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Round Faces

Korean Hairstyles for Round Faces



You don’t have to wonder about the best hairstyle for your face shape since there are many different ways to style your hair. You are at the right place if you are looking for Korean hairstyles for round faces. These hairstyles usually have a unique vibe and will make you look great especially if you choose the right hairdo to suit the shape of your face and hair texture.

Korean Hairstyles for Round Faces

Let’s run you through some of the coolest Korean hairstyles for round faces out there!

  1. Forward Swept Haircut with Edgy Bangs

If you are looking for a short Korean hairstyle with edgy vibes then this is your best bet. To achieve this hairstyle, ensure the edgy bangs fall over the forehead with the hair cut in layers and swept forward on all sides. This is also a good short haircut for black women with round faces.

  1. Short Bob Haircut

Bob cuts usually come in different variations and they all look great. If you are going for a unique, cool and clean look, then a short bob haircut would be an excellent choice. Let the layers curve into your face and fall on the sides.

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  1. Short Messy A-Line Bob

A short messy A-line bob is one of the best Korean hairstyles for round faces owing to its versatility. Plus, it’s easy to style and maintain.

  1. Chin-Length Bob Cut with Bangs

This bob cut variation almost resembles an A-line bob except it’s slightly longer. You can chop the front strands to beautiful bangs for that Asian vibe while the top part gives an illusion of a vague center part. This is a low maintenance haircut for women with round faces.

  1. Korean Hairstyle with Pigtails and Bangs

Korean hairstyle with bangs and pigtails will bring out your inner child as it makes you look youthful. This hairstyle is about forward swept short bangs and cute pigtails at the back.

  1. Short Bob Veil

Adjusting the length of the bangs will completely transform a bob haircut. This way, you can experiment with different styles to create a new look. With this hairstyle, you can create a dramatic side part and comb your hair forward at a specific angle, letting the long layers fall on your face to bring out the veil effect. Spritz your hair with a holding spray to keep the style in place.

  1. Middle Part Messy Hair with Grayish Blue Highlights

A middle part messy hairstyle is ideal for a night out. The grayish blue highlights match the winter mood, making it one of the best Korean hairstyles for round faces.

  1. Short Blunt Bob

A short blunt bob with face framing features and blunt ends will give you that Asian vibe you are going for with this hairstyle. It’s flicked inwards to create an illusion of an elongated face drawing attention away from your chubby cheeks.

  1. White Bob Cut

White hair is usually full of vitality.

  1. Mullet Hair

Mullet hairstyle involves short chopped hair on the sides and top with long hair at the back. For a more feminine effect, you can choose to highlight the longer strands with a hair color that complements your skin tone.

  1. Cute Curls

Get ready to embrace your natural curls and let them take center stage! This hairstyle is all about celebrating the bouncy, playful nature of your locks. With those lovely curls framing your round face, you’ll look absolutely adorable and ready to conquer the world.

  1. K-Pop Pixie

Are you ready to rock a bold and edgy look? The K-Pop Pixie is here to give you that extra oomph! With short, choppy layers that add a touch of spunk, this hairstyle is perfect for showcasing your confident and adventurous spirit. The side-swept fringe and textured layers create a stunning frame for your round face, making you look effortlessly cool and stylish. Get ready to slay the fashion game like a K-Pop superstar!

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  1. Romantic Waves

Indulge in the elegance and charm of romantic waves! This hairstyle is all about embracing your feminine side and creating a dreamy aura. With soft, flowing waves delicately framing your face, you’ll exude a sense of sophistication and grace. The waves also add a touch of length, beautifully balancing out your round face.

  1. Half-Up Bow

Let your inner Korean fashionista shine with the adorable half-up bow hairstyle! This playful look combines a half-up ponytail with a cute bow accessory, creating a sweet and youthful vibe. The bow draws attention to the top of your head, adding height and creating a flattering balance for your round face.

  1. Korean Bob

The Korean bob is a timeless classic that suits round faces like a match made in hair heaven. This chic and stylish cut features a chin-length bob with subtle layers, adding structure and definition to your features. The bob frames your face beautifully, creating the illusion of a slimmer and more elongated face shape.

  1. Fringe Flair

Bangs are your best friend when it comes to flattering a round face shape, and the fringe flair is here to prove it! Korean hairstyles often feature wispy, side-swept bangs that beautifully complement round faces. Whether you go for a full fringe or a softer side-swept look, bangs add a touch of flair and personality to your overall style.


