Pixie Cut with Bangs for Black Women

Pixie Cut with Bangs for Black Women

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Black women who prefer short haircuts understand the beauty of pixie cuts, especially those with bangs. The sassy and short lengths make these hairstyles easy to style and maintain. However, finding the right pixie cut with nags to complement the shape of your face is no easy feat.

Below, you’ll find inspiration of pixie cut bangs that look great on women of color.

Pixie Cut with Bangs for Black Women

Most black females love short haircuts and beautiful pixie cuts are no exception. Pixie cut with bangs add a touch of femininity while giving you a more youthful vibe.

Here are different pixie cut with bangs for black women that you need to try:

  1. Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

Layers are the ingredient of a good pixie haircut for women with color. Shorter layers at the top add piecey and irresistible height. On the other hand, long sideburns and side wept bangs frame your face. These features make the hairstyle more appealing.

  1. Long Side Bangs

This hairstyle strikes a perfect balance between a bob cut and a short haircut. That’s why it’s one of the most popular pixie cut with bangs for black women. The hairstyle features long elements like the full bangs to enhance the bone structure and cheekbones while covering the face a little bit.

  1. Thick Hair Pixie Cut

You’re in luck if you are a black woman with thick natural hair. Long layers create movement on black hair. If you’re going for an elegant vibe, side part your hair and sweep it over to the side.

  1. Curly Tapered Pixie Cut

If you’re looking to give your springy ringlets a little pop, then a tapered pixie is the way to go. The undercut goes all around the head to draw attention to shape of the hair at the crown. The curls are truly breathtaking and blend perfectly with the shape of the face. That’s why this pixie cut with bangs for black women is trending right now.

  1. Pixie Cut with Highlights

Highlights make a pixie cut unique and visually appealing. This black pixie haircut with highlights uses artful strands around the forehead to draw attention to your best facial features without committing to overall hair color change.

  1. Pixie with Side Bang

Pixie with bangs for black women come in different variations and work for all face shapes and hair types. This soft pixie with bangs is best suited for black females that prefer chic and youthful cuts.

There’s a slight wave on the shorter side bang that’s easy to pin back up in formal settings.

  1. Swooped Blonde Pixie

If you’re in doubt, go blonde! This hairstyle packs a ton of details, ranging from copper and light blonde coloring. The color enhances a darker skin tone and draws attention to the eyes.

This swooped blonde pixie will work the magic for you especially if you like playing with natural hair texture.

  1. Afro Pixie

Ready to show off your thick and fabulous afro-textured hair? A pixie cut is the perfect way to flaunt your natural body in a short, smooth, and rounded shape that requires minimal maintenance.

  1. Thick and Curly

Curls can be a girl’s best friend, especially when they’re styled just right! With a short haircut, even older women can rock an elegant and chic look while showcasing their beautiful curls. Just tease your hair and perfect those curls for a gorgeous, thick hairstyle.

  1. Wavy Half Pixie

Looking for a bold and unique new hairstyle? Try this extra-long half pixie, featuring one side with thick waves and the other buzzed short. It’s a surefire way to make a statement and show off your playful side!

  1. Springy White Curls

Want a quick and easy style for your springy curls? Sweep your hair back with a headband to showcase your beautiful face. Even older women with white or gray hair will feel youthful and sassy with this hairdo.

  1. Hard Part Shortie

Bald is beautiful, baby! Embrace your edgy side with a super short length that you can easily add a hard part to for a little extra flair. Add some flirty and feminine touches with a bold makeup look!

  1. Short Blonde Curls

Go blonde and show off your natural beauty with this misting of light color on your short curls. No need to go all in with blonde, the black base color will peek through and look stunning!

  1. Undercut + Curly Pixie

Accentuate your beautiful face shape with an undercut and a shapely pixie cut. These long springy curls are less bulky and more defined, making you stand out from the crowd!

  1. Straight with Red Highlights

Short pixie cuts can still appear long when straightened! These short choppy layers look amazing with beautiful red and purple highlights for a little extra flair.

  1. Blonde and Brown Curls

For a glamorous and dramatic look, try a pixie cut with extra-large curls. Short layers and blonde highlights will show off your beautiful curls, especially when the bottom half of your hair is left shorter and uncurled.

  1. Blonde and Pink Pixie

Black women rock blonde haircuts like no other, and adding a hot pink streak takes it to the next level! Embrace your bold and playful side with any color that makes you feel awesome.

  1. Rainbow Vibes Pixie

Who said Black hair can’t rock bold colors? Pick three vibrant shades to highlight your straight pixie with long bangs and show off your colorful personality.

  1. Red Hot Layers

Want a hairstyle that screams “fierce and fiery”? Look no further than red-hot layers in a short pixie cut that will turn heads and draw all the attention to you.

  1. Shave and Curly

Get ready to turn up the contrast with a curly pixie cut featuring shaved details. Keep the bangs falling over one eyebrow if you shave just one temple and go for soft layers for a complete look.

  1. Sassy Blonde Pixie

Warm skin tones, we’ve got you covered with a blonde pixie that’s guaranteed to make you feel like a million bucks.

  1. Playful Layers Pixie

Play around with styling options with a layered Black pixie cut. Create gorgeous pin curl waves or let your bangs fall to the side for a relaxed look.

  1. Purple Haze Pixie

Don’t be shy, rock that purple hair and let your personality shine through! Keep it simple and cute with a very short pixie that frames your face perfectly.

  1. Swept Away Pixie

Sweep those side bangs like a pro and frame your face in the best way possible. These precise bangs will draw attention to your beautiful eyes and brows.

  1. Graceful Gray Pixie

Who said older women can’t rock a cute pixie cut? Embrace your age and show the world you’re still a trendsetter with a chic, short pixie that highlights your beautiful gray hair.

  1. Bouncy Ringlets Pixie

Turn up the volume with a bouncy ringlet pixie cut that’s short on the sides and full of texture in the middle. Pump up the volume with some product and let your curls shine.

  1. Ombré Vibes Pixie

Get in on the highlighting trend with an ombré pixie cut that seamlessly blends a caramel honey hue to the lower part of your hair. Make it pop by focusing on sweeping bangs in the front.

  1. Flirty Wispy Pixie With Undercut

Who says pixies can’t be playful? This pixie cut is all about having fun! The undercut provides a solid foundation, while the wispy layers in the front add volume and movement. You’ll be ready to dance and twirl with this carefree look!

  1. Funky Frizzy Pixie Cut

Don’t fight the frizz, embrace it! This pixie cut is perfect for those with naturally curly or frizzy hair. Emphasize your volume by creating a sky-high look that’s sure to turn heads. Balance out your round face by sweeping your hair to your favorite side.

  1. Diva Deep Side Part Pixie Cut

Parts can change everything! This Black pixie hair is perfect for those with a round face shape. The deep side part creates the illusion of length and slims down your face. These rust-colored bangs are side-swept and bouncy, giving you the perfect amount of drama.

  1. Sweet Layered Caramel Pixie Cut

Layers can do wonders for thin hair! Add some oomph to your locks with this layered caramel pixie cut. The layers start at the back of the head and gradually move forward, culminating in a soft, short fringe. You’ll be looking sweet as candy with this tasty look!

Congratulations, sista! You’ve made it to the end of our fabulous article on Pixie Cut with Bangs for Black Women. We hope you’re feeling empowered and inspired to try out some of these amazing styles. Whether you’re looking to show off your natural curls or experiment with bold colors, a pixie cut with bangs is the perfect way to express your individuality and slay the game. So go ahead and rock that pixie cut, honey! You got this!

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