How to Make Natural Hair Soft and Curly

How to Make Natural Hair Soft and Curly

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After growing natural African hair fast, you may realize that it is quite textured. How can you make it soft and curly?

Most people  have textured hair that is more susceptible to drying and getting damaged by heat. Unfortunately, some curling methods don’t address these issues. Such methods either make textured natural hair frizzy, damage it or don’t work at all. However,  this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t make natural hair soft and curly. In fact, you can make natural hair soft and curly depending on its texture and state –whether straightened or relaxed.

In this article, you’ll learn how to make natural hair soft and curly.

How to Make Natural Hair Soft and Curly

Follow the steps below to make natural hair soft and curly:

  1. Use gel to bring out the curls

For best results, use moisturizing shampoo and detangling conditioner to wash your hair. This makes the detangling process a little easier.

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Once you are done, use a wide tooth comb to comb your hair starting from the ends. It would be best if you start from the ends, working your way to the root to avoid breakage. Use a soft brittle brush to bush down your hair while it’s still wet to enhance the curls. This method is best suited for those with naturally curly or kinky hair.

  1. Apply styling gel to a small part of the hair

Choose a specially formulated styling gel to bring out the curls then apply it to a section of your hair. Use a wide toothed comb to distribute the gel evenly through the hair. When looking for this type of hair gel, go for those with labels such as  “curl defining” and “for curly hair”.

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When applying the gel, focus more on mid-lengths and ends. This is because you are likely to use less hair products the closer you are to the roots.

  1. Use a comb to stretch out your hair, starting from the back

Section your hair at the back on the nape and comb it out. Run a brush through the sectioned hair, moving from the roots towards the ends. Ensure you pull the strands firmly to make the curls smoother and the hair longer.

Repeat the process, sectioning a part of your hair as you go until you are done with the whole head. Remember to start with the back hair as you move to the front part.

Extra Tip: Ensure your hair is a little damp when working through this process to prevent breakage.

  1. Dry your hair with a hooded dryer to set the curls with ease

For this step, the porosity and thickness of your hair will determine the amount of time you’ll spend under a hooded dryer. The more porous and thicker the hair, the longer it takes to dry. For best results, make a part before getting under the dryer. This is especially important when it comes to styling.

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If you can’t access a salon, you can dry your hair at the comfort of your home using a blow dryer and diffuser. This not only helps set the curls but also elongate your hair while ensuring the even distribution of air.

Now you know how to make natural hair soft and curly.

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