Korean hairstyles are here to save the day and make you feel like the cutest K-drama character on the block! With a wide range of playful and trendy options, you can embrace your round face and rock the hairstyles that perfectly complement your features.

Whether you opt for the charming curls that bounce with joy or dare to go bold with the K-Pop pixie, there’s a hairstyle that will suit your fun-loving personality. Don’t forget to try the romantic waves for an elegant touch or the half-up bow to unleash your inner Korean fashionista. And of course, the classic Korean bob and fringe flair are always there to make you look effortlessly cool and chic.

Remember, the key is to have fun and experiment with different styles that make you feel confident and beautiful. Embrace your round face, celebrate your unique features, and let your hair do the talking. With these Korean-inspired hairstyles, you’ll turn heads wherever you go and radiate the charm and grace of a K-drama star.

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Round Faces

Braids for Women with Round, Chubby Faces




Braids for round, chubby faces accentuate your best facial features. As a result, you can rock them at any time and feel beautiful and comfortable.

There’s a perfect braided hairstyle for every face shape and round, chubby faces are no exception. Braided hairstyles are always trending. These hairstyles are extremely flattering, especially for those with round, chubby faces since they tend to focus on your best features rather than imperfections.

However, there is a challenge: finding the right braids to accentuate your facial features without any plumping effects. Don’t fret! We got you covered. Read on to find out the best braids hairstyles for round chubby faces

Braids Hairstyles for Round Chubby Faces

If you are looking for a good hairstyle for round, chubby faces, you are at the right place. Braids help you show off your personality and express yourself through unique hairstyles. What’s more, they come in many different variations. Therefore, there’s something for everyone.

When in doubt, always do braids. You can never go wrong with braided hairstyles regardless of the shape of your face.

Braids for Round Chubby Faces

For inspiration, here are some ideas of braids for round, chubby faces:

  1. Faux Bob Locs

This braided bob hairstyle is versatile. You can wear it in so many different styles depending on your moods and occasion.

  1. Cornrows

Cornrows will never go out of style. Moreover, they work remarkably well on round chubby faces. This is one of the best natural hairstyles for black round faces.

  1. Knotless Braids

Knotless braids are a huge trend right now. The braids for round chubby faces look beautiful effortlessly  and work with all face shapes. The braids come in different variations and colors and are versatile. Therefore, they can be worn anywhere and at any time, from formal to casual settings.

  1. Goddess Box Braids

Classic goddess box braids allow you to show off some curl definition without compromising style. The braids are also versatile.

  1. Feed-in Ponytail Braids

Feed-in ponytail braids are chic and on trend. The hairstyle creates an illusion of a slim and elongated face, as it draws attention away from chubby cheeks. You can accessorize this style with some cuffs to spice it up.

  1. Natural Braided Updo

A natural braided updo is best suited for special occasions like formal events and weddings.

  1. Side Swept Braids

Side swept braids is an excellent choice for those with round, chubby faces looking to maintain their curls and be creative at the same time. This braided hairstyle is quite simple and can be done in record time. Moreover, it’s easy to maintain!

  1. Lemonade Braids Ponytail

Lemonade braids ponytail hairstyle is beautiful and precise. It’s no doubt that it’s one of the best braids for round, chubby faces as it makes them appear slim and elongated.

  1. Half Up Half Down Feed-in Braids

The feed-in braiding technique is phenomenal. This braided hairstyle is an ideal way to incorporate braids and utilize different hair extensions.

  1. Double French Braids with Curly Extensions

This is by far one of the simplest braids for round chubby faces. The hairstyle is just like the regular French braids, except with curly hair extensions at the ends to add some length and volume.

Ladies with round chubby faces, the search is over! Braids are here to rescue you from bad hair days and give your appearance a chic upgrade. Not only are braids a fashion statement, but they also offer practical benefits, like low-maintenance styling and protection for your natural hair.

From cornrows to box braids, we’ve covered a variety of braids that flatter your facial structure and bring out your inner beauty. Say goodbye to the days of feeling insecure about your face shape because these braids will make you feel like the queen you are.

Rock those braids at work, at home, or on a night out with your friends. Don’t be surprised if you catch a few compliments and turn some heads. You’ll have everyone wondering how you look so effortlessly gorgeous.

So go ahead, girl, embrace those braids and your beautiful round chubby face. You deserve to feel confident and empowered in your own skin, and these braids will help you do just that.

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Round Faces

Bangs for Ladies with Round Faces and Big Foreheads




Bangs  take the focus off the roundness of your face to highlight your best features. If you are looking to minimize the appearance of your big forehead, make bangs your best friend.

