20 Dyed Hair Ideas for Dark Hair

Most people don’t like bleaching their hair that’s why they avoid dyeing altogether. Natural hair tends to damage and even break when you bleach it especially when you plan on bleaching. You are at the right place if you are struggling with any of these. Read on!

A temporary hair dye will do you justice as it comes in handy especially if you are tired of braiding or wearing wigs. Switching up to a different hair color will give you different vibes and guarantees to enhance and transform your looks. This article focuses on Hair Paint Wax. We also talk about some of the best dyed hair ideas for dark hair in details.

Hair Paint Wax is a renowned company that’s known to sell an extensive range of water-based coloring solution for different types of hair. If you are looking to try out different colors for the entire week then Hair Paint Wax got you covered. You can rock different colors ranging from red, green to brown among others everyday of the week thanks to Hair Paint Wax. The best thing about their water-based hair coloring solution is that they are easy and convenient to apply and also wash out.

In addition, the water-based hair coloring solution from Hair Paint Wax helps protect the hair as it offers a stronger hold without damaging it. The products are best suited for different hairstyles including locs, kinky, curly and coily hair. However, the colors tend to vary depending on a number of factors like the natural colour of the hair and texture.

Don’t fret if you are not looking to bleach your hair since there’s a wide variety of dyed hair ideas for dark hair. What’s more, the dyes come in different colors including pink, purple, bronze, orange and blue among others. All these hair dyes are reasonably priced retailing at a maximum of $10 for a 120g tube. Here are some of the best dyed hair ideas for dark hair that you can achieve using the famous Hair Paint Wax. Let’s dive right in!

Dyed Hair Ideas for Dark Hair

  • Green Hair Dye

  • Black and White Temporary Hair Dye on Natural Curly Hair

  • Red Dye on Temporary Locs

  • Purple Dye on Natural Curly Hair

  • Red Dye on Natural Curly Hair

  • Pink Dye on Natural Curly Hair

  • Purple Hair on Natural 4C Hair

  • Blue Hair Dye

  • Red Dye on Natural Kinky Hair

  • Pink Dye Highlights

  • Purple Hair Dye

  • Gold Dye on Natural Coily Hair

  • Tapered Cut Pink Hair Dye

  • Blue Dye on Long Natural Locs

  • Blue Hair Dye on Curly Hair

  • Brown, Gold and Black Dye

  • Orange and Green Temporary Dye

  • Purple Temporary Dye

  • Blue, Green, Orange, Purple and Gold Temporary Dye

  • A Combination of Different Colors Temporary Dye


Hair Paint Wax offers a range of water-based hair coloring solutions for different hair transformations. The good thing about the dye is that it tends to come off after a wash. Plus, they contain natural ingredients that helps prevent any damage to the roots or ends. For best results, apply the dye on wet or damp hair.

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