Pros and Cons of Doing Braids Using the Rubber Band Method

Pros and Cons of Doing Braids Using the Rubber Band Method

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Elastic rubber bands are the most underrated essentials that almost every naturalista needs. They are versatile since you can use them to achieve a number of styling options. The accessories are literally life savers, especially when you can get hold of a headband or proper scarf.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows  if you use the wrong rubber bands on your braids. The rubber bands can cause hair damage and breakage resulting in split ends.

There are different types of rubber bands available on the market. Therefore, for best results, choose the one specially designed for braids. Also, moisturize your hair well and apply enough oil to seal before using rubber bands on your hair.

Rubber Band Method Braids: Pros and Cons

The rubber band method refers to using rubber bands at the root of the hair before feeding in the braiding hair. The accessories provide a good grip of the hair for a neat and smooth look.

In this technique, the hair is sectioned in different parts then secured with the rubber bands close to the roots after applying Shine n Jam conditioning gel. The braiding hair is then feed in directly over the rubber band and braided along with the natural hair.


Dry hair tends to cause friction between the rubber band and the hair, even if it’s snug. In some cases, the friction can result in hair loss or breakage. That’s why it’s advisable to moisturize the hair before doing braids using the rubber band method.

Always use snag-free rubber bands when braiding. Such rubber bands don’t grip too tight or pull on the hair, unlike their regular counterparts. Plus, using the rubber bands makes the braiding process a lot easier.

When doing braids using the rubber band method, don’t leave them on for far too long. Also, they should neither be too tight nor too loose, and should be removed carefully when undoing the braids.

Now, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of doing braids using the rubber band method.

Rubber Band Method Braids Pros and Cons


  • Rubber bands are versatile, easy to use and make the installation process a lot easier
  • They give you a better grip of the hair at the roots
  • They make the braids look neat, tidy and sleek
  • They help prevent the knots from shifting out the end of the braids at the tips
  • They are quite helpful as they help keep the braids even and snug


  • Using the wrong rubber bands can cause hair breakage and split ends
  • Rubber bands can damage the hair, especially when worn tightly
  • They can turn to a gooey substance when left in for too long
  • The rubber bands can be difficult to remove when installing the braids
  • The area around the rubber band tends to be a gathering spot for product build-up, lint and dirt

Now that we know rubber band method pros and cons, see the pictures below of rubber band hairstyles for inspiration:

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