How to Take Care of Curly Hair (White Girl Tips)

How to Take Care of Curly Hair (White Girl Tips)

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Most times, girls with curly hair are on the spotlight. Those with waves, spirals and coils will tell you that having curly hair is like a lifestyle commitment and not just a trait.

Curly hair is not quite different from straight hair. However, it comes with its fair share of needs that usually contract or expand depending on the curl pattern, porosity and the type of hair products used.

Curls can be difficult to control, unpredictable and unruly. Therefore, there are days that curly hair is much of a task that is anything but enviable. However, if you are a white girl and want to know how to take care of curly hair, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered.

In this article, we highlight some tips on how to take care of curly hair to keep it strong and healthy.

Curly hair can get dry, frizzy and coarse. Remember, there’s a fine line between good curly hair days and untamable curly hair. What are we talking about? An ideal hair care routine.

Using the right products is essential to taking care of curly hair. The products make managing the hair a lot easier.

You are at the right place if you are looking to get healthy, bouncy spirals. Let’s get straight into it!

How to Take Care of Curly Hair (for White Girls)

  1. Detangle your hair from the ends moving towards the roots

Detangle the hair from the ends to the roots instead of compounding them and yanking your way through. This way, you can detangle the knots easily.

Avoid using a brush for detangling. Instead, use a wide-toothed comb to protect your hair from damage. Remember, curly hair is fragile and the curls are potential breaking points. Therefore, be gentle when detangling.

  1. Choose the right hair products

Using the right hair products makes managing curly hair a lot easier. Always use a mild sulphate free shampoo like Herbal Essence to protect your hair from drying out and breaking.

Herbal Essence Sulphate Free Shampoo


For best results, dilute your shampoo and deep conditioner in water before applying them on your hair. This helps ensure you don’t use a lot of the product on the hair which is a great thing for your hair and pockets alike.

Avoid excessive shampooing as it tends to suck out the hair’s natural moisture. Also, use a hair conditioner that has natural ingredients to protect your hair and lock in moisture and nutrients.

  1. Avoid Brushing Curly Hair

Always use a wide-toothed comb like HYOUJIN to detangle your hair and run your fingers through it after washing.

HYOUJIN Wide Toothed Comb


Brushing curly hair can result in hair breakage and damage.

  1. Avoid heat styling options

Heat styling options can remove the texture of the curls and make them look lifeless and dull. If you must use heat styling options, use a diffuser and moderate heat. Also, use a heat protectant spray like Kenra to protect your curls.

Kenra Heat Protectant Spray


  1. Trim the Split Ends

Trim your hair once or twice after every four months to get rid of damaged hair and split ends. This will make your curls look strong and healthy.

White girls, now you know how to take care of curly hair.

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