Lightly-applied, lightly-absorbed sun spray oil with a little sweetspray

When I anted to test the Hawaiian Tropic Dry Oil Continuous Spray Coconut & Mango SPF 30, I remembered the Hawaiian Tropics and the predatory beaches are both fragrant and pale . So I approached this skincare oil with some skepticism.

But my skepticism was largely put to shame.

I had just finished reading a 3Doodler Create review post as I wanted to buy myself a 3D pen as a gift. But that is a story for another day. Let’s get on with this Hawaiian Tropic Dry Oil review.

First of all, the Hawaiian Tropic Dry Oil Continuous Spray Coconut & Mango SPF 30 is supposed to smell like a mix of coconut and mango. However, after applying it, I had no clear mango odor. The smell is quite discreet. Good!

One can assume that the artificial smells have evolved over 30 years.

Secondly, this is a dry-oil, not an old-fashioned solar oil. So, it is quickly absorbed by the skin and you do not get sticky. It actually does not get seen at all on the skin. 

The spray is continuous, i.e. not a pump, which makes it easy to apply it. To apply the lotion, you simply have to spray it at an angle.

The test period was in the middle of the pale winter on a cruise ship in the Caribbean – a challenge for any sun protection. Hawaiian Tropic Dry Oil Continuous Spray Coconut & Mango SPF 30 provides good protection and is easy to reapply. It does not react when in contact with perspiration and salt. 

The spray works so well and you can use it everywhere, even when you have run short of your usual skincare oil. It also meant that I was really good at reapplication, when it’s too hard there is a risk that it will not get lost.

I really liked this lotion – to my surprise.


However, I saw two disadvantages: the smell (even though it was discreet) and that it gets finished quickly. A bottle ran out after half a week, and I was the only person using it.

But the price is affordable and the spray is great. So, overall it was a positive surprise.

Contains 180 ml

Age group: 15-25 years , 26-39 years , 40 plus
Rating: 4
Price group: Budget
Skin Care: Sun Product
Skin type: All
Brand: Hawaiian Tropic
Tariff price: Check Price