25 Butterfly Locs Hairstyles to Try this Year

25 Butterfly Locs Hairstyles to Try this Year

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Another faux locs type which can be braided using hair that are wavy is the Butterfly locs.

This article is going to discuss all the things about 25 butterfly locs hairstyles among them  the hair type that can be used, their durability, the best method of sealing butterfly locs, how to do and get them refreshed.

When it comes to the types of Butterfly locs hairstyles, there are six of them.

What makes each of the six types of butterfly locs hairstyles unique is their technique used in braiding them as well as the hair used.

You should note that Bohemian distressed and Butterfly locs are hairstyles that are different from each other.

What Are Butterfly Locs?

These are the faux locs types made through a crotchet method that loops wavy hair to form a braid with the help of crotchet needle after which it is wrapped loosely to achieve unraveled or distressed looks.

What Type of Hair Is Used