Best Hairstyles for Round Faces to Look Slim

Best Hairstyles for Round Faces to Look Slim

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The struggle to find the best hairstyles for round faces to look slim is real. The fun part is usually styling your natural hair according to different trends. However, not every high-gloss ponytail or messy half bun works well for every face shape.

Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces

There are different hairstyles for women looking to lengthen the shape of their face that you can go for. These range from updos, ponies, braids and beyond. The trick to making these styles work for your face shape lies in the small details.

The best hairstyles for making round faces to look slim focus on covering the cheekbones and adding height. Another option is asymmetrical styles, which tend to add angles to your face to make it look slimmer.

Hairstyles for Round Face to Look Slim

See these beautiful hairstyles for round faces to look slim. These styles will flatter your natural features and complement your face shape.

  1. Face Framing Layers

One of the features of a hairstyle that makes round face to look slim is face framing layers. These layers always follow the natural contours of your jawline and cheekbones to give your face a subtle lift and contouring effect.

  1. Messy Ponytail

Contrary to popular belief, women with round faces can effortlessly pull off a messy ponytail. A straight, sleek-back ponytail tends to exaggerate round features. On the other hand, a gently teased hairstyle with a side part and wavy texture creates a slimming effect.

To achieve this hairstyle, apply a volumizing shampoo and use a curling iron to create a side part along with wave hair beginning from the eye level.

  1. Layered Bob

Women with round faces look good with medium and shoulder length hairstyles. Layered bob hairstyles with texture create an illusion of added volume and dimension. This is one of the best hairstyles for women with round faces.

  1. Blunt Cut

A blunt haircut is the same length all around. Therefore, it leaves a straight, clean finish at the ends. This hairstyle is best suited for women with round faces looking to create an illusion of an elongated and slimmer face.

A blunt cut bring asymmetry to your round-shaped face, giving it an appearance of a more defined jawline and cheekbone. Have the cut right below the chin to lengthen your face and draw attention to your chin.

  1. Bangs

Bangs completely transform the look of women with round faces. The style draws attention away from the jawline and cheekbones, which is typically the widest part of a round-faced shape.

What’s more, bangs highlight your best facial features as they show off your cheekbones and beautiful eyes. However, they require frequent styling and trims for added volume and dimension.

  1. Shaggy Medium Length Hairstyle

Classic layers will keep your hair looking stylish and on-trend while flattering the softer angles of your round-shaped face. A shaggy medium length hairstyle with side bangs hit the right spots on the cheekbones to make it look leaner.

Layers add volume at the top. The height of the crown balances out facial features to make round faces look slim.


There are many hairstyles that can help round-faced individuals achieve a slimmer and more defined look. From layered cuts to side-swept bangs and asymmetrical bobs, there are plenty of options to choose from that create the illusion of a longer and more angular face shape.

When selecting a hairstyle, consider your hair texture, personal style, and face shape. Also, consult with a stylist to find a cut that flatters your features best. With our expert tips and inspiration, you can find the perfect hairstyle to enhance your natural beauty and rock a confident and stylish look.

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