Lady Gaga Hairstyles

Lady Gaga Hairstyles

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Who doesn’t know Lady Gaga and her unusual styles? Lady Gaga is a pop singer known to dress up in the most bizarre of costumes. These costumes are well beyond any normal individual’s wildest imagination. Lady Gaga’s makeup, costumes and hairstyles together form quite a distinctive aesthetic that the pop singer tends to exude. The best thing about her style is that she doesn’t repeat any of them!

Lady Gaga usually wears and innovates something new for every occasion. Her style is quite unique which is no doubt synonymous to personality. However, in this article we’ll look at the most famous Lady Gaga hairstyles.

Lady Gaga Hairstyles

If you are going for a wild night party or are looking to try out a quirky theme, then you can draw inspiration from some of these Lady Gaga hairstyles. Let’s dive right in!

  1. Blonde Bob

For a casual look, you can go for a short blonde bob and enhance the style with glitter sequencing right above the brows.

  1. Concave Bob

You can style your short edgy blonde bob in concave design. Go for flicked black eyes and red lips to accentuate your look and put it all together to give it a different feel.

  1. Top Bun

If you are going for a quirky yet distinct feel, then a top bun is a great option.

  1. Huge Platinum Tresses

It’s is one of the most chaotic of Lady Gaga hairstyles. A combination of smooth tresses and platinum dreadlocks puts this look together.

  1. Silky Platinum Ponytail Bun

The ponytail strikes a perfect balance between a bun and a pony. The knotted pony is turned to a tiny chignon bun at the back.

  1. White Waves

If you are going for a serene and sober look, then white waves would be an excellent alternative.

  1. Blunt Bob with a Fringe

You can wear this hairstyle with round glasses paired with a white pleated suit for an edgy appeal.

  1. Half Head

The pop singer exudes grace in this costume that covers half the head. The platinum wavy hair helps enhance this whimsical style. It’s one of the best Lady Gaga hairstyles.

  1. Golden Flair

You can enhance this wavy hairdo with beaded costume with glitters.

  1. Dreadlocks

These dreadlocks offer a significant amount of fervor to the entire style. The hairstyle blends perfectly well with the attire and unique neckpiece.

  1. Sleek Hairdo

The white hues along with the subtle waves gives this hairstyle a quirky essence. You can enhance this style with a dull makeup.

  1. Even Bob with a Fringe

Wearing a conventional even fringed bob is quite easy for someone who is known to rock unusual styles. You can add a headgear for a touch of essence.

13. Ruffled Big Curls

If you are going for a mystic and wild fervor, then ruffled big curls is your best bet. The net covers the eyes along with the untamed curls bring out this look.

  1. Big Messy Brown Volumized Hairdo

This hairstyle looks disheveled and untidy in equal measure. The big messy brown volumized hairdo features long dry tangled wavy tresses.

  1. Mad Hatter

If you are going for a mystique appeal, then this choppy layered hairstyle is an excellent choice. You can throw in a large hat to enhance the look.

  1. Wavy

This Lady Gaga hairstyle exudes an elite persona albeit quirky. It consists of sharper bent edges that gives it a unique feel, while the black hat adds a ladylike essence.

  1. Long Rapunzel Layers

You can style the long Rapunzel layers sideways. This hairstyle possesses eccentric peculiarity. Plus, you can take this look a notch higher by wearing some edgy shades.

  1. Big Voluminous Curls

The big voluminous bob with curls and grayish hues brings out a wild unkempt vibe.

  1. Stubborn Pixie

You can try out this stubborn pixie if you are going for a masculine vibe.

  1. Dual Hues

You can try out this dual hues waves in black and white.

  1. Lid Open

This Lady Gaga hairstyle looks like an open lid with a cap placed half way sideways on the head on a trimmed pixie.

  1. Green Fringe

This green fringe hairstyle can bring out your alter ego and make you look like some sort of punk star.

  1. Blue Fringe Blunt Bob

Lady Gaga can pull off almost any style and this blue fringe blunt bob isn’t an exception. This hairdo gives off perky and stylish vibes.

