snoring noiseIf you are like me, then you sleep with someone…..who snores.  Sleeping with a snorer can not only rob you of quality sleep, but it can be a very frustrating problem to deal with.  Quite possibly, you have tried many anti snoring devices out on the market today, but none of them have worked.

So the only other viable solution is to block out the snoring.  But how?  There are 3 snoring noise cancellation options you can try to block out snoring and get a decent night’s sleep.

The first snoring noise cancellation option is to use earplugs.  There are 3 main types of snoring noise cancellation earplugs: foam earplugs which are compressed and put into the ear canal; silicone earplugs which fit over the external portion of the ear canal, and flanged earplugs known also as hi-fi earplugs which many musicians use.

The best sleep earplugs also have a noise reduction rating (NNR) which generally range from 0-33.  A higher number denotes greater effectiveness.  So for example, if you went to a rock concert which produces 115 decibels and had in ear plugs that had an NNR rating of 30, you would reduce the sound level to 85 decibels.

Foam earplugs can be effective for minor snoring, but for loud snoring, they generally won’t work because earplugs only block out air transmitted sound.   Only silicone earplugs, or silicone in combination with something else is going to be able to block out snoring effectively.  Earplugs also can fall out easily or be uncomfortable (if you have a small ear canal) so although inexpensive, they may not be the most effective snoring noise cancellation option for you.

Another snoring noise cancellation option is to wear headphones and listen to white noise.  White noise is generally a steady, unvarying, unobtrusive sound such as a babbling brook, or electric fan which “masks” the sound of snoring.  To reduce the sound of snoring even more, wearing snoring noise cancellation headphones such as the Bose Headphones while listening to white noise can be effective.

The only disadvantage to headphones is that they can be difficult to sleep in and can be costly for a decent pair.  Because white noise also has “unnecessary volume” or excess waste sound, it generally has to be turned up loud to block out the snoring.

The last snoring noise cancellation option and the one I have personally found to be most effective is the SnorEraser.  The SnorEraser is much like white noise except that it follows the frequency curve of snoring and thus does a better job of blocking out the snoring sound.  Its nearly 1 to 1 effective because it is made of natural snoring sounds and does not have any excess waste in sound.

The SnorEraser is inexpensive, and comes in different mp3 versions for different levels of snoring. I have used the SnorEraser for over a year and have found it is the only way I can get to sleep.  If snoring is destroying your sleep, don’t despair.  Using one of these snoring noise cancellation options you can cure snoring noise insomnia for good.