Stitch Braids Hairstyles

Stitch Braids Hairstyles

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This article features everything you need to know about stitch braids hairstyles. It’s basically stitch braids 101. Those who love braided hairstyles know that there are a variety of ways, techniques and styles of doing them to come up with a piece of art. Black hairstyles do not shy from experimenting different designs ranging from using a mixture of braiding hair to achieve the faux locs texture to make them stand out and last longer.

Black hairstylists are known to outdo themselves when it comes to braiding and braided hairstyles. Let’s talk about stitch braids. This article will give you a detailed overview of stitch braids, how to do them and also give you some maintenance tips. We’ll also feature other details such as tutorials on how to do different stitch braids, stitch braids results and the cost of doing stitch braids.

Stitch Braids Hairstyles

Stitch braids hairstyles is a protective style and requires very little to no maintenance. Plus, you can wear stitch braids up to seven weeks and are equally versatile. You can try out different hair accessorizes like strings and beads to make them pop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Stitch Braids Hurt?

Stitch braids require lots of tugging and pulling on both the scalp and hair. The braids also need to be fairly tight to achieve sharp crispness. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the braids should be uncomfortable even when they are tight. The pain can be a little intense for those with sensitive scalp.

What are Stitch Braids?

It’s one of the most famous braided hairstyles that’s usually achieved by using the stitch feed in braiding technique. The hair is usually sectioned to thick and thin horizontal lines. The stylist then braids the horizontal lines to a cornrow feeding in the braiding hair gradually as they move along.

How Long Do Stitch Braids Last?

You can stitch braids in for a maximum of up to 7 weeks. However, this always depends with the texture of your hair since they usually unravel quite fast on curly hair.

What’s the Difference Between Stitch Braids and Feed in Braids?

The stylist usually uses the middle and index finger and shine n jam to achieve the look in regular feed in braids. Stitch braids, on the other hand, require the use of the nail and pinky finger to create the lines and stitches and other hair products to help keep the stitches securely in place.

How do I Maintain Stitch Braids?

Clean your scalp regularly using a piece of cloth and dry shampoo then spray an anti-itch spray after applying anti-itch oil. You can also wrap your hair in a silk scarf or wear a satin bonnet when going to bed.

What’s the Cost of Doing Stitch Braids?

The cost of doing stitch braids is between $80 to $150 depending on a couple of factors including your desired length, complexity and size.

How to do Stitch Braids – Products Used and the Preparation Process

You can do stitch braids in two different methods:

  • The rubber band method
  • The no rubber band method

The hair should be cleaned, blow dried, straightened or stretched then sectioned in both braiding techniques.

You’ll need other hair products like mousse and shine n jam to give you a proper hold and make the hair appear neat while giving it a smooth and silky appearance.

A Tutorial on How to do Stitch Braids Using the Rubber Band Method

For this braiding technique, you’ll use rubber bands to hold the horizontally sectioned hair together before you start to braid them to a cornrow.

 A Tutorial on How to do Stitch Braids Using the No Rubber Band Method

In this method, the stylist will use shine n jam conditioning gel to sleek down the hair and a combination of a rat tail comb and nails or fingers to part the horizontal sections as they braid.

Criss Cross Stitch Braids

Criss cross stitch braids are also known as infinity stitch braids. Currently, they are the trendiest braided hairstyle since it’s easy to achieve the look.

Different Stitch Braids Hairstyles

The stitch in braiding technique mostly used in doing cornrows. Plus, there are different stitch braids variations including goddess stitch braids, ponytail stitch braids and bun stitch braids.

  1. Cornrow Stitch Braids

Cornrow stitch braids are also known as cornrows usually braided to straight backs. Some stylists use different line designs such as heart shapes, zigzag lines and criss cross designs to braid the hair.

Cornrow Stitch Braids

This trendy and versatile hairstyle features neatly woven cornrows with the addition of stitch braids, creating a unique and eye-catching look. The stitches add texture and depth to the traditional cornrow style.

Sleek and Chic

Cornrow Stitch Braids offer a sleek and polished appearance. The braids are tightly woven against the scalp, creating a clean and sophisticated look that is perfect for any occasion.

Creative Patterns

With Cornrow Stitch Braids, you have endless possibilities for creating intricate and creative patterns. From geometric designs to zig-zags and swirls, these braids allow you to showcase your personal style and artistic flair.

Versatile Styling Options

Cornrow Stitch Braids can be styled in various ways, giving you versatility and flexibility. You can wear them in a high ponytail, a bun, or let them flow freely for a captivating and effortless look.

