Protective Styles for Short Relaxed Hair

Protective Styles for Short Relaxed Hair

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Wearing protective styles for short relaxed hair keeps it healthy and prevents breakage, especially on the ends. These hairstyles keep your hair stylish, neat and secure.

If you’re looking for the best protective styles for short relaxed hair, there are tons of options to choose. The result of wearing a great protective hairstyle is that your relaxed hair retains moisture and length, making it even healthier.

Protective Styles for Short Relaxed Hair

Protective hairstyles for short relaxed hair give your hair a break from chemicals and promote growth. The styles also keep the ends healthy by preventing damage resulting from frequent manipulation and unfavorable environmental elements.

Here’s a highlight of some of the most beautiful protective styles for short relaxed hair that you should consider:

  1. Mini Twists

Mini twists are best suited for short relaxed hair. To achieve this hairstyle, section your hair into different parts and secure the parts with a hair clip. Add a moisturizing hair product to your hair when sectioning to keep it hydrated in the mini twists.

When done, start twisting your hair in two strands. Twist each strand under and over the other and secure the ends with a hair tie or elastic rubber band. Repeat the same process for each section.

  1. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are stylish and fun. You can easily achieve this hairstyle at home in a few minutes. You can use the knots to give your short relaxed hair beautiful curls once you unravel the knots.

  1. Box Braids

Box braids is one of the most preferred protective hairstyles. This hairstyle can last up to 4 weeks, especially when done properly. Moreover, they are easy to maintain, versatile and give you endless styling options to suit every season, occasion and setting.

Box braids come in different variations. Therefore, you’ll have a variety to choose from depending on your personal specifications.

  1. Wigs

You can try wigs if you’d like to change your hairstyle and switch things up. Wigs allow you to express versatility in your style while protecting your short relaxed hair underneath. For this hairstyle, pin your hair down and wear a wig cap to ensure the wig stays securely in place throughout the day.

  1. Weaves

Weaves are usually sewn into relaxed hair to make them stay in place. With proper care and maintenance with the right hair products, they can last up to two months. These are the best option to rock long hair without having to wait for your short relaxed hair to grow out. However, you might need to pop into the salon every 2 to 4 weeks to freshen it up.

  1. Crochet

This easy protective hairstyle for short relaxed hair is created by crocheting. This typically involves crocheting extensions in your hair with a crochet pin. Crotchets come in different variations, ranging from Senegalese twists, faux locs to traditional braids.


Ladies with short relaxed hair, it’s time to protect those precious tresses and elevate your hair game! Whether you’re looking for low-maintenance options or head-turning styles, our list of protective styles has got you covered. From braids to twists to chic updos, these styles will keep your hair healthy and stylish while giving you the freedom to slay all day. So grab your favorite hair products and get ready to transform your look with these fabulous protective styles!

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