Best Human Hair for Box Braids

Best Human Hair for Box Braids

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There’s a growing interest in using human hair for box braids installation. Maybe it’s because of the dreamy box braids on most Pinterest boards or the sudden increased attention to eco-friendly and sustainable hair options.

However, is human hair ideal for box braids?

Human Hair for Box Braids

First things first. For the curious or uninitiated, human hair is just that! Hair that is usually sourced from human beings, mostly those in Asia and India. The hair more natural looking and lightweight, unlike their synthetic counterparts like Kanekalon. Plus, human hair tends to last longer and offers more in terms of styling options.

But should you use human hair for box braids? Let’s look at the pros and cons of this route.

Pros and Cons of Using Human Hair for Box Braids


  • You can use heat styling tools to curl or straighten the braids
  • They retain hair moisture
  • They have a silkier texture with a more natural look
  • They are long-lasting and can be reused
  • You can dye and bleach human hair to different colors


  • They are quite expensive
  • Braiding human hair is a bit challenging owing to the silky texture
  • The ends tend to unravel prematurely, especially when they are not secured properly
  • Not easily available in local markets
  • Can fail to blend well with your natural hair

Different Types of Human Hair

There are two main types of human hair – Yaki and Indian Remy. The latter is the best human hair available on the market in terms of quality. This hair is usually sourced from one donor, has all the strands aligned in the same direction and all the cuticles intact.

Remy human hair  is incredibly soft to touch,  tangle-free, and will give you a more natural look with no snags and matting. You can also color, cut and heat style it since it’s human hair. With proper care and maintenance, the hair can last up to two years.

Yaki human hair, on the other hand, is usually sourced from more than one donor. Therefore, it is not as sleek as its counterpart. The hair looks like a natural blown-out or relaxed hair albeit not bone straight or smoothed.

Best Human Hair for Box Braids

Here are some of the best human hair for box braids:

  1. Starlet Microblading Human Hair


Starlet is sourced from a single donor with the cuticle intact and is made of raw and unprocessed human hair. It’s 18 inches long and can be used for different variations of hairstyles including box braids. It’s texture is easy to maintain and is equally long-lasting with proper care and maintenance.

  1. Braiding Unprocessed Brazilian Human Hair


It’s hands down the best human hair for box braids. This braiding hair is made of high-quality pure virgin human hair that’s incredibly soft. You can dye its natural color, curl or straighten it. It’s easy to use, tangle-free and doesn’t shed.

  1. Pre-Stretched French Curly Braiding Hair


This braiding hair has a premium silky texture to give your box braids a more natural look. It’s versatile and can be put in hot water to create beautiful curls.

  1. ZSF Hair Brazilian Body Wave


This braiding hair is made of 100% human virgin hair. It’s incredibly soft, smooth and silky. It can be dyed, straightened, permed, treated and tonged just like natural hair. What makes it the best human hair for box braids is that its easy to use, long-lasting and tangle-free.

  1. Ibiza Natural Virgin Human Hair Braid


Just as the name suggests, Ibiza is made of 100% natural virgin human hair sourced from a single donor. It can be dyed, permed and straightened and is best suited for both hot and cold fusion hairstyles.

Choosing the right human hair for box braids is essential for achieving a flawless and long-lasting hairstyle. From kanekalon to jumbo braiding hair, there are many options available that offer different benefits and advantages.

By considering factors such as hair texture, length, and color, you can find the perfect human hair for your box braids and create a look that is both beautiful and comfortable. So go ahead and experiment with different types of human hair to find the perfect fit for your next box braid hairstyle!

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