How to Install Faux Locs Goddess Braids

How to Install Faux Locs Goddess Braids

This article gives an overview of everything you need to know about faux locs goddess braids including different installation methods and the cost of doing them. Faux locs are a bit different from other protective hairstyles. Unlike braids that tend to look good when freshly done, that’s quite the opposite with faux locs goddess braids.

Faux locs tend to look better with time. This typically means that they look more beautiful when you keep them in for longer. Faux locs is just a term used to denote fake locs or temporary locs since they aren’t natural. These type of locs usually come in different variants including:

  • Soft locs
  • Butterfly locs
  • Distressed bohemian locs

Let’s talk about faux locs in details including the installation cost, how to install them and the different types of installation techniques such as faux locs goddess, short, long and crotchet faux locs. This article also features a couple of faux locs hairstyles for inspiration purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Faux Locs?

Just as the name suggests, faux locs usually resemble natural dreadlocks except they are not permanent like the latter. With faux locs, you are free to rock one of the most beautiful hairstyles rich in history and culture without the permanence that comes with it.

How Long do Faux Locs Last?

Faux locs can last up to a maximum of three months depending on your care and maintenance level.

Are Faux Locs Heavy?

Heavy is relative. However, the heaviness usually depends on number of packs the stylist used, the installation method and the faux locs variant you opted for.

Are Goddess Locs and Faux Locs the Same?

Both goddess and faux locs are fake locs. However, they are significantly different since goddess locs feature curly bits additions at the end or along the length.

What’s the Installation Cost of Faux Locs?

The cost of installing faux locs usually depends on the stylist, the type of hair used, length, size and installation method. The cost of faux locs ranges from about $150 to $300.

Installing Faux Locs

Here’s how to install faux locs:

First of all, there are two different methods of installing faux locs. You can either braid the faux locs or crotchet them since they are ready made. You can use different extensions like human hair, synthetic and yarn to braid faux locs. Most people prefer using yarn since they are lightweight and equally smooth. On the other hand, their synthetic counterparts such as Kanekalon hair and Marley hair tend to look more natural.

You can go for human hair extensions for faux locs goddess braids to give the locs a silky and shiny look. You’ll need Kanekalon soft dreadlocks or Janet Collection Afro Twist Marley Hair that’ll you’ll wrap using Afro Kinky Marley Twist Extensions for those who want their faux locs to look thick.

A Tutorial on how to do Faux Locs Goddess Braids

In this technique, section your clean, straightened natural hair then braid it. Massage an anti-itch oil or spray on your scalp.

Take the crotchet hook then loop in your freetress deep wave hair at the base of your braided natural hair. Pull a side in ensuring one side is longer than the other. Loop the Cuban twist hair into the braided natural hair as well ensure one side in longer just as in the latter.

Take the Cuban twist hair and wrap it on the freetress deep wave hair and the braided hair as you move along the length until you get to the end. Secure the Cuban twist hair to the freetress deep wave hair where the latter ends using a nail glue.

A Tutorial on how to do Faux Locs using the Crotchet Method

There are different ways of installing crotchet faux locs. There’s the free parting, cornrow and wrapping method.

When it comes to free parting, section the hair in different parts then braid it. You then loop the ready made faux locs into the braided hair and then tucked inside.

First, braid the hair into cornrows and the crotchet the ready made faux locs at the base of the cornrows ensuring you cover all the hair. This is the cornrow method. The best thing about this method is that you can install them at the comfort of your home. You can watch some step by step video tutorials on YouTube if you are looking to learn how to install faux locs goddess braids on your own.

Different Faux Locs Variations, Types and Ideas

There are different types and variations of faux locs ranging from medium, short, long, bulky, messy and distressed faux locs. What’s more, faux locs also come in a range of colors. Here are some of the trendiest faux locs goddess braids hairstyles;

1. Long Medium Faux Locs


2. Long Multi Tone Faux Locs


3. Brown Faux Locs in an Updo


4. Blonde Faux Locs Goddess Braids


5. Multi Tone Faux Locs Goddess


6. Extra Long Faux Locs


7. Medium Length Faux Locs


8. Long Black Faux Locs Goddess


9. Long Brown Faux Locs Goddess


10. Curly Faux Locs


11. Long Blue Faux Locs Goddess


12. Multi Tone Faux Locs Goddess in a Bun


13. Short and Small Faux Locs


14. Blonde Bob Faux Locs


15. Ginger Faux Locs


16. Multi Tone Goddess Locs


17. Side Swept Faux Locs


18. Black Long Goddess Locs


19. Extra Thick Faux Locs


20. Accessorized Faux Locs


21. Long Black Faux Locs in a Bun


22. Extra Long Faux Locs in an Updo


23. Thick Faux Locs


24. Long Burgundy Goddess Locs


25. Extra Thick Faux Locs


26. Long Burgundy Goddess Locs


27. Black Goddess Locs


28. Short Multi Tone Faux Locs


29. Thick Short Faux Locs


30. Maroon Faux Locs


31. Green Crotchet Faux Locs


32. Black Short Bob Faux Locs


33. Thick Long Faux Locs


34. White Faux Locs


35. Short Faux Locs Goddess Braids

Below are some more styles for inspiration:

How to Maintain Faux Locs Goddess Braids

  • Use a cotton ball or a piece of cloth and dry shampoo to clean your scalp regularly depending on the length of time you plan on keeping the faux locs in. Alternatively, use water and shampoo to wash them as you would your natural hair.
  • Use a little amount of oil to prevent build up of dirt and oil
  • Use an anti-itch spray or oil on your scalp to prevent itching
  • Always wrap your faux locs goddess braids in a silk scarf or wear a satin bonnet when going to bed as it helps keep the looking neat for longer. Plus, it helps prevent hair breakage and damage to some extent.

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