Hairstyles for Males with Big Foreheads and Round Face

Hairstyles for Males with Big Foreheads and Round Face

There’s nothing wrong with having a big forehead. However, unlike their female counterparts, it’s much harder for mean to conceal their prominent foreheads. Also, choosing the right haircut to complement your big forehead and round face can be crippling.

Read on to find out more about hairstyles for manes with big foreheads and round face!

Hairstyles for Males with Big Foreheads and Round Face

Embrace your big forehead by all means since there’s way you can conceal its prominence. However, you should focus more on choosing the right hairstyles that will help draw attention away from the forehead.

One of the easiest ways of concealing a prominent forehead especially if you have a round face is by choosing the right hairstyle. Thankfully, there are dozens of styles that you can choose from as they tend to pay attention to details.

Always remember that no one will look at your round face and big forehead once your confidence shoots up. And this is where hairstyles for men with round-shaped faces and prominent foreheads come into play.

Hairstyles for Males with Big Foreheads and Round Face

Here’s a round-up of some of the most amazing hairstyles for men with big foreheads and round face that you need to consider. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

  1. Buzz Cut for Big Forehead and Round Face

If you’re looking for a low maintenance, minimalistic, short hairstyle, then a buzz cut would be an excellent choice for you. This haircut removes most of your natural hair leaving it sharp and well-trimmed at the front along with a defined hairline and fade on the sides.

This haircut is best suited for males dealing with growing baldness and hair loss. However, you can use an anti-aging cream if these problems are age-related.

  1. Caesar Cut

Caesar cut is no doubt the most outstanding hairstyle for males with big forehead and round face. It’s typically a relatively short, textured hairstyle with trimmed sides and a long top. This style is best suited for men with receding hairlines and fine tresses.

Caesar cut is truly versatile. You can use pomade to create an illusion of added volume and dimension.

  1. French Crop Haircut

French crop haircut is also known as a basic crop top. It’s one of the most stylish hairstyles for males with big foreheads and round face. To achieve this haircut, the hair should be short on the back and sides coupled with a nicely cropped fringe that’s brushed towards the forehead.

  1. Crew Cut

You’ll never go wrong with a classic crew cut regardless of the shape of your face. It’s slightly longer than a buzz cut. This low maintenance, clean cut features buzzed sides with short hair at the crown that you can style as you please. You might need a hair gel for ease of styling.

  1. Brushed Up

Brushed up hairstyle is best suited for men with big foreheads and round face with thick hair. This style creates an illusion of added volume while making the face appear elongated and the forehead smaller. A hair spray will come in handy as it helps give your natural hair a voluminous look.

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