Burgundy Box Braids on Dark Skin

Burgundy Box Braids on Dark Skin

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If you’re relatively conservative but want to try  something different from the usual black, then burgundy would an excellent choice for you. The color works well for women with darker skin tones. Burgundy box braids are a protective hairstyle in dark shade of red and purple hues divided in square sections.

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Burgundy Box Braids on Black Women

Burgundy box braids not only complement your melanin-rich skin tone but also pops perfectly well. What’s more, you can rock this braid color for any occasion.

Burgundy is a perfect color for different braided hairstyles, including box braids. If you want a bolder look, wear bold-colored lipsticks like seep brown or red.

Burgundy is a rich, top-notch hue that complements braided hairstyles remarkably well. The color adds intricacy and edge to each of the pieces. Moreover, it blends effortlessly with natural black hair, which makes it look good on women of color.

Burgundy Box Braids on Dark Skin

Before your next salon appointment, check out these cute photos of stunning burgundy box braids on dark skin for inspiration.

  1. Burgundy Box Braids with a String

You can accessorize your burgundy box braids with a string to make them look more beautiful.

  1. Short Box Braids

Short box braids are not going anywhere anytime soon, and you can never go wrong with them. The hairstyles are best suited for dark skinned women with short hair looking to grow some length. Your hairstylist can recommend different styles for the crown.

  1. Burgundy Box Braids Ponytail

If you’re an outgoing black woman,  burgundy box braids ponytail would be an excellent choice. Use the tuck method to achieve this hairstyle and get the most of the rich braid color. Here, your stylist will need to tuck your natural hair under the braiding hair during the installation process for burgundy to take the centre stage.

  1. Thick Twist Box Braids

This hairstyle is the best option if you’re looking for something big but lightweight. The twists are relatively lighter than classic box braids. Remember to submerge the twists in hot water to make them hold in place securely so that they don’t unravel prematurely.

  1. Burgundy Box Braids with an Undercut

Burgundy box braids with an undercut is one of the easiest way of trying a new color without the hassle that comes with dyeing your natural hair. However, the undercut requires more maintenance.

  1. Long Box Braids with Demi Bun

Long box braids in a demi bun allows you to switch up your entire look. Burgundy braids will make the hairstyle pop effortlessly. You can rock this hairstyle for any occasion.

  1. Burgundy Knotless Braids with Curls

Burgundy knotless braids with curls are not only stylish but also versatile. What’s more, this braided hairstyle offers a range of styling options. You’ll want to see how these burgundy box braids on dark skin look.

  1. Royal Goddess Box Braids

Step up your hair game with regal goddess box braids in any size or length, and add some burgundy maroon flair with perfectly slayed edges and gold accessories fit for royalty. For an extra touch of glam, add some curls to create texture and dimension.

9. Red Hot Jumbo Box Braids

Take a cue from Janet Jackson’s iconic “Poetic Justice” braids and jazz them up with a sexy reddish twist. These chunky burgundy jumbo box braids are perfect for a bold and beautiful big girl look that will have heads turning.

  1. Black and Burgundy Magic Box Braids

These burgundy box braids are bewitching on their own, but add some black magic to the mix and you’ve got a fierce and fabulous hairstyle. Stylist Tisha knows how to work this black-red combo to create unforgettable box braided hair.

  1. Short and Sexy Burgundy Bob with Box Braids

Who says you need long hair for box braids? A short burgundy bob with box braids is a revolutionary style that can be amped up with colorful yarns and beads for a fun and flirty look. Keep your burgundy box braids medium length for added versatility and enjoy your new sexy style.

  1. Triangular Patterned Box Braids

Make a fashion statement from root to tip with bold and beautiful triangular patterned box braids that mimic the hottest hair designs of today. Get inspired by these hot triangle box braids and create a unique style that will turn heads.

  1. Burgundy Red Ombre Braids

Go bold and daring with a burgundy ombre on long braided hair for a show-stopping style. Ask your stylist for tips on how to care for and maintain this masterpiece. With their length, you can easily style your burgundy box braids into a quick bun or ponytail.

  1. Intricate Small Box Braids

The wait may be long, but the payoff is worth it with small box braids that add intricate detail to your hair. Add some flair with black dip-dyed ends and have fun styling your hair with a box braided updo.

  1. Burgundy and Blonde

Ladies, it’s time to add some sizzle to your style with these blonde and burgundy box braids. Get ready to turn heads with platinum strings and yarn!

  1. Burgundy Braids for All Ages

Stylist Letícia Firmino brings the heat with these beautiful dark burgundy braids that are perfect for everyone. With a relaxed style, you can mix and match with different hairstyles and accessories for your own unique look.

  1. Crochet Your Way to Easy Style

Looking for a quick and easy style that still has plenty of pizzazz? Try these burgundy crochet braids with curly ends that are effortless to style. You can even grab a wig or extensions for instant braids!

  1. Small Braids, Big Style

For a neater, more detailed look, go for micro burgundy box braids. Pick a color you can wear daily, and these braids can last up to two months or longer if you take care of them. Remember, box braids promote growth, so treat your hair underneath with TLC.

  1. Brown and Burgundy, So Classy

Classy, easy, and fashionable – that’s what you get with brown and burgundy box braids. Plus, they’re low-maintenance, which means you can rock this style with minimal fuss.

  1. Burgundy Braids for the Bronzed Beauty

Bronzed-up ladies, these medium-to-long burgundy box braids are just what you need to accentuate your skin tone. Keep them out of your face with a cute half-up style or high bun, and get ready to slay!

Burgundy box braids offer a variety of styling options and are a versatile protective hairstyle. With the various lengths, sizes, and styles, anyone can rock burgundy box braids and express their unique personality and sense of style.

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