Best Hair Color for Over 60s

Best Hair Color for Over 60s

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Women are beautiful creatures regardless of age because being stylish has nothing to do with age. We are busting the myth that over 60s cannot rock chic and trendy hair colors. You don’t have t give up on your hair just because you are old. Contrary to popular belief, women over 60 can wear any hair color they like. Go older women!

Best Hair Color for Over 60s

If you feel great then you look great! This typically means that all hues are acceptable for women of all ages. Ease of maintenance and convenience play a great role when it comes to choosing the best hair color for over 60s. Other factors depend on your personal preference and style. However, you need to factor in your skin tone and undertones for best results.

Remember, the wrong hair color can make you look older than you already are so ensure you get it right. The best hair color for over 60s that matches your complexion will make you look fresh, youthful and vibrant. Just like a hairstyle, your hair color can express your personality and energy type remarkably well.

Best Hair Color for Over 60s

Step out of your comfort zone with the best hair color for over 60s. If you are looking to switch up your hair color and take risks, here are some of the best hair color options for over 60s you can try:

  1. Aqua Ombre

Grey hair with bring aqua ombre ends will make you stand out in a crowd. Those with fin tresses can use a curling cream to add volume and dimension.

Recommended Product: ARCTIC FOX Vegan Cruelty-Free

  1. Silver Fox

Platinum, blonde, ashy and silver are the most common hair colors for over 60s. However, you can take in the plunge and embrace your greying hair especially if half of it is already grey. Choose the right hairstyle o highlight your facial features and you are good to go!

Recommended Product: ARCTIC FOX Vegan and Cruelty Hair dye

  1. White Streak

Thick silver and white streaks usually emphasize the fullness of hair as you age. The bright color at the front will lighten up your entire look while the brunette at the ends gives you a glam and dramatic look.

Recommended Product: Manic Panic Violet Night 

  1. Golden Brown

If you are going for a chic and youthful look, then a golden brown hue is your best bet. Dark brown hair color with golden highlights helps draw attention to your eyes.

Recommended Product: Clairol Balsam Hair Dye

  1. Platinum

Platinum allows over 60s to embrace their natural grays since this hair color almost resembles light grey and white hair. It’s hands down the best hair color for over 60s owing to its versatility. Plus, it’s equally on trend.

Recommended Product: Herbatint Permanent Haircolor Gel

  1. Ash Blonde

Short Ash Blonde Pixie

Ash blonde blends perfectly well with grey hair that’s why most over 60s like it. You can add balayage, highlights or lowlights to make it pop as well as add dimension.

Recommended Product: LÓreal Paris Superior Preference Ash Blonde

  1. Bright Red

Bright red hair color looks great on brunettes and redheads since its truly a show stopper. However, it requires lots of maintenance but the end result is totally worth it.

Recommended Product: Manic Panic Red hair Dye

  1. Golden Glow

Add a touch of warmth to your locks with a golden hair color that radiates a youthful and vibrant aura. Let your hair shine like a radiant sunset, turning heads and inspiring envy wherever you go.

Recommended Product: Revlon Hair Color

  1. Caramel Swirl

Indulge in a sweet treat for your hair with a caramel hair color that’s as delicious as it sounds. Embrace the lusciousness of creamy caramel tones, bringing a delectable blend of sophistication and sweetness to your look.

Recommended Product: Glaze Super Color Caramel Lights

  1. Berry Bliss

Who says age has to be boring? Rock a bold and sassy berry hair color that showcases your playful spirit. Let your hair be the life of the party with vibrant shades of raspberry, strawberry, and blackberry, radiating fun and confidence.

Recommended Product: Adore Semi-Permanent Burgundy Bliss

  1. Chocolate Temptation

Dive into the rich depths of a chocolate hair color that’s as indulgent as a decadent dessert. With shades of dark chocolate, mocha, and espresso, your hair will be the ultimate temptation, exuding richness and allure.

Recommended Product: Schwarzkopf Chocolate Cherry

  1. Blushing Rose

Add a touch of romance to your look with a soft and subtle rose hair color. Embrace delicate pink hues that symbolize grace and femininity, showcasing your timeless beauty and captivating charm.

Recommended Product: Manic Panic Cleo Rose Hair Dye

  1. Ocean Breeze

Ride the waves of style with a mesmerizing ocean-inspired hair color. From deep blues to seafoam greens, channel the calming and rejuvenating vibes of the ocean, becoming a true mermaid queen.

Recommended Product: Lime Crime Unicorn

  1. Fiery Flame

Ignite your passion and zest for life with a fiery hair color that commands attention. Whether it’s vibrant reds, blazing oranges, or fiery coppers, let your hair reflect your vibrant spirit and fierce determination.

Remember, age is just a number, and your hair color choices should reflect your vibrant personality and unique sense of style. Embrace the colors that make you feel confident, empowered, and ready to take on the world at any age!

Recommended Product: Punky Flame


Age is no barrier to rocking an amazing hair color! Whether you’re a silver fox, a golden goddess, or a blushing rose, there’s a hair color out there waiting to bring out your inner diva. So go ahead, embrace the vibrant hues, unleash your playful spirit, and let your hair be a colorful expression of your unique personality.

Remember, life is too short for boring hair, so why not have a little fun and let your locks shine with the best hair color for over 60s. Get ready to turn heads, make a statement, and show the world that age is just a number when it comes to fabulous hair!

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