How Many Packs of Hair Are Needed for Box Braids?

How Many Packs of Hair Are Needed for Box Braids?

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Box braids are a stylish protective hairstyle that protect hair from breakage and promote hair growth. There are different types of box braids, including crochet braids, poetic, knotless, Ghana and Goddess among others. So, how many packs of hair are needed for box braids?

How Many Packs of Hair for Box Braids

There area few things you need to do before installing box braids. First, it’s important to shampoo, detangle and deep condition your natural hair. When done, blow dry it for easy installation and better grip at the root. Moreover, a clean and well moisturized base will ensure that the style holds up.

Box braids look amazing at any length. The longer variant is more popular thanks to their styling versatility and look. Shorter box braids are equally cute just like bob length braids. If you want something in between, then medium length box braids will do since they can also be styled in many different ways.

The number of packs of braiding hair you need to make a full head depends on the length and thickness of your hair. For instance, if you have fine hair, you might need less hair than someone with thick hair. Generally, you’ll need between 4-6 packs of braiding hair for box braids.

However, keep in that longer box braids are relatively heavy and require more braiding hair. Moreover, they take a significant amount of time to install.

What Braiding Hair is Good for Box Braids?

Synthetic braiding hair is best suited for installing box braids.

Kanekalon braiding hair is recommended for installing box braids. It’s fine quality gives it a natural look like that of a blow-dried hair. The quality and feel of Kanekalon hair makes it work remarkably well for most box braids hairstyles. This is why most stylists prefer the hair. Plus, it’s relatively lightweight and cheap.


Apart from Kanekalon braiding hair, you can also use X-pressions.

Braid Size for Box Braids – How Many Packs of Hair for Box Braids?

Box braids come in different sizes but fall in three categories: small, medium and chunky. Medium-sized box braids are typically the size of a pen. Those that are smaller than a regular pen are considered micro while the larger ones fall into the chunky category.

Large sections of the hair accommodate the strain of box braids along with the weight added to your natural hair better. That’s why chunk box braids tend to stand out from the rest. Micro box braids are quite popular and are aesthetically appealing to the eyes. On the flip side, they tend to put a lot of strain on your hair since the sections are small.

Medium-sized box braids, on the other hand, can withstand the weight added to your hair pretty well. What’s more, they are as easy to wash as they are to style.


The number of hair packs needed for box braids depends on various factors, such as the braid size, hair length, and the desired fullness of the hairstyle. By following the tips and calculations provided in this article, you can estimate the amount of hair you’ll need for your box braids and achieve the perfect look without running out of hair mid-braiding.

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