How to Cut Layers in Short Hair by Yourself

How to Cut Layers in Short Hair by Yourself

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Women with short hair don’t have the privilege of letting the layers grow out. Otherwise, they won’t look good. Still, if you want to learn how to cut layers in short hair by yourself from the comfort of your home, you are at the right place. Read on.

Cutting Layers in Short Hair

You need to plan well if you have short hair and want to cut layers by yourself. For this exercises, you will need a pair of shears rather than scissors.

Here are the steps for the whole process:

  • Plan out the layers
  • Get cutting shears
  • Part your hair in different sections
  • Layer the crown
  • Layer the hair on the sides
  • Touch up with point cutting

Learning how to cut layers in short hair can feel a little bit intimidating. However, be confident.  You might actually end up doing a great job like a professional.

How to Cut Layers in Short Hair Yourself

Layers look great on short hair. Follow these steps to cut layers in short hair by yourself:

  1. Plan Out the Layers

You need to plan out the layers. Since you’re working with short hair, there is no room for mistakes. Take a photo of yourself with your hair combed down before you begin the process. Use the photo to guide you on marking where you want the layers to fall.

  1. Get Cutting Shears

Invested in a high-quality cutting shears to avoid any dead ends.


Cutting shears make the process seamless. This is because the shears don’t tug at the hair as a regular pair of scissors would normally do.

  1. Part Your Hair in Different Sections

For precision, part your hair while it’s a little damp. Alternatively, wash and shampoo your hair before embarking on cutting the layers. This saves you the hassle that comes with grease and debris getting in the way of you cutting smooth layers.

  1. Layer Your Hair at the Crown

Time to engage your cutting shears.

Take the front part of your hair at the crown and pull it towards your face. Keep it 90-degrees from the forehead by holding it using your middle and index fingers. Determine the length of the shortest layer and trim the tips.

Repeat the process on the other sections while maintaining the same layer length. Spray your hair with water anytime it dries out, again – for precision.

  1. Layer the Hair on the Sides

This is usually a tricky step, especially for newbies.

Start by parting your hair down at the centre. Then, beginning at the front side, work your way to make layers from the front to the back. Ensure your fingers are perpendicular to the forehead when sliding the shears through your hair.

It’s also advisable to pull your hair straight out before starting to cut the layers on the sides. Comb it properly to avoid cutting other pieces too long or too short.

  1. Touch Up with Point Cutting

Point cutting is directing the shears tip at the layers while making smaller cuts to make them blend. Use the point cutting technique to touch up choppy areas as well.

And there you have it, folks! Cutting layers in your short hair all by yourself is no longer a daunting task. With these simple steps and tips, you’ll be able to rock that stylish layered look in no time! So grab your scissors, put on some music, and let’s get to layering!


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