How to Maintain Finger Waves at Night

How to Maintain Finger Waves at Night

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If you are looking for a different way to style your hair, finger waves is the way to go. This is one of the best ways to achieve a chic yet classy and elegant look without using heat styling techniques or products.

The best thing about finger waves is that it’s a low maintenance hairstyle. You can create this style with a strong holding gel or mousse, a rat tail comb and your fingers.

But, how do you maintain finger waves especially at night?

Read on to find out.

Most people love the idea of finger waves. However, they tend to worry when it comes to maintaining the style, especially when going to bed. The good news is that finger waves is one of the easiest hairstyle to maintain. Moreover, with proper maintenance, finger waves can last for a considerable time.

Below, we’ll guide you on how to maintain finger waves at night.

How to Maintain Finger Waves at Night

A great hairspray and hair gel will do the magic when it comes to maintaining finger waves. The spray not only gives your hair a silky finish but also makes it look vibrant and shiny.

When going to bed, wrap your hair with a silk scarf or wear a bonnet to prevent frizz and seal in the moisture and nutrients, all while maintaining the style. It’s as simple as that!

Moreover, wrapping your hair in a silk scarf will help you sleep comfortably without messing your finger waves. This way, you can apply the holding spray once you take it off and you are good to go.

Just like any hairstyle, finger waves can last up to five days depending on your maintenance and care routine. The trick is to use a workable spray to gently spray on the waves to make them last longer. Press the waves in between your fingers while spraying your hairspray to keep the waves securely in place.

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