I’m a Redhead and I Want to Dye My Hair! What Should I Know?

I’m a Redhead and I Want to Dye My Hair! What Should I Know?

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Some women are still working from home and can’t see a professional hairstylist. Some of them are natural redheads who want to dye their hair to a different color.

I’m a redhead and I want to dye my hair. What should I know?

This is most frequently asked question when it comes to redheads and hair color. Read on; we’ve got you covered.

I’m a Redhead and I want to Dye My Hair

If you are a redhead and want to dye your hair, here are some things you should know before dyeing. These tips will keep your hair to keep it vibrant:

1. Find a shade that complements your skin tone

Getting the right hair dye is very important. Pick a hair color that doesn’t clash with your skin tone. This also means putting into consideration things like lifestyle and eye color.

For context, check out the best hair color for natural redheads.

2. Apply a root cover-up hair product

Root cover up hair products are perfect for redheads who are in between colorings and want a slight boost. These products deliver an easy quick fix in terms of coverage for different red hair shades. The products are also affordable and give great results.

3. Dyeing your hair can be high maintenance

I’m a redhead and I want to dye my hair. What should I know?

Dyeing requires a ton of maintenance with frequent root touch-ups. However, this depends with the growth rate of your hair.

4. Use hair gloss or color depositing shampoo if you’re experiencing fading

Thankfully, there are many color depositing shampoos and hair glosses for redheads on the market. These hair products will make your hair look fresh and radiant.

L’Oreal Hair Gloss


Shampooing and conditioning your dyed hair helps prolong the life of your strands and keeps the hair shiny. Masking, on the other hand, will keep your hair healthy.

5. Use cold water when washing your hair and it should be less frequent

Cold water helps to prevent the dye from fading out quickly.

Re-think your decision if you like getting your hair wild and wet from time to time. Not washing your hair everyday helps to extend color treatments. On the other hand, washing your hair too much tends to wash out the color depositing products, root cover ups and the dye itself. However, you can always use a dry shampoo if you have naturally oily red hair.

Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo


6. Use customized gloss or dye

There are online shops that can deliver customized hair products once you talk to them about your hair. They will send their recommended products for you to try them out.

7. Try Henna or boxed dye

Remember, the dye always starts off darker than it will actually be in the long run. However, it’s no cause for alarm.

Here are some of the best picks for redheads to try:

8. Use Darker Towels

You need to invest in dark towels after dyeing your hair to avoid staining especially when the dye is still fresh. These are the best hair towels to use when dyeing your hair.

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