle on YouTube. It has been on the rise ever since it was debuted and trending all over different social media platforms. This typically means that thousands from all walks of life have rocked this particular hairstyle.

Kailyn Rogers Tutorial on How to do Passion Twist Hairstyle

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Passion Twists?

Passion twists are two-strand twists that strike a perfect balance between Goddess locs and Senegalese twists creating a stunning boho look.

How Long does the Passion Twist Hairstyle Last?

With proper maintenance and other things factored in, you can have passion twists on for a maximum of two months.

What Hair Can I use to Achieve this Hairstyle?

The passion twist hairstyle is usually done using freetress water wave braiding hair for the curly texture.

Are Passion Twists Bad for the Hair?

Absolutely not! Passion twists are one of the best protective hairstyles known to enhance hair growth. Your hair will grow longer since it’s usually left undisturbed for an extended period.

Are Passion Twists Water-Friendly?

Yes. You can even swim in passion twists and don’t have to worry about being caught in the rain. However, you might need to apply mousse all over your head afterwards or simply co-wash it.

Different Methods Used to Install Passion Twists

You can either use the crotchet technique or manual method to install passion twists.

In both methods, you’ll first start by cleaning your hair, blow drying, stretching or straightening it then sectioning in big or small parts according to your personal specifications.

Lay your edges using edge control. You can use bees wax to ensure the Freetress braiding hair blends perfectly well with your natural hair. If you can’t get hold of the freetress braiding hair, Lulu tress water wave hair will come in handy.

How to do the Passion Twist Hairstyle Using the No Rubber Band Method

Section your hair then divide it into two different parts and stretch out the freetress braiding hair or whichever hair you plan on using.

Unravel the curls by running your fingers through the braiding hair.

Use the braiding hair of your choice to twist it on your natural hair while holding the two parts you sectioned.

Twist the braiding hair along with your natural hair securely until it firmly forms a twist. Repeat the process on each side then twist the parts together as you move along the length of the braid.

How to do Passion Twists Using the Crotchet Method

For this method, you’ll first need to braid your hair into cornrows, then loop the prestretched freetress braiding hair at the base of the cornrows repeatedly ensuring you cover the entire head completely.

How to do the Passion Twist Hairstyle Using the Rubber Band Method

Section your hair then use rubber bands to secure at the base. Rub a generous amount of oil on the rubber bands before use to prevent hair breakage.

Use the crotchet needle to loop the freetress braiding hair through the sectioned parts secured with a rubber band.

Pull your looped hair to the side then twist the braiding hair of your choice with your natural hair. If you love them tight, the hold a firmer grip as you move along the length of the braiding hair and do the opposite if you prefer loose curl design.

Different Types of Passion Twist Hairstyles

There are lots of passion twist hairstyles variations as they usually come in a range of sizes, colors and varying lengths.

Here are some of the best passion twist hairstyles you should try:

  1. Long Black Passion Twists

When it comes to passion twist hairstyles, longer is usually better. If you prefer long passion twists, the waist is a perfect length while the shoulders will perfectly fine if you can handle the latter.

  1. Half Up Half Down Passion Twists

This style is quite simple as you only need to tie the upper part of the hair using a hair tie or scrunchie. Leave the other half of the passion twists at the back of the head resting on your back if you are going for an elegant yet simple look.

  1. Long Passion Twists in a Middle Part

Middle part hairstyles always look good.

  1. Waist Length Passion Twists

When it comes to passion twist hairstyles, as a rule of thumb, the longer the better sums it up.

  1. Small Passion Twists

It’s not every time you want to rock big passion twists and that is where the smaller version comes in. To achieve this look, the stylist needs to use little braiding hair.

  1. Multi Tone Passion Twists

Passion twist hairstyles usually come in a range of colors. You can achieve this style by using a combination of colors in one braid or a mixture in selected parts of the head. You can either use individual colored hair or a mixture of freetress braiding hair.


Kailyn Rogers Passion Twists

Is there anyone out there that can do better passion twists than Kailyn Rogers, the original creator?

  1. Passion Twists in a Bun

Put the passion twists in a neat bun at the front and let the back section rest on your back.

  1. Half Up Half Down Passion Twists

Leave out two strands at the front and throw the passion twists in a half up half down style.

  1. Ombre Passion Twists

You can never go wrong with Ombre passion braids, or better still, mixed colored passion twists.

  1. Short Passion Twists

You can go for short passion twists if you can handle their long counterparts. You can either let them lie on the shoulders freely or tie them in a bun.

  1. Cornrows and Passion Twists

If you are looking to stand out, the half cornrows half passion twists is the way to go.

  1. Side Swoop Passion Twists

Use edge control to lay your edges then put the passion twists in a side swoop for a simple yet elegant look.

  1. Short Black Passion Twists

An up do works perfectly well for short black passion twists

  1. Brown Short Passion Twists

Passion twists come in a range of colors but if you find black so basic you can try out the brown variation.


Tips on how to Maintain Passion Twist Hairstyles

  • Use a cotton ball or a piece of cloth and dry shampoo to clean your scalp. Alternatively, wash your hair like you normally would. However, the first method comes highly recommended as it helps prevent the passion twists from unravelling prematurely.
  • Use anti-itch spray or oil on the scalp as it helps prevent itching
  • Avoid using a lot of oil to prevent build up of oil and dirt
  • Use bees wax or curling butter to touch up or redo your roots when you passion twists get old to keep them looking neat
  • Wrap your passion twists in a silk scarf or wear a satin bonnet when going to bed


Passion twist hairstyles are not only a protective hairstyle but also simple and easy to do. Plus, you can do them yourself within a record time. Passion twists are a favorite among many. The hairstyle offers a fantastic way to add a touch of elegance and style to your look. With its intricate twists and curls, this hairstyle has gained popularity for its versatility and natural appearance.

By following this passion twist hairstyle tutorial, you’ve learned the step-by-step process to achieve this stunning look at home. Remember to gather all the necessary tools and products, take your time with each twist, and maintain proper care for long-lasting results.

Whether you’re heading to a special event or simply want to switch up your everyday style, the passion twist hairstyle is sure to turn heads and make you feel confident and beautiful. So, grab your comb and get ready to master the art of passion twist styling. With practice and patience, you’ll soon be rocking this gorgeous hairstyle with ease.

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