How to Make Medium Box Braids Using the Rubber Band Method



Box braids have been worn for the longest time since they are the most popular protective hairstyle. The style, among other braided hairstyles, originated in Africa and have been around since time immemorial.

Box braids are not quite different from regular braids except that they are usually more defined to tame any fly-aways owing to the tension applied to the braids.

When doing medium box braids, you have to section the hair in different square-shaped parts throughout the scalp. After that, you braid it down its entire length.

There are different ways of installing medium box braids but today, we’ll talk about the rubber band technique. Using the rubber band method to do medium box braids is super easy and also helps ease the tension.

Medium Box Braids Rubber Band Method

Most naturalists usually opt for hair extensions for added volume, length and protection. For medium length box braids rubber band method, stylists use Kanekalon braiding hair since it’s affordable and can withstand extreme heat.


If you are going for a more natural look, bulk human hair will come in handy owing to its sustainability and eco-friendliness. The latter is relatively expensive and time consuming since it involves the use of real hair.

Box braids give your hair time to grow without exposure to elements and manipulation. The good news is, you can use any hair extension to do medium box braids rubber band method. What’s more, the braiding hair can be reused a few times when doing box braids in future.

Here’s how to do medium box braids using the rubber band method.

Medium Box Braids Rubber Band Method

  1. Since you are going to wear the box braids for a significant amount of time, it’s always advisable to pre-treat your hair using the right products before the braiding appointment. Ensure your hair is properly moisturized and allow the product to sufficiently penetrate into the scalp.
  2. Straighten or blow dry your hair to elongate the curls and kinks to make the braiding process a breeze. This also helps minimize breakage and tangling when braiding.
  3. Once you are done, section your natural hair into different medium square-shaped parts then apply Shine n Jam conditioning gel at the root to get a better hold of the hair. The gel also helps ensure the sectioned parts are neat and sleek. Use the rubber bands to secure your hair at the base, ensuring it’s not too tight or too loose.

  1. After you are done sectioning and securing all the parts with the rubber bands, you can start feeding in the braiding hair into your natural hair as you proceed along the length. Repeat the process until you are done with the whole head.

  1. Apply mousse all over your head and use edge control to lay your edges.

  1. Use moisturizing oil to spritz the braids three to five times a week and cleanse the scalp with natural oils weekly to protect your hair and maintain your box braids.

Medium Box Braids

For some inspiration on medium big box braids, see the pictures below:

1. Medium Box Braids Lob Hairstyle

Middle of the road perfection! Medium box braids are all about precision and a neat look. With braids evenly parted down the middle, this bob hairstyle is both cool and sexy.

Precision and neatness herald the beauty of medium size box braids. Neatly parted in the middle with the braids cut evenly, this braided bob hairstyle is cool and sexy.

2. Medium Box Braids with Color

Bring some sparkle to your medium box braids hairstyles. Add a pop of color by weaving in a few colored pieces. This will electrify your braids and add some pizazz to your hair.

Do you want your medium box braids hairstyles to sparkle? Bring in some color. A few colored pieces here and there electrify your braids and add pizazz to your hair.

3. Colored Lob Medium Box Braids

Want show-stopping braids? Why not add some color to your medium box braids. Colored braids are mesmerizing, and a bold shade like neon violet will capture everyone’s attention. You may want some show-stopping braids, why not? Colored braids are mesmeric, and a showy color like this neon violet shade arrests attention.

4. Medium-Size Box Braids with a Center-Part

Clean and classy! The center part and neat sectioning of this medium box braids hairstyle are on point. Top it off with some golden metal beads, and you’ve got a cherry on top of a sundae look.

The clean middle part and neat sectioning of this medium box braids hairstyle are awesome. Those golden metal beads are like the cherries on top.

5. Medium Golden Brown Box Braids

Warm and inviting! Achieve a fresh look by using warm blonde-colored hair extensions for your braids. This honey-dipped look is sweet and stunning. For the freshest look, use warm blonde-colored hair extensions to braid your hair. Sweet is just the right word to describe her honey-dipped box braids.”

6. Medium Box Braids with Curls

Sultry and chic! Add some delicate curls to your medium box braids for a touch of sensuality. See how minimal curls can change the whole look of your braids. Some delicate curly tendrils attached to your braids add a sultry feel to your hairstyle. Just peep the effect of these minimal curls.

7. Medium Honey Blonde Box Braids

A unique twist! The contrast between the blonde medium box braids and dark roots delivers an alluring appeal to the hairstyle. The honey blonde color and dark roots gives a unique twist to the hairstyle.

8. Medium Knotless Box Braids

Get the best of both worlds! With Knotless Box Braids you get the natural look of your hair and the fabulousness of medium box braids. They’re more lightweight, painless and look more natural as the braider starts with braiding your hair first and then feeds in extensions.

There are several types of medium box braids depending on the braiding technique. Knotless box braids are as fabulous as the traditional type of braiding.

9. Medium Goddess Box Braids

Glam it up! Medium box braids with curls are full of glamour. Part them to the side to flatter the shape of your face and show off those killer curls. Here come some killer curls. Medium box braids with curls are full of glamour. Part them to the side to flatter the shape of your face.

10. Medium Dark-to-Light Knotless Box Braids

Trendy and natural! With larger sectioning and natural braided roots, this medium knotless box braid hairstyle beats many others hands down. It’s one of the trendiest medium box braids hairstyles. The natural look of the braids with the darker roots and lighter tips gives it a unique and trendy look.

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