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Green is a rare color for the eyes. Even so, there are a lot of questions about the best hair color for pale skin and green eyes. This means that there’s a significant number of people out there with green eyes than we are made to believe in terms of statistics.

There are various factors you need to consider when looking for the best hair color for pale skin and green eyes. Some of these things include the base hair color, eye color and your skin tone.

There are different shades of green eyes. Therefore, for the best results, it’s important to choose a hair color that complements that particular shade.

Best Hair Color for Pale Skin and Green Eyes

There are different shades of green in nature, and the eyes are no exception. Green eyes come in different hues such as:

  • Light Green Eyes – Those with light green eyes usually have less melanin compared to their dark green counterparts. This color is the lightest shade of green eyes.
  • Blue-Green Eyes – This means that you have primarily blue eyes with some flecks of green near the iris.
  • Dark Green Eyes – This means that the eyes lack melanin in the iris. These eyes have a richer color than other shades. In this case, the iris has no melanin. Therefore, it tends to scatter out light more which results in the green color. The irony is that green eyes lack color because the iris has no pigment.
  • Hazel Green Eyes – These are green eyes with brown specks.

Best Hair Color for Pale Skin and Green Eyes

Choosing the right hair color helps bring out the color of your beautiful eyes. There are many different hair colors. However, you should pick one that complements your complexion as well as the color of your eyes. Such colors highlight your facial features to make you look great.

As a rule of thumb, steer clear of silver and grey if you have pale skin and green eyes. Instead, go for  warm colors.

Skin tone and undertones are the major factors to consider when choosing the best hair color for pale skin and green eyes. Ensure that the color of your eyes blends well with the hair color to create a perfect and harmonious look.

Here are some of the best hair colors for people with pale skin and green eyes:

1.     Platinum Blonde

If you’re ready to step into the frozen tundra of blonde hair, platinum is the shade for you! Just make sure you pack some heat protectant for your hair care routine, because going platinum takes some extra TLC. We suggest using the Biolage ColorLast Purple Shampoo to keep those brassy tones at bay and a weekly hair mask like the Redken Color Extend Magnetics Mega Mask to keep your strands silky smooth.

2.      Neutral Blonde

Want to be a golden goddess? Try neutral blonde! This blend of cool and warm shades is perfect for green-eyed beauties who want a low-key hair color. Keep your blonde locks looking fab with Matrix Total Results Brass Off Blonde Threesome Leave-In Cream.

3.      Ash Brown

If you’re feeling a little chilly, go for ash brown! This cool-toned hair color will pair perfectly with your green eyes. Just make sure to use Matrix Total Results Brass Off Color Obsessed Shampoo and Conditioner to keep brassiness at bay.

4.      Light Auburn

Looking to light up the room? Try light auburn! This complementary color will make your green eyes pop, especially if you have fair skin.

5.      Pastel Pink

Want to make a statement? Go full pastel pink! This playful hair color will turn heads and show off your green eyes in the best way possible.

6.      Warm Blonde

Warmer blonde shades look great on tan skin and bring out golden flecks in green eyes. Try cream blonde or sand hair color to stay trendy.

7.      Chocolate Brown

If you’re a natural brunette with tan skin, try full chocolate brown or highlights to brighten hair.

8.      Copper

Copper hair, green eyes, and tanned skin make a great combination. The dark copper hue contrasts nicely with skin and eye color.

9.      Auburn Ombre

Add some flair with auburn ombre or balayage featuring dark red fading to lighter red.

10.  Blackberry

Cool down tan skin with a bright purple blackberry hair color.

11.  Black-Brown

Flatter green eyes with black-brown hair and consider adding warm or golden gloss. Use Matrix Total Results Dark Envy Green Toning Shampoo/Conditioner.

12.  Caramel Highlights

Add warmth with caramel highlights, which lighten and brighten hair while bringing out green eye colors.

13.  Cherry

Bold red hair colors are best for dark skin tones, choose a cherry hue for green eye highlight. Use L’Oréal Vitamino Resveratrol Color Radiance Moisturizing Shampoo/Conditioner.

14.  Dark Auburn

Dark auburn hair color is a great alternative to cherry, offering reddish-brown hue with red accents.

Hair color can greatly enhance the features of people with pale skin and green eyes. There are several options to choose from, including warm blonde, chocolate brown, copper, auburn ombre, blackberry, black-brown, caramel highlights, cherry, and dark auburn. Each shade provides a unique contrast to highlight the green eye color and complement the pale skin. With the right choice and proper care, anyone can find a hair color that perfectly complements their skin and eye tone.

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