  1. Veiled Ego

The dual-colored hairdo and the veil represent a mix of different styles and cultures.

  1. Black and White

The black and white long waves paired with black round shades give rock star vibes.

  1. Pink High Ponytail

If you are going for a punk appeal, then this pink high ponytail is your best bet.

  1. Pink Bob

Pink bob hairstyle with a net clip completes this Lady Gaga’s onstage cosplay look.

  1. Wavy Edges

Wavy edges is one of Lady Gaga’s signature styles. The entire costume along with the shoes and hair accessories is made with meat and flesh which means the style is hard to try.

  1. Big Voluminous Ponytail

This big voluminous ponytail brings out a Hollywood glamour style of yesteryears.

  1. Bright Yellow

The purples and yellows tend to splash a blend of synchronized style for this pop star singer.

  1. Short Platinum Bob

This short platinum bob with wavy edges offers a masculine appeal. You can enhance this look with bold red lips.

  1. Bandana

This bandana hairstyle exudes Rambo style. The short layered blonde pixie, on the other hand, give a punk and stylish essence.

  1. Sleek Ironed Out

This Lady Gaga Hairstyle offers a rock star version especially when paired with leather attire. The layered edges enhance the look.

  1. Pearled Shell

The white hat complements the face as its embellished with pearls bringing out an unusual feel. The shell and the pearl inspired attire together with the shoulder-length hairstyle tells another story.

  1. Deep Yellow Flair

It’s one of the best Lady Gaga hairstyles. It’s a galactic style since the attire represents the galaxy, yellow the sun and the shimmery glitters the stars.

  1. Glitter and White Hair

The long white hair with glitters speaks of dazzle and jazz.

  1. Overshadowed

The hair accessory is a unique detail to this curvy blonde bob hairstyle.

  1. Bow Bun

If you are looking to give your hairstyle a touch of perkiness and distinct appeal, then a bow shaped bun is the way to go.

  1. Long Blonde Wavy Flair

This wavy and stylish style is one of the most iconic Lady Gaga hairstyles. It features a chic updo and layered bangs on top.

  1. Side Curls

This unique Lady Gaga hairstyle exudes onstage cosplay and edginess.

  1. Wild Platinum

This hairstyle exudes a somewhat chaotic zeal with an unkempt essence.

  1. Precise Edged

This bob haircut is characterized by a geometric shape irregularly cut. It’s well-defined owing to the razor shape cuts.

  1. Netted

This is one of the most peculiar and unusual Lady Gaga hairstyles since she covers the whole face.

  1. Bump Layered

This hairstyle will give you a punk fervor with bump layers at the top with a subtle, chic feel.

  1. Perky Bangs

The blunt bob with round glasses and long strands highlights this hairdo’s jazzy appeal.

  1. Sleek Straight Blunt Bob Haircut

This sleek straight blunt bob hairstyle is elegant and equally trendy. It’s a gracious yet edgy Lady Gaga hairstyle.

  1. Head Banged

This hairstyle is effortlessly edgy.

  1. Feather Crust

This Lady Gaga hairstyle brings out a vintage vibe. It’s typically a blend of two different unusual styles.

  1. Pink Blonde Bob

This pink blonde bob hairstyle tells a different story.


Lady Gaga is known to try out different unusual styles from hair to costumes. The best thing about her style is that she never repeats any of them. For the most part, Lady Gaga hairstyles usually exude quirkiness and are equally popular. She loves giving distinct aesthetics a try ever since she came to the limelight.

You can try out some of the most popular Lady Gaga hairstyles including fringed blunt bob, concave bob, blonde bob, white waves and top bun among others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lady Gaga’s natural hair?

The pop star singer is a brunette although she prefers wearing blonde wigs.

Is Lady Gaga’s blonde hair a wig?

Not sure since Lady Gaga loves trying out different styles.

Did Lady Gaga wear a wig in AHS?

Some people believe that Lady Gaga dyed her natural hair blonde and also rocked blonde wigs to bring out her character in AHS.

Who is Lady Gaga’s stylist?

Frederic Aspiras, the famous wigmaker and stylist is Lady Gaga’s hairstylist.

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