Bangs come in different variations. Therefore, ensure you choose one that suits your face shape and hair texture. Keep reading to find out more about bangs for round face and big forehead.

Bangs for Round Face and Big Forehead

Shaking up old rules is more than okay especially when it comes to beauty. For the most part, people stick to the set guidelines when looking for the best hairstyles to flatter the shape of their faces. However, you shouldn’t be rigid with the rules because you can rock any haircut or style, regardless of your facial features.

Bangs for round faces and big forehead look different on everyone. Get out of your comfort zone and try out some of these recommendations

  1. Ruffled Bangs

You can create a layered and texture look with ruffled bangs on rough dry hair. Ruffled bangs are an excellent choice for ladies with round faces and big foreheads looking to try a short pixie cut.

  1. Side Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs reduce the appearance of a big forehead and look good on all face shapes, including round faces. The angle of the bangs add more length to your face to make it appear leaner. Moreover, the bangs are easy to maintain

  1. Piecey Bangs

If you are trying bangs for the first time, piecey bangs are your best bet. You can create a few parts on the fringe to make asymmetrical lines.

  1. Micro Bangs

Micro bangs with an edgy definition will draw attention off your face shape but help define it.

  1. Parted Bangs

Parted bangs at the center of your hair will divert attention away from your big forehead and the roundness of your face. This fringe style works well with updos.

  1. Layered Bangs

You can never go wrong with layered bangs since they help frame the face nicely.

  1. Extra Long Bangs

Extra-long bangs work well for ladies with round faces and big foreheads. Whether you purposely choose the length or the bangs are simply growing out, you will look great. Sweep the long bags to the side if you want to elongate the shape of your face.

  1. Braided Bangs

If you are looking for something trend, braided bangs are your best bet. For a more trendy approach, go for a chunky braid design.

  1. Bowl-Cut Bangs

Bowl-cut bangs help conceal your big forehead and frame your face without any plumping effects.

If you’ve been struggling to find the perfect hairstyle for your round face and big forehead, don’t fret – bangs are here to save the day! Whether you prefer a blunt cut or a soft, wispy style, bangs can work wonders in balancing out your facial features and giving you a fresh, new look.

Not only are bangs stylish and versatile, but they’re also low-maintenance and easy to style. So, whether you’re a busy mom on-the-go or a boss lady with a hectic schedule, you can rock your bangs with confidence and ease.

And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good hair transformation? With bangs for round faces and big foreheads, you can revamp your look and turn heads wherever you go. Whether you’re headed to work, a night out on the town, or simply running errands, your new bangs will have you feeling like a million bucks.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace your beautiful round face and big forehead and rock those bangs with confidence! Trust us, you won’t regret it.

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Round Faces

Natural Hairstyles for Black Ladies with Round Faces




Round faces are usually the same in length and width. These faces lack prominent corners or angles.

Round faces are usually perceived as youthful. Therefore, you can try out different hairstyles with this face as they will make you look younger. When looking for the best natural hairstyles for black ladies with round faces, go for those styles that tend to elongate the face to make it look slimmer.

Best Hairstyles for Black Women with Round Faces

Choosing the right hairstyle to suit your face shape is not a walk in the park. However, neither is it rocket science. You need to consider things like hair texture, length and the shape of your face before settling on any style. Different people can sport different hairstyles. However, there are those particular ones that suit you, and that’s what you need to figure out.

The best natural hairstyles for black ladies with round faces reduce the roundness of the face and make it look slimmer. This, in turn, highlight your facial features, especially the eyes. If you have a round face, avoid hairstyles that end above or right at the chin line, and those that tend to draw attention to the cheek area. Instead, go for bold and side swept bangs.

Natural hairstyles for black round faces should help shorten the width of the face visually and trick the eyes into believing you have a narrower face. Short hair, if styled and parted correctly, flatters round shaped faces well. Therefore, black ladies with round faces can never go wrong with short hairstyles and cuts.

Deeper side parts also create more angles on black round faces. If you are daring, try out a short pixie cut with more volume at the top. Alternatively, pull up your natural hair to a high ponytail as it helps elongate the face.

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women with Round Faces

Take you style inspo from these magnificent ideas of natural hairstyles for black round faces:

1. Short Angled Bob

A cute and sassy style that sits just above the shoulders, featuring a slight angle to frame the face perfectly.

2. Short Natural Hairstyle with Buns

A playful yet stylish look that involves creating two small buns on either side of the head, perfect for a fun day out with friends.

