Cornrows Hairstyles that Cover the Forehead

Cornrows Hairstyles that Cover the Forehead

Cornrows is one of the most popular braided hairstyles for natural Afro hair. They are usually created using the famous underhand technique since they are braided closer to the scalp leaving your entire face exposed.

Cornrows Hairstyles that Cover Forehead

Most cornrows hairstyles look good on big foreheads especially those with a side part.

Cornrows hairstyles that cover forehead can last you up to four weeks considering they are a protective style. However, you need to ensure that your scalp is well moisturized. The key to concealing your prominent forehead with cornrows hairstyles is with a side part. This means that the deeper the side part, the more your forehead is covered.

The best thing about cornrows hairstyles that cover the forehead is that they come in many different variations. It’s time to let your hair shine by embracing cornrows ranging from sexy and sleek to crazy and colorful options.

Here are some of the best cornrows hairstyles that cover the forehead:

  1. Big Cornrow Braids

The easiest way to jump onto this trendy bandwagon is to try out these eye-catching and equally bold cornrow braids. Braiding in big plaits saves time since each row uses more hair. The less time you take at the salon, the better!

In addition, big cornrow braids are stylish and easy to maintain. You can add accessories to give them a unique twist. This cornrow hairstyle also helps draw attention to your hair as opposed to your prominent forehead.

  1. Cornrow Side Braid

You can make your cornrows more appealing by adding side braids. This style can also create a unique faux undercut look. However, pairing the side cornrows with other different braided hairstyles gives a unique touch and takes it a notch higher.

One of the most popular combinations that will make you stand out is Dutch braids with side cornrows. You can also go for contrasting cornrows at the top part of your head. Whatever the case, this cornrow hairstyle is as fun as it is versatile. Plus, it has face framing features and helps highlight your bone structure.

  1. Two Cornrow Braids

Two statement cornrow braids is a piece of art. You can create this style by braiding underhand closer to the scalp at an angle and sweep back the hair from your face in two different plaits. An update to this classic braided hairstyle is to braid your hair asymmetrically to wrap it around the head.

The off-the-center look will take a few years off your age giving you a vibrant and youthful appearance. Two cornrow braids are subtle but guarantee to draw attention to your hair instead of your forehead.

  1. Cornrow Braids with Natural Hair

Cornrows and natural hair are usually a perfect match. That’s why it’s one of the best cornrows hairstyles that cover the forehead. Initially, this braiding technique was created for kinky and untreated afro hair textures.

To achieve this cornrow hairstyle, create a mini afro mohawk effect or a faux undercut design.

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