Protective Style

Cornrow Stitch Braids not only look stylish but also serve as a protective hairstyle. The braids keep your natural hair neatly tucked away, reducing manipulation and preventing breakage, making it an excellent option for promoting hair growth and maintaining healthy strands.


Once installed, Cornrow Stitch Braids require minimal maintenance. You can easily maintain them by moisturizing your scalp, keeping your edges sleek, and tying them with a satin scarf or bonnet at night for a fresh and long-lasting look.


Expressive and Bold

Cornrow Stitch Braids allow you to express your individuality and make a bold fashion statement. Whether you choose thin and delicate stitches or thicker, more pronounced ones, these braids are sure to make heads turn and showcase your unique style.


Textured Elegance

The combination of cornrows and stitch braids adds a touch of texture to your hairstyle. The braids create dimension and depth, giving your overall look an elegant and stylish appeal.


Youthful Charm

Cornrow Stitch Braids have a youthful charm that can instantly make you feel playful and carefree. The intricate braiding technique adds a touch of fun and excitement to your hairstyle, making it a popular choice among people of all ages.


Natural Hair Protection

One of the key benefits of Cornrow Stitch Braids is their ability to protect your natural hair. By keeping your strands neatly braided and tucked away, you can shield them from environmental damage and promote healthy hair growth.


Effortless Glam

The neat and well-defined lines of Cornrow Stitch Braids give off an effortless glam vibe. This hairstyle requires minimal effort to maintain its sleek appearance, allowing you to effortlessly exude confidence and style.


Trendsetting Appeal

Cornrow Stitch Braids have gained popularity as a trendy and fashionable hairstyle. By rocking these braids, you can stay ahead of the fashion curve and showcase your keen sense of style to the world.


Celestial Inspiration

With their intricate patterns and designs, Cornrow Stitch Braids can resemble constellations or celestial formations. This celestial inspiration adds a touch of mystique and allure to your hairstyle, making you feel like a star.


Cultural Heritage

Cornrow Stitch Braids have deep cultural roots and are often associated with African and African-American heritage. By embracing this hairstyle, you can celebrate and honor the rich history and traditions of these communities.


Versatile Styling Options

Cornrow Stitch Braids offer endless styling possibilities. You can experiment with different updos, ponytails, or half-up, half-down styles to create a variety of looks that suit any occasion or mood.


Protective Hairstyle

With Cornrow Stitch Braids, you can protect your natural hair from everyday styling, heat, and manipulation. These braids keep your strands tucked away, reducing the risk of breakage and promoting healthier hair growth.

Edgy and Chic

Cornrow Stitch Braids exude an edgy and chic vibe that adds an element of coolness to your overall look. The combination of cornrows and stitch braids creates a modern and trendy aesthetic that stands out from the crowd.

Low-Maintenance Glam

Despite their intricate appearance, Cornrow Stitch Braids are surprisingly low-maintenance. Once installed, they can last for weeks with proper care, allowing you to wake up with effortlessly glamorous hair every day.

Vacation-Ready Style

If you’re planning a beach getaway or tropical vacation, Cornrow Stitch Braids are the perfect hairstyle choice. They are swim-friendly, low-fuss, and can withstand the sun, sand, and water while still looking fabulous.


Head-Turning Designs

Cornrow Stitch Braids can be customized with various patterns and designs. From geometric shapes to intricate tribal-inspired motifs, these braids can turn heads and become a conversation starter wherever you go.


Empowering Expression

Rocking Cornrow Stitch Braids is a form of self-expression and empowerment. These braids celebrate and embrace the beauty of natural hair and cultural diversity, allowing you to embrace your individuality and showcase your unique style.

  1. Bun Stitch Braids

Bun stitch braids are usually tied neatly to a bun after braiding. There are different variations of this style such as half up half down stitch braids and box stitch braids.

Bouncy Bun Magic

Get ready to add some bounce to your style with Bun Stitch Braids! These braids bring the fun and playfulness of a bun hairstyle while still maintaining a trendy and chic look.

Twisted Elegance

Bun Stitch Braids combine the sophistication of a bun with the intricate twists of braids. The result? A hairstyle that oozes elegance and charm while still showcasing your playful side.

Crown of Creativity

Elevate your style game with a crown-like bun created with Stitch Braids. This hairstyle is a surefire way to turn heads and make a statement wherever you go. Who needs an actual crown when you can have a regal bun?