3. Two Strand Flat Twist Updo

A chic updo style that involves twisting the hair into two-strand flat twists to create a stunning look that is perfect for a formal event.

4. Long Black Silky Straight Hair in a Ponytail

A sleek and elegant look that involves pulling back the hair into a ponytail that cascades down the back, perfect for a night out on the town.

5. Wavy Blunt Bob

A chic and modern style that features a blunt cut bob with soft waves to add a touch of elegance.

6. Mohawk Updo for Short Natural Hair

A bold and edgy style that involves creating a mohawk with short natural hair, perfect for those who love to stand out from the crowd.

7. Medium Shag

A fun and flirty style that involves a layered shag cut that adds volume and texture to the hair, perfect for a casual day out.

8. Half Up Half Down Natural Hairstyle

A versatile and trendy style that involves pulling the top half of the hair back into a bun or ponytail while leaving the rest of the hair down, perfect for any occasion.

9. Prom Undo with Chunky Twists

A gorgeous updo style that involves chunky twists that are pulled back and pinned up into an elegant undo, perfect for a special occasion.

10. Inverted Sleek Bob

A stylish and sleek look that features an inverted bob cut with the hair sleekly styled, perfect for those who want a sophisticated and polished look.

11. Pastel Pink Wavy Lob

This sweet and flirty look is perfect for black women with round faces who want to add a touch of color to their hair. The wavy lob is a low-maintenance style that is easy to style and looks great with any outfit.

12. Straight Tapered Black Pixie

This edgy and sophisticated style is perfect for black women who want to show off their natural beauty. The tapered sides and back add a modern twist to the classic pixie cut, while the straight texture gives it a sleek and polished look.

13. Side Swept Short Bob Hairstyle

This versatile style is perfect for black women with round faces who want to keep their hair short and simple. The side-swept bob is a classic look that can be dressed up or down, and the short length helps to frame the face and draw attention to the cheekbones.

14. Simple Center Parted Natural Wavy Hairstyle

This laid-back style is perfect for black women who want to embrace their natural texture. The center part adds symmetry to the face, while the loose waves give the hair volume and movement.

15. Centre Parted Bob with Headband

This cute and stylish look is perfect for black women with round faces who want to add some flair to their short hair. The center part adds structure to the face, while the headband adds a pop of color and personality.

16. Long Curly Half Up Hairstyle for Thick Natural Hair

This fun and flirty style is perfect for black women with thick, curly hair. The half-up style keeps the hair out of the face while the long curls add volume and movement.

17. Wet Side Parted Straight Hairstyle

This sleek and sexy style is perfect for black women who want to show off their natural beauty. The wet look adds shine and texture, while the side part adds a touch of elegance.

18. Afro Puff

This classic style is perfect for black women who want to embrace their natural texture. The afro puff is a fun and playful look that adds volume and height to the hair

19. Tweeny Weeny Afro with Curls

This short and sweet style is perfect for black women who want to keep their hair low-maintenance. The teeny weeny afro adds texture and volume to the hair, while the curls add movement and dimension.

20. Curly Red Bob

This bold and beautiful style is perfect for black women who want to make a statement. The curly red bob is a head-turning look that adds color, texture, and personality to any outfit.

21. Short Curled Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

This style features a short cut with bouncy curls and a side-swept fringe that adds a touch of elegance to your look. It’s perfect for those with round faces who want to show off their natural curls.

22. Buzzed Haircut with a Side Part

A buzz cut is a daring and stylish look that can be tailored to suit any face shape. This style adds a touch of edginess by incorporating a side part that creates a cool and unique look.

23. Short Natural Haircut with Etched Designs

This style features a short natural cut that’s jazzed up with intricate etched designs on the sides. It’s perfect for those who want to add a touch of creativity and flair to their natural hair.

24. Mohawk with Curls

This style combines the classic mohawk with soft, bouncy curls. The sides are shaved, while the top is left longer to create a voluminous look. It’s perfect for those who want to make a statement with their hairstyle.

25. Tight Ringlets with Shaved Sides

This style features tight ringlets on top that add volume and texture to your hair. The sides are shaved, which creates a bold contrast between the length on top and the shaved sides. It’s perfect for those who want to show off their curls while keeping a modern edge.


There are many natural hairstyles for black women with round faces to choose from. From short and sassy to long and curly, there’s a style to suit every taste and personality. Whether you prefer an angled bob, a Mohawk with curls, or a simple center-parted natural wavy hairstyle, the options are endless. With a little creativity and experimentation, you can find the perfect natural hairstyle to complement your face shape and enhance your natural beauty.

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