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Best Haircuts for Women with Fat Faces and Double Chin



Women with fat faces and double chin should go for haircuts that divert attention away from the lower half of their face. The styles should break up the fullness and roundness of the face.

There are different ways of tackling the problem of fat faces and double chins. The solutions range from surgery to lifting serums. However, we’re going to use the non-invasive approach. Enter best haircuts for women with fat faces and double!

Best Haircuts for Women with Fat Faces and Double Chin

The best haircuts for women with fat faces and double chin create an illusion of a more elongated face. These haircuts make the face look leaner.

If you have a round face and double chin, you need a haircut with some face framing layers. Such haircuts draw attention to your hairstyle rather than your chubby face and double chin.

In addition, a layered haircut offers additional volume and texture needed when getting rid of the extra weight. However, consult a professional stylist before trying a particular haircut or using certain hair products.

Haircuts for Fat Faces and Double Chins

Here are some recommendations of the most flattering haircuts for women with fat faces and double chins.

  1. Chic Layered Pixie

Just as the name suggests, this chic haircut will take a few years off your actual age. The result is a youthful and vibrant look. The chic layered pixie cut is best suited for women with fat faces and double chin that are tired of the weight of their hair and regular styling every morning.

The haircut creates an illusion of added volume, but comes without the weight! It allows you to show off your beautiful facial features and embrace your natural hair. This style also works on all hair types.

  1. Platinum Blonde Short Hair for Double Chin

Crops are not a great option for women with fat faces and double chin. However, the right haircut will balance out your features and draw attention to the hair rather than the bottom half of the face. And this haircut does just that!

  1. Textured Pixie Undercut

If you’re looking for a way to remove the weight from your hair, try this textured pixie undercut. Keeping the length on the jawline at the front makes the pixie cut an excellent choice for women with fat faces and double chin.

On the other hand, shaving the undercut ensures the hair at the crown lays flat on the head for easy styling.

  1. Chin Length Razored Bob with Baby Bangs

Chin-length razored bob paired with baby bangs are cute and flattering. Keeping your natural hair at the level of the chin compliments the shape of your face. On the other hand, the texturized bangs make this haircut look edgy while giving you a youthful look. These are some reasons why it’s an ideal haircut for fat face and double chin.


There are many haircuts that flatter women with fat faces and double chins, helping them feel confident and beautiful. From layered pixie cuts to angled bobs and long layers, there are plenty of options to choose from that balance out the face and draw attention away from the chin.

When choosing a haircut, consider your hair texture and personal style. Also, consult with a stylist to find a cut that works best for you. With our expert tips and inspiration, you can find the perfect haircut to enhance your natural beauty and feel confident in your own skin.

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