15 Kids Natural Hairstyles to Try

15 Kids Natural Hairstyles to Try

Let’s talk about kids natural hairstyles! We see plenty of kids hairstyles over the years that aim at giving them a fresh look with a touch of elegance and style. Some of these hairstyle trends are usually new variations of the old ones while others are entirely new.

Natural hair, regardless of the length, is quite advantageous as it offers endless styling options. Some of these styles include buns, care free afros, cornrows, puffs, bantu knots, strand twists and sleek back ponytails among others. Working with the little one’s natural hair is a breeze especially if she’s tender headed and braiding isn’t an option. Kids also need to look trendy especially on days that the lazy ponytail doesn’t just cut it.

Kids natural hairstyles will keep them neat, cute and are equally age appropriate. Natural hairstyles for the little ones are not only cute but also an added bonus to their cute little faces. A kid’s outfit is not complete with an untidy and unkempt hair no matter how expensive it looks. You only need to have good taste to choose the perfect hairstyle for the kid.

If you want your little girl to step out in style with her natural hair all dolled up, then you are at the right place. We got you covered! There are so many adorable kids natural hairstyles that both you and the little one will absolutely love. Some of these styles are quite simple and effective as they only take a minute or two while others are involving and would need a professional.

Let’s get right into it!

Kids Natural Hairstyles to Try

Here’s a round-up of some of the best kids natural hairstyles to try that can make a statement. The photos will give you an insight onto the trending natural hairstyles for kids.

1) 2 Strand Twists

2) Mohawk

3) 2 Puffs with Bows

4) Sleeked High Bun

5) High Puff

6) Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

7) 3 Parted High Buns

8) Sectioned Ponytail Braid Out

9) 2 Sleeked Ponytails

10) 2 Side Buns

11) Triangle Part Braids with Beads

12) Long Triangle Part Braids with Beads

13) Afro

14) Bantu Knots


15) High Bun with Love Heart Design

Check out Neriah Leah Black Curly Princess heybambino_ and Krich for detailed step by step videos of these hairstyles and more.


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