Natural Hairstyles for Big Foreheads

Natural Hairstyles for Big Foreheads

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Most African-American women have wider foreheads. This can be attributed to hair loss from regular styling that involves excessive pulling and straightening. A prominent forehead can also be an outcome of genetic factors. Irrespective of the cause, it’s important to embrace your high hairline and natural mane.

Best Hairstyles for Women with Big Foreheads

Wearing natural hair when you have a big forehead calls for a lot of confidence and self-assurance. Thankfully, there are many different hairstyles that you can rock effortlessly. These hairstyles will highlight your natural features beautifully.

Remember, a big forehead is an accessory on its own. Moreover, it allows you to experiment with many different styles as you look for one that suits you. When done correctly, natural hairstyles for big foreheads will make you look more beautiful.

Natural Hairstyles for Big Foreheads

Here are some recommendations of beautiful natural hairstyles for big foreheads:

  1. High Ponytail with Tendrils

A high ponytail is a versatile natural hairstyle for women with big foreheads. With this style, you can do the ponytail in many different ways.

The hairstyle is easy to achieve as it’s as simple as tying your hair at the top of your head. However, ladies with big foreheads can make adjustments in the small details like tendrils falling on both sides of the face.

  1. Blonde Buzz

A short afro cut has a way of flattering a big forehead and making it look more beautiful. Buzz your natural hair and go for a shaved design on the sides to make the cut appealing. To add a touch of style, dye your hair in light blonde.

  1. High Puff

No one will notice your big forehead with this glamorous pineapple updo at the crown. To achieve this hairstyle, sleek back the curls and secure your hair at the top of your head with the strands falling forward on the face.

This eye-catching natural hairstyle will make you look young and vibrant.

  1. Bob with Bangs

This bob hairstyle with bangs looks elegant and classy, especially on women with big foreheads. Chop the bouncy coils in a relatively short round bob, ensuring the sides elongate to the back. Add a symmetrical fringe at the front to make the hairstyle more appealing.

  1. Dreadlocks

After braided hairstyles, dread locs are the second most sought-after protective hairstyle for natural hair. Women of color with damaged hair and receding hairline should give this style a shot as it promotes hair growth and health.

Apart from wearing the locs loose, you can style them in different ways for versatility.

  1. Curly Locs

Instead of wearing your natural dreadlocks straight, you can make the curly. To achieve this hairstyle, dampen your hair and wrap the locs around perm rods or flexi rods overnight.

  1. Classic Afro

What’s more natural than rocking a classic afro? This is one of the most common natural hairstyles for big foreheads.

Embracing your natural hair and finding the perfect hairstyle to flatter your big forehead can be a game-changer for your confidence and style. From afros to twists, braids, and updos, there are plenty of natural hairstyles that can complement your unique facial features and highlight your natural beauty.

Remember to consider your hair type, texture, and length. Also, experiment with different styles until you find the perfect one that suits your personality and lifestyle. With a little bit of creativity and patience, you can achieve a stunning natural hairstyle that empowers you and makes you feel beautiful inside and out.

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