Starbucks: What do you usually order?

Starbucks: What do you usually order?

I always get a Sweetened Passion Fruit Iced Tea & a pack of Madeleines.
How about you?

Clairol Perfect 10 Hair Dye Review

Thank you so much to all who answered my hair care question yesterday. I enjoyed reading and replying to each response.

A lot of you dyed your hair at least once. For those of you who dye or dyed their hair, what brand did / do you use?
I was born with black hair. I’ve been having my hair dyed since I was 12 years old. I’ve tried a few shades of brown here and there but I do love a deep rich brown. My hair is dark brown right now. There’s not a lot of difference from my original color but I do love the shade.
When I can’t go to the salon and my hair color is starting to lack luster, I rely on Clairol’s Perfect 10 Permanent Color in Espresso on the Double for in between salon appointments.
I get mine at Walmart for $9.97 and it works amazing. The best in value when talking about DIY hair color. It only takes 10 minutes to have an evenly colored hair that is soft and manageable! The conditioner they provide in the box is good for about 4 uses, it helps maintain the vibrancy of the shade until you dye it again. From a scale of 1-10, of course I am giving it a 10. It saves me time, money, and gets the job done.
I dye my hair myself or have my sister dye it for me. Pretty easy to use but for those who dye their hair regularly, you know that it takes practice in order to dye your hair without getting the solution all over your bathroom walls and floor. The comb applicator helps you not to get all messy.
I get my hair colored every 3-4 weeks. When I go to the salon, it takes me 3-4 hours to have them cut, dye, sometimes highlight, and condition my hair. Salon results are always better but imagine how much time this box saves me!
How about you, what brand do / did you use?

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Clairol.

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