What Color Should a Redhead Dye Her Hair?

What Color Should a Redhead Dye Her Hair?

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We all get tired of looking the same all the time. And that’s why we try experimenting with our hair.

The results of our experiments can sometimes be disastrous, leaving us with damaged hair. However, that shouldn’t necessarily stop you. Finding the best hair color for natural redheads that flatters you without being tacky is quite challenging. However, don’t fret. We are here for you!

If you want to dye your red hair, you should first strip out its natural color with bleach to get noticeable results. You can then dye your natural red hair once you are done with the bleaching process.

Some simple maintenance techniques like less frequent washes, avoiding heat styling, shampooing, conditioning and masking will be handy in keeping the new shade looking fresh and vibrant.

Hair Dye for Natural Redheads

Remember, natural red hair is a bit harder to dye compared to other shades because it holds its pigment tighter than other colors. Plus, dyeing requires a ton of maintenance and glossing treatment to keep your hair looking shiny and vibrant. Contrast is very important when it comes to dyeing your hair.

The hair color you choose should highlight your facial features and skin color at the same time.

Let’s find out what colors you can dye your hair.

What Color Should a Redhead Dye Her Hair?

Redheads usually have more fun with their hair! This is because they can effortlessly switch from lighter to darker shades, depending on climatic conditions among other factors.

Here are some of the best colors that a redhead can dye her hair to give her a gorgeous new look:

  1. Rosewood

Your red hair can be equally hot when cool. You can add a touch of violet to bring out richness and depth. Rosewood is one of the best red hair dye for dark hair without bleaching. If you are a natural redhead with dark eyes then this color is your best bet.


  1. Cherry Bomb

There’s nothing natural about this hair color which is both a good and bad thing. This is because some redheads prefer looking more natural with their dyed hair. On the flip side, what’s the point of dyeing your hair if you can’t have fun with it?


Cherry bomb is an excellent choice for natural redheads who like light hair colors and those looking to switch up their red.

  1. Auburn

Auburn works well on fair skin. You can keep it dark around the face with copper highlights at the ends. The best thing about dyeing your red hair to auburn is that it expertly hides grays.


Plus, there are three shades of auburn to choose from – auburn brown, dark auburn and light auburn. Choose one that complements the warmth of your skin tone.

  1. Light Copper Red

Light copper red is best suited for those with fair skin tones. What’s more, the dye can last up to 10 weeks, offers gray coverage and is equally fade resistant. Redheads with medium skin tones can opt for desert copper or chocolate copper.


  1. Dark Mahogany Red

This dye works so well on darker complexions.


Best Hair Colors for Natural Redheads

Peep some of these hair colors worn by natural redheads:

  1. Flame

This hair color works well on redheads with porcelain complexion. You can maintain this color with a gloss every four to six weeks to make it more radiant.

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  1. Warm Copper

Warm copper is best suited for redheads with medium-golden skin tone. You can add some hand painted highlights right before adding a bright gloss if you are looking to go bold.

Here’s the hair color.


  1. Gold Apricot

Gold apricot is a versatile option if you are looking for the best hair color for natural redheads. The color goes especially well with a copper or blonde shade.

Check out the hair dye below.


  1. Pink Auburn

This hair color works so well on redheads with fair-medium skin tones. The pinkish copper version tends to add a touch of softness to an otherwise more or less cartoonish look.

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  1. Cinnamon

A darker shade of red will radiate more on those with brown and green eyes. Therefore, you pull off this hair color beautifully.

Here’s the hair dye:


  1. Blackened Red

If you are looking for a bold and eye-catching option, then blackened red is your best bet. It’s super shiny and radiant when done right. However, this hue requires lots of maintenance and that can be relatively expensive.

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  1. Golden Copper

This hue is best suited for redheads with fair to medium skin tones with golden-like undertones.

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  1. Strawberry Cream

This hair color works well with those with pink undertones.

Here’s the hair dye.


  1. Yellow Bronze

There’s lots of dimension in this color. You can achieve this look by starting it off with a single process of warm brown and a pop of copper and highlights and then finishing with a bright gloss.

Check out the dye below.


  1. Ginger

To get the best results with ginger, ensure you don’t over highlight it. A hint of brown and copper will warm up your entire look.

See the hair color below.


  1. Apricot

This color brings out a youthful and vibrant spin on red. Peep the hair color below.


When you’ve gone red—no matter which shade—expect to see your colorist every six weeks to maintain the intensity. To stretch your color to eight weeks, drop by your salon for a glossing treatment in between to rejuvenate your hair.

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