How to do Loose Curls for Medium Length Hair



You are at the right place if you want to learn how to do loose curls on medium length hair. Most of us are always admiring luxurious curls on mid-length hair owing to their elegant styling techniques. These hairstyles are best suited for special occasions since creating them on your own can be an uphill task. It’s time to shelve this stereotype now that loose curls are currently on trend.

In addition, you can style your medium length hair in many different ways. You can wear it sleek straight, create some beach waves or curl it. We’ll take you through the entire process of doing loose curls on medium length hair. Keep scrolling to find out more.

Advantages of Loose Curls for Medium Length Hair

Loose curls for medium length hair allows you to create interesting hairstyles. Unlike in longer strands, this hair length makes the curls look more practical and approachable.

Loose curls on medium length hair are a quick fix and equally easy to achieve and maintain.

The curls allow you to diversify any casual image. It takes a few minutes to achieve this hairstyle but lasts longer especially when compared to other long hairstyles.

Loose curls for medium length hair when done correctly help create an illusion of a slim and elongated face. Plus, they highlight your best facial features.

Ways to Achieve Well-Defined Curls on Medium Length Hair

Here are some simple steps to follow to achieve well-defined curls on medium-length hair:

It all starts with the haircut. Weak hair and split ends are usually the main obstacle to achieving beautiful and healthy loose curls for medium length hair. Hairwave doesn’t last long and neither does it give the best results. The health of your hair plays a significant role when it comes to luxurious and dreamy hairstyles with well-defined curls.

Use hair care products and heat styling tools in moderation. This is where a dry shampoo comes into play as it helps keep your hair clean and fresh saving you the hassle of frequent washes. Reduce the amount of conditioner you use on your hair significantly and only use it on the ends.

Only use hair styling products with a protective effect or use a unique thermal protective holding spray. A regenerative mask will also come in handy especially after styling. Don’t forget hair lacquers as it helps bring the curls back to life.

How to do Loose Curls for Medium Length Hair

Here’s what you need to curl medium length hair:

  • Brush
  • Hair ties or a clip
  • Dry shampoo
  • Texture spray
  • Curling iron/ flat iron
  • Heat protectant

How to do Loose Curls for Medium Length Hair

The only thing you need to look out for when curling your hair is undesirable creases. Here’s how to do loose curls for medium length hair. Let’s dive right in!

  1. Section your hair into one-inch parts

First, separate and section your hair into one-inch parts and a little bigger if you have thin hair. Alternatively, make smaller sections if you have thick hair.

  1. Clamp your curling iron at the center of the strand then roll it from the end going towards the roots

Take a part of the hair then clamp your curling iron at the center of the strand. Roll the curling iron from the ends moving towards the scalp. Let your hair sit on the curling iron for a few minutes before twisting it over to the top as you slowly loosen the clamp and slide down the hair shaft. Ensure you leave out the ends then roll it up again.

  1. Untwist your hair from the curling iron and slide down the ends

After letting your hair sit on the curling iron for a few minutes, don’t unclamp it. Instead, unwrap or untwist your hair from the curling iron by simply pulling it away from the head. Allow the twisted part of the hair that is resting off the curling iron to sit for another second before untwisting it further. Finally, pull then slide the ends as you get them through the curling iron.

You wouldn’t want the ends to curl to get them in shape. Curling them only makes them look crazy. What’s more, using a curling iron is what gives you the defined curls that you can later brush out to make them loose.

  1. Alternate the curls for best results

For medium length hair, always alternate the curls with some going towards the face as others face the other direction. Curling them in the same direction tends to make the curls look like one big curly strand that is more prone to frizz and tangle.

It would be best to alternate the curls towards and away from the face going back and forth until you are done with the whole head. Also, separate the strands from each other.

  1. Curl the last few strands around the face in the opposite direction

Curl the strands on your face in the opposite direction, which typically means away from the face. This will help you avoid a huge ringlet as the end result.

  1. Brush out the curls and add some texture spray

After achieving the loose curls on your medium length hair, add a significant amount of texture spray to keep the curls securely in place. Plus, it also helps create an illusion of added volume. After you are done spraying your hair, you can now brush out the well-defined curls. In this case, textured spray works better than an ordinary holding spray.

Brushing out the well-defined curls will give you lived loose curls you are going for. For best results, you can add some textured spray before curling your hair as it helps hold the curls in place for longer without making it feel crunchy or stiff.

Extra Tip: Avoid brushing out the curls until they are completely cool so that they don’t fall out. Also, curl your hair when its completely dry so that the curls hold in place well.

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