MAC Makeup Wipes Review

MAC Makeup Wipes Review

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MAC Makeup Wipes are a staple for most makeup lovers. They swipe away smudges, makeup, grime and dirt with ease. These wipes feel luxurious against the skin and are super saturated with the brand’s unique cleanser that’s usually infused with Vitamin E for protection. Read on to find out more about MAC Makeup Wipes.

MAC Makeup Wipes


MAC Makeup Wipes Review

You need to try out MAC Makeup Wipes if other brands usually leave your face red and irritated. These wipes are amazing since they are convenient and remove everything with ease quite quickly. They have a unique smell that will keep reminding you of a MAC store. When I first visited their store, I bought a foundation, blush and concealer. Did I mention that I was intimidated by the entire process?

There are many different makeup wipes on the market from different brands. This means that its hard to tell them apart especially when looking for one that’s reasonably priced and stands out. Most people prefer using Neutrogena and Simple Skincare makeup wipes. These wipes usually have an incredibly soft texture and are equally thick with a luxurious feel on the skin.

According to MAC Makeup Wipes review, you’ll realize that they are among the least favorite along with the Bio derma ones. This is because they require a little bit of effort to take makeup off the face and are also harsh on the skin which tends to cause redness or irritation. This is in comparison to Neutrogena and Simple Skincare Makeup Wipes.

However, we can’t just rule it out because I had a bad experience because what works for me might not work for you and vice versa. Here’s a detailed overview of MAC Makeup Wipes. Let’s dive right in!

MAC Makeup Wipes Review

MAC Makeup Wipes are available in all MAC stores with a neat packaging and intact lid. The lid helps keep the wipes moist, allowing you to use them for an extended period.

MAC Makeup Wipes are available in a range of sizes. But this means that the price increases with increase in size or the count – the number of wipes in a pack. The one thing that stands out with these wipes is the fragrance. Most people but the MAC makeup wipes because of the heavenly scent. If you are familiar with the distinctive smell of the brand’s foundation and lipsticks then you can relate.

In addition, these makeup wipes are super thin which makes it feel a little less gentle against the skin even though it doesn’t tear easily. The fact that MAC Makeup Wipes are not thorough when it comes to makeup removal is equally disappointing. The wipes require multiple back and forth wiping motion to get the job done well. Plus, they barely swipe away waterproof mascara and eyeliner without extra help.

MAC Makeup Wipes also feel relatively dry with very little makeup solution in their sheets. This means that you have to incorporate some micellar water into the wipes when removing your makeup for best results. The solution contains an oil-based ingredient because it usually leaves the skin feeling a bit greasy.

These makeup wipes are slickly packed, resealable and can be used on the go. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows according to MAC Makeup Wipes review.


MAC Makeup Wipes work well on the hands as opposed to the face owing to their abrasive nature and the fact that they are not so gentle. Plus, they can barely get the job done! However, if you don’t mind the work or have bought them already, you can soak the wipes in micellar water when you want to remove your makeup. It’s much easier this way than using it on its own, doesn’t leave any greasy residue and also makes it feel less abrasive against the skin.

If you use two sheets simultaneously, you can clean your makeup brushes with the other side for convenience. Plus, that also allows you to get value for your money. The only good thing about MAC Makeup Wipes is that they are best suited for all skin types.


Based on my personal experience, I wouldn’t recommend MAC Makeup Wipes to any makeup enthusiast out there especially those that love MAC products. Plus, there are other less expensive options available on the market that swipe away makeup, dirt and grime conveniently and effortlessly without causing irritation.

The best makeup wipes should be able to help you remove your makeup with ease along with providing a calming hydration to the skin. This means that MAC Makeup Wipes are not it! But some people still find the wipes extremely refreshing, nourishing and hydrating although they are quite pricey. Plus, they argue that they leave the skin feeling moisturized with a glow in a few seconds.


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