25 Heart Braid Hairstyles for Black Women

heart braid hairstyle

Just as the name suggests, heart braid hairstyles feature a heart shape design. The heart braid design otherwise known as the heart braids is usually incorporated in a range of styles such as lemonade braids and cornrows among others. The most common method that professional stylists used when doing heart braids is the stitch braiding technique.

You can do the heart braid hairstyle on the sides, middle or back of the head. Most stylists usually opt for the criss cross design and incorporate the heart braid design to create intricate patterns which we must admit is typically a work of art.

For the most part, we are always fighting the urge to start some of these braided hairstyles blog posts with a catchy line like – one thing you should know about professional black braiders or black braiders at it again. This is because people don’t talk about the artistry input that usually goes into the braided hairstyle designs as much as they should. We digress.

Heart Braid Hairstyles for Black Women

For heart braid hairstyle just like other braided hairstyles designs you’ll need:

  1. Prestretched braiding hair
  2. Shine n jam
  3. A rat tail comb

Techniques Used in Doing the Heart Braid Hairstyle Design

Before you start braiding the hair, you need to first figure out the exact position of the heart braid design. Whether you are going to put it in the middle of the head, at the back or on the sides.

Use the rat tail comb to outline after figuring out where you want the heart shape design on your head. For instance, if you are going to place the heart shape design on the side, place the rat tail comb in the middle of your client’s eyebrows to get a rough idea of the outline. After which you can part the blow dried or straightened hair to a letter C shape.

The first part should be in a rounded C shape while the next one goes down right to where your ear starts. You should see the heart shape form at this point.

A bigger heart shape tends to pop more which makes it look better since the curve is pronounced. You can now apply shine n jam on the sectioned heart form design and use the rat tail comb to go over the spot again. This will not only give you a proper hold but also makes neat and clean parts.

The part of the heart shape design on the hairline should create a point naturally. This is quite the opposite of the other one where you can easily achieve a define point when you carefully part a rounder C shape.

Twist the natural hair in the middle of the heart shape design ensuring you create a perfect heart braid hairstyle design.

Part your hair down at the center if you are satisfied with your heart shape design creation then apply sine n jam oil to the section as well. This should give you two different but even halves of the heart design when done correctly.

Start by working on the outer most half of the two sectioned parts once you pin the other half of the heart design. To work on the part of heart with a curve, section your hair diagonally beginning from the outermost part of that particular side. Ensure you don’t part the hair diagonally far down.

At this point, you can now braid the heart shape design starting from the corner inside as you move along upwards. Keep braiding moving upwards until you reach the end of the diagonal part depending on the stitch braiding technique you use.

Connect the braiding hair to that at the bottom to make a curve at the end of the diagonal part. The curve will form naturally if you part your hair properly. The idea is to carefully switch your hand direction as you braid.

Start feeding in the braiding hair right after connecting the diagonal part to the bottom hair. Always remember to use tiny bits of the braiding hair to prevent the heart shape design from appearing too bulky.

Repeat the same process for the other half that you had pinned earlier. It’s also important to ensure that the sections of hair you parted diagonally line up at the center.

When you are done braiding the heart, use a needle and thread to connect them. However, instead of sewing them together you can also choose to braid them.


Doing Heart Shape Design Knotless Braids

Heart part knotless braids is currently the trendiest braided hairstyle design. It features different heart shape designs braided to an individual box braid. The stylist uses the knotless braiding technique for this heart braid hairstyle.


Heart Braid Hairstyle Ideas for Black Women

There are different heart braid hairstyle ideas for black women. Besides, all these heart braid hairstyles are usually a work of art. Don’t fret, we have done the leg work for you!

Here’s a round-up of different heart braid hairstyle ideas for black women that you should try especially now that you know how to go about doing them. Let’s dive right in!

1. Cornrow Heart Braids


2. Double Heart Cornrow Braids


3. Stitch Heart Braids


4. Stitch Heart Criss Cross Braids


5. Burgundy Heart Design Cornrow Braids


6. Burgundy Heart Cornrows


7. Stitch Heart Braids with a Heart Shape Design


8. Stitch Straight Back Heart Braids


9. Heart Braids Cornrows


10. Double Heart Cornrow Braids


11. Burgundy Heart Braid Cornrows


12. Criss Cross Heart Cornrow


13. Middle Part Heart Braids


14. Cornrow Heart Braids


15. Knotless Heart Braids


16. Jumbo Knotless Heart Braids


17. Two Heart Braids in Cornrows

18. Stitch Cornrows with a Heart Braid Design


19. Cornrow Heart Braids with Curls


20. Two Bun Cornrow Heart Braids


21. Lemonade Heart Braids


22. Queen of Hearts Knotless Braids


23. Knotless Heart Braids


24. Long Knotless Heart Braids with Beads


25. Jumbo Knotless Braids with a Heart Design


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