How to Braid Natural Hair Without Extensions

How to Braid Natural Hair Without Extensions

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Did you know you can braid your natural hair without extensions? You can wear natural hair with pride without extensions or weaves. Some years back, it was unconsidered unfashionable to display kinky hair. However, today, it’s a different ballgame altogether.

Braiding natural hair is a great protective styling option that keeps your hair well-moisturized and hydrated. Moreover, it helps eliminate tension on the scalp resulting from heavy extensions. If you want something simple, pretty and functional, braiding natural hair is the way to go.

Read on to learn more about braiding natural hair without extensions.

Braiding Natural Hair Without Extensions

If you’re looking for a long or medium length hairstyle for natural hair without extensions, try box braids. Wearing box braids gives you the flexibility to leave your hair in this protective hairstyle for a few weeks.

Braiding natural hair is a great protective hairstyle. The hairstyles has endless styling options to suit all occasions, from casual to formal settings. You can also accessorize your natural braided hair to give it a different dimension, depending on the occasion.

You can wear the braids in braid-out or twists-out. You can also easily deep condition and rinse your hair without worrying that it would become frizzy, especially after exercising. Wearing box braids on your natural hair enhances healthy hair growth.

Here are a few tips for braiding natural hair without extensions:

First, start by washing and deep conditioning your natural hair. Once you’re done, part it into different sections, starting from the back according to your desired size. It’s important to decide the size you’re going for before you begin parting your hair.

The size of your braids will depend on the time you want to use for creating the braided hairstyle. If you’re not sure about the hairstyle, draw inspiration from different pictures online.

Use the back part of a rat tail comb to create small diagonal parts and start braiding the hair. Use hair oil or shea butter on the ends of when braiding. If your hair is dry, spray it with water or leave-in conditioner to make it damp. This will make braiding easier.

Use your fingers to separate the ends, starting from the base of your hair. Don’t rush through this part. Otherwise, the ends of your natural hair may get tangled. When done, run your favorite hair butter or oil on your hands and then on the sectioned part.

Next, proceed to separate one section into three different parts and start braiding/plaiting your natural hair.

Remember to oil your braided hair daily to give add some shine and make it look fresh and vibrant.

Now you know how to braid your natural hair without extensions like a pro! Whether you want to rock a simple cornrow or a more intricate style, these tips and tricks will have you braiding like a boss in no time. Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to gorgeous braids!

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