Midnight Blue Hair Dye on Black Hair

Midnight Blue Hair Dye on Black Hair

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Wearing light and edgy hair colors is not the only way to go bold and playful with colors. Most people love vibrant blue hair colors but they haven’t even tried darker out there hues. There are plenty of sultrier shades, such as midnight blue,  that you will not get enough of once you try them out.

This article will give you an overview of everything you need to know about midnight blue hair dye on black hair. Read on if you are ready to dye your strands midnight blue.

Midnight Blue Dye on Black Hair

Just as the name suggests, midnight blue dye  channels the dark hues of the sky at night. In other words, your hair will have deep blue hues in different degrees of darkness.

You can wear this color in different ways. For instance, you can dye your entire mane ombre highlights, fading from midnight blue at the base to a lighter shade towards the end. You can also have alternating lowlights.

The best thing about midnight blue hair dye on black hair is that you can achieve your desired degree of darkness without bleaching. Moreover, you can dye your hair to midnight blue in a few minutes at the comfort of your home. However, you might want to seek help from a professional stylist for best results. This is especially if you are going for a more complicated trend or midnight blue lowlights.

How to Dye Your Hair Midnight Blue at Home

Use the famous L’Oréal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Midnight Blue if you want a temporary hair color option. This dye works well on dark hair color as you don’t need to pre-lighten your hair to make it noticeable.


For best results, follow the instructions on the packaging. Remember, the color will wash out and fade out over time. Feria in Downtown Denim will come in handy if you are going for a permanent option.


The permanent hair color formula is not flat or dull. Moreover, it will not damage or wreck your tresses. Follow the instructions to the latter to get the most from the dye.

You can take your midnight blue hair color a notch higher by adding some rainbow or silver streaks at the end. Adding the color accents to your strands is quite easy. You will need a spray on in your shade of choice since you only need to spritz accordingly.

Always use the right hair care and maintenance products. This means using specially formulated shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair and hair mask for a little extra love.

Midnight Blue Hair Dye on Black Hair

It’s never a dull moment with midnight blue hairstyles. You can draw some inspiration from our recommendations of the best midnight blue hair dye on black hair below:

1.      Midnight Blue And Black

Turn up the charm with this debonair hair color! The combination of midnight blue and black is simply stunning.

2.      Blue Black Hair

This daring mix of blue and black is sure to turn heads! Who says subtle colors can’t make a statement?

3.      Light Blue-Black Hair

Oh, la la! Light blue-black hair is simply mesmerizing! You can’t help but admire this unique and beautiful hue.

4.      Deep Blue Black Hair

Navy blues have never looked better! This partial deep blue hairstyle is sure to leave you spellbound.

5.      Light Blue Hair With Purple

Why settle for one color when you can have two? Blue and purple are the perfect pair in this starry hairdo.

6.      Mixed Blue Black Hair

Electric blue and black-blue make a dynamic duo in this gorgeous hairstyle. If you’re unsure about coloring your whole head, try highlights instead.

7.      Metallic Blue And Black

Make a statement with this elegant and unforgettable hair color! The metallic blue and black is truly one of a kind.

8.      Two Shades Of Blue

Double the fun with two shades of blue! These waves with a mix of blue just scream “beach-chic”. Fabulous!

9.      Dark Icy Blue Hair

Icy blue-black hair is a must-try! This mix of blue and silver is a showstopper for those with olive, fair, or light skin tones.

10.  Light Purple And Blue Hair

Who says you can’t have it all? The shocks of blue seamlessly blend into the light purple in this lovely blue-black hair color.

11.  Blue-Black Ocean Waves

Dive into these ocean waves of blue and black! This stunning look with dark blue stripes and black in between will make you feel like a mermaid.

Tip: Spritz some hairspray or shine serum for an extra glow on your blue-black locks.

12.  Royal Purple-Blue Hair

This regal shade of purple-blue hair is fit for a queen, no matter your skin tone!

13.  Chic Blue Silver

Make your outfit pop with this chic shade of frosted blue hair. So subtle, you can even wear it to work!

14.  Electric Black-Blue Frost

Who says black hair has to be boring? The frosted black with electric blue highlights is a showstopper.

15.  Teal-Blue Black Beauty

If you have olive skin, you’ll look gorgeous in this shade of teal-blue-black. Get ready to turn heads!

16.  Ethereal Blue Undertones

Transform into a unicorn with the addition of blue undertones on your black hair. The result is subtle yet intense.

17.  Blue Raven Hair

Jet black hair with a blue tint is oh-so-amazing! It looks fabulous on all skin tones.

18.  Vibrant Teal-Light Blue

This balayage is taking the world by storm. It’s lively, fun, and just what you need if your workplace allows it. So beautiful!

19.  Happy Pink-Purple-Blue Hair

Get ready to spread happiness with this mix of pink, purple, and blue hair. The dark waves of these colors look fantastic on all skin tones.

20.  Timeless Denim-Blue Black

The denim-blue-black hair trend is here to stay, and we couldn’t be happier! This color will flatter all skin tones, so give it a try!

Rock the trendiest blue-black locks with confidence! Whether it’s midnight blue mixed with black or a light blue-black shade, metallic blue-black or denim blue-black, the options are endless and fabulous. Just remember to give your hair some TLC. Keep it hydrated by oiling regularly and chugging water, and you’ll be ready to slay in any blue-black hue you choose!

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