Hair Color to Look Younger Before and After

Hair Color to Look Younger Before and After

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Try as we might, women never turn down help when it comes to aging gracefully. For the most part, our minds usually gravitate towards unique makeup techniques and expensive skincare products. We totally forget about our crown! Choosing the right haircut or hairstyle to flatter you plays an important role in making you look youthful and so does the right hair color.

Hair Color to Look Younger Before and After

Suffice to say, the right hair color isn’t quite forgiving even when you choose the right hairstyle. The biggest secret to looking young and vibrant has everything to do with the color of your hair. The hair color can be anything but simple to make a significant difference on your entire look. In other words, the hair color could be your undoing as you spend tons of money on anti-aging serums and masks.

Thankfully, there are a gazillion hair colors available on the market that professional stylists swear by since they help create an illusion of a much younger look. Who doesn’t want to look young for their age? You don’t have to sweat it as the right hair color will work the magic for you! Since there are lots of hair colors to choose from, we did the legwork for you!

Don’t let the color of your hair age you. Keep scrolling to find out more about the best hair colors that will make you look more youthful.

Hair Color to Look Younger Before and After

Here’s a round-up of some of the best hair colors that will literally knock a few decades off your face:

  1. Caramel

Caramel highlights work well on brunettes since it’s one of the easiest ways to add a touch of softness and warmth to your best facial features. It’s not only a low maintenance option but also subtle as it focuses on the entire face and the ends.

Recommended Product: Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse

  1. Blonde

Blonde is an ideal hair color for all ages as it strikes a perfect between brunette and the actual blonde. It has face framing effects and the flecks of golden blonde will give you a youthful glow.

Recommended Product: Blonde Hair

  1. Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde works well for natural blondes and redheads with cooler skin tones and orange-red undertones. Enhancing the hue will take a few years off your face as it gives you a youthful glow. You can maintain the reddish hues with a gloss after a month.

Recommended Product: Rainbow Research Strawberry Blonde

  1. Golden Chocolate

Coating a chocolate brown base with golden balayage will have you looking youthful for days. This shade tends to create a certain shade that catches the sunlight as blonde would without straying from the brunette roots.

Recommended Product: Schwarzkopf Simply Color Dark Chocolate

  1. Champagne Blonde

By now, you already know that champagne blonde is not your regular platinum. This yellow-based warm blonde hue brings out Goldilocks esque tones of your natural hair color to make your skin look brighter and your face more vibrant.

Recommended Product: L’Oreal Paris Champagne Blonde

  1. Soft Black

Unleash your inner enchantress with black hair. This bold and striking color can make a powerful statement while giving you a youthful edge. Black hair exudes a sense of confidence, and it beautifully frames your face, drawing attention to your best features. Get ready to embrace your fierce and empowered self with this captivating shade. You can soften the black shade to a muted one to make your hair look shinier and healthier.

Get more inspiration from these dyed hair ideas for black hair.

Recommended Product: Schwarzkopf Keratin Color Soft Black

7. Gray

Embrace the natural beauty of your gray hair! Let those silver strands shine and exude confidence. Gray hair has a certain elegance and sophistication that can make you stand out from the crowd. It’s a timeless color that adds character to your look, making you appear wise and effortlessly chic.

Recommended Product: Adore Semi Permanent Hair Color Gray

8. Silver

Unlock the secret to a stunning and youthful appearance with silver hair. This ethereal shade takes gray to a whole new level, giving you a mesmerizing and captivating aura. The silver hue can enhance your features, brighten your complexion, and make your eyes sparkle. Get ready to turn heads and embrace the silver fox within you!

Recommended Product: Keracolor Clenditioner Hair Dye Silver

9. Dark Brown

Want to add some depth and mystery to your look? Dark brown is your go-to color. This rich, luscious shade adds warmth to your complexion and creates a beautiful contrast against your skin tone. It’s a classic choice that never goes out of style, and it can make you look vibrant, youthful, and effortlessly glamorous.

See these amazing dark brown hair with blue undertones for more inspiration.

Recommended Product: Adore Semi Permanent Hair Color Darkest Brown

10. Brassy Blonde

Bid farewell to brassiness and hello to a radiant and youthful blonde! Tame those warm tones and opt for a cooler, ashier blonde shade. This transformation can breathe new life into your hair, brightening your complexion and giving you a fresh and rejuvenated appearance. Say goodbye to dullness and hello to a vibrant, sun-kissed glow!

Recommended Product: L’Oreal Paris Le Color Blonde

11. Honey Blonde

Get ready to sweeten up your look with a delectable honey blonde hue. This warm and golden shade adds a radiant glow to your complexion, making you look youthful and vibrant. It’s like a sip of sunshine for your hair, creating a soft and natural appearance that enhances your features. Embrace the honey blonde and let your inner glow shine through!

Recommended Product: L’Oreal Paris Le Color Honey Blonde

12. Chestnut Brown

Indulge in the rich and velvety allure of chestnut brown. This captivating shade brings warmth and depth to your hair, imparting a sense of elegance and sophistication. It’s a versatile color that complements various skin tones, creating a harmonious and youthful look. With chestnut brown, you’ll exude confidence and grace, making heads turn wherever you go.

This is one of the best hair colors for women with pale skin and blue eyes.

Recommended Product: Herbatint Permanent Haircolor Chestnut Brown

13. Red Tones

Unleash your fiery side with captivating red tones in your hair. Whether you opt for a bold and vibrant red or a subtle auburn, these shades add a pop of excitement to your look. Red hair is known for its ability to brighten your complexion and create a youthful glow. Embrace the warmth and energy of red tones, and let your passionate spirit shine through your hair.

Recommended Product: Adore Semi Permanent Hair Color Ruby Red

14. Soft Pastels

Unlock your inner playfulness with dreamy soft pastel shades. Picture yourself with pink, lavender, or baby blue hair that adds a touch of whimsy to your style. These gentle and ethereal colors can bring out your youthful spirit, creating a fun and lighthearted vibe. Keep in mind that maintaining pastel hair requires some effort, but the end result is worth it for those who dare to express their unique and vibrant personality. For example, see how these midnight blue dye on black hair looks like.

Recommended Product: Adore Semi Permanent Hair Color


Finding the perfect hair color to help you look younger is an exciting journey of self-expression and rejuvenation. Whether you choose to embrace your natural gray or silver strands, opt for a rich and vibrant dark brown or black shade, or experiment with captivating tones like honey blonde, chestnut brown, reds, or soft pastels, there’s a color out there that can enhance your youthful glow.

The key is to select a hair color that complements your skin tone and brings out the best in your features. Embracing your unique style and personality is essential in achieving a youthful look that makes you feel confident and radiant.

Remember, the power of a hair color transformation goes beyond simply changing your appearance—it can boost your self-esteem, revive your spirit, and inspire a newfound sense of vibrancy. So, don’t be afraid to take the leap and try something new!

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