How to Remove Butterfly Locs without Cutting

How to Remove Butterfly Locs without Cutting

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A fresh creative spin on box braids, this protective hairdo is akin to another fake locs appearance, distressed locs.

Butterfly locs obtain their particular appearance via its technique of development, which comprises curling loops that give the style its unique, bohemian beauty.

A more disheveled, ‘undone’ appearance than other fake loc styles, butterfly braids make it simple to obtain a natural-looking, lightweight style without placing too much stress and strain on your natural hair and scalp.

When it comes to maintaining your hairstyle and keeping your scalp healthy, it’s essential. This style is low-maintenance, so all it takes to keep your butterfly locs looking perfect is a weekly refresh and a little oiling of the scalp.

You may remove butterfly locs quickly and easily depending on the technique of installation you chose. Your search ends here. If your butterfly locs were put utilizing the crotchet technique, you will need to re-install them.

  • Before placing the locs, the natural hair is braided thoroughly.
  • Before the locs are installed, the natural hair is only braided up to a depth of three centimeters.
  • Hair was held in place at the roots using a rubber band.

How To Remove Butterfly Locs Without Cutting

1.     Butterfly Locs Removal/ Take Down – Method 1

Starting from the bottom, begin by snipping off the hair. Pull the wrapping hair out until it becomes twisted and you can no longer pull it out after cutting the locs at the root.

Start unwinding the loc using your own hair from the twisted section of the loc. Pull the wrapped hair out of the root with a slide and a pull.

Remove old buildup from the hair’s roots after removing braids, then comb it downwards to reduce hair loss and breaking.

2.     Butterfly Locs Removal/Take Down- Method 2

Hold the root of a loc in your hand. Pull your braided hair out of the locs by searching for it. Pull out the last part of loc after cutting it with scissors.

If you have colored locs, this approach is a cinch. When pulling down your braids, carefully take apart the old buildup on the hair before combing it downwards to avoid hair loss and breakage.

3.     Butterfly Locs Removal/ Take Down- Method 3

Starting at the roots, gently unwrap the butterfly locs-wrapped hair. You should be able to view the braided part after this. Cut the loc when you’ve removed it from it.

Removing the loc from the hair is the last step in the procedure. Gently dislodge old buildup on the hair after removing braids before combing it downwards to reduce hair loss.

Now that we’ve known how to remove butterfly locs without cutting, let’s look at some butterfly locs styles.

Butterfly Locs Hairstyles

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