Versatile Updo

Bun Stitch Braids offer versatility like no other hairstyle. You can rock a high bun, a low bun, a side bun, or even a double bun – the choice is yours! Let your imagination run wild and experiment with different bun variations.

Bun-tastic Protection

Looking for a protective hairstyle that doesn’t compromise on style? Look no further than Bun Stitch Braids. These braids keep your natural hair tucked away, safeguarding it from daily wear and tear while still keeping you on-trend.

Ready for Any Occasion

Whether you’re heading to a casual hangout, a formal event, or a dance party, Bun Stitch Braids have got you covered. This hairstyle effortlessly transitions from day to night, ensuring you’re always ready to slay any occasion with your bun-tastic look.

Trendy and Timeless

Bun Stitch Braids are the epitome of a timeless trend. This hairstyle has been rocked by fashionistas for years and continues to be a go-to choice for those who want to stay on-trend. Embrace the fusion of traditional braids and a trendy bun for a hairstyle that stands the test of time.

Bun with an Edge

Take your bun to the next level with Bun Stitch Braids. The precise and intricate braiding technique adds an edgy and bold element to your hairstyle, allowing you to express your unique personality and showcase your individuality.

Bun Bliss for Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, Bun Stitch Braids offer a fantastic way to tame and manage your curls while still embracing their natural beauty. The braids provide structure and definition to your curls, resulting in a gorgeous bun that celebrates your curly hair texture.

Bun-sational Versatility

Bun Stitch Braids offer endless versatility when it comes to styling. You can accessorize your bun with hairpins, scarves, or flowers for a personalized touch. Additionally, you can experiment with different bun sizes and shapes to create a look that suits your mood and occasion.

Bold and Beautiful Bun

Make a bold statement with a Bun Stitch Braid hairstyle. The combination of intricate braids and a striking bun creates a head-turning look that exudes confidence and self-expression. Stand out from the crowd and rock a bun that is as bold as you are.


  1. Ponytail Stitch Braids

In this style, the stitch braids are secured in a ponytail at the top of the head after braiding.

Watch the compilation video below for various stitch braids hairstyles for inspiration.


Chic and Sleek

Ponytail Stitch Braids offer a chic and sleek hairstyle option that is perfect for any occasion. The braided base adds texture and visual interest, while the ponytail elevates the look with a touch of sophistication.

Effortlessly Stylish

Achieve an effortlessly stylish look with Ponytail Stitch Braids. This hairstyle combines the practicality of a ponytail with the intricate detailing of stitched braids, resulting in a look that is both fashionable and easy to maintain.

Versatile and Dynamic

Ponytail Stitch Braids offer versatility and dynamism to your hairstyle repertoire. You can experiment with different ponytail heights, positions, and styles to create a unique and personalized look that suits your mood and personality.

Braided Elegance

Elevate your ponytail game with Ponytail Stitch Braids, adding an element of elegance to your overall look. The neatly stitched braids provide a refined and polished touch, making this hairstyle suitable for more formal or special occasions.

Playful and Youthful

Ponytail Stitch Braids bring a playful and youthful vibe to your hairstyle choices. The combination of the sporty ponytail and intricate braids adds a fun and carefree element, making it an ideal choice for those who want to express their energetic and youthful spirit.

Dynamic Texture

Embrace the dynamic texture that Ponytail Stitch Braids provide. The juxtaposition of the smooth and sleek ponytail with the textured and woven braids creates a visually captivating look that adds dimension and interest to your hairstyle.

Effortless Elegance

Ponytail Stitch Braids effortlessly blend elegance and simplicity. This hairstyle allows you to achieve an elegant and put-together look with minimal effort. The stitched braids add an element of detail and sophistication, instantly elevating the overall aesthetic.

Bold and Confident

Make a bold statement with Ponytail Stitch Braids. The combination of the sleek ponytail and intricate braids exudes confidence and self-assurance. Stand out from the crowd and rock a hairstyle that showcases your bold and fearless personality.



Stitch braids offer a versatile and stylish option for those looking to elevate their hairstyle game. Whether you’re aiming for a chic and sleek look, a playful and youthful vibe, or an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic, Stitch braids deliver. With their dynamic texture and effortless elegance, these braided hairstyles are a go-to choice for any occasion.

Embrace the beauty and intricacy of stitched braids, and let your hair take center stage with confidence and flair. Wear stitch braids, and discover a hairstyle that combines fashion, versatility, and a touch of your unique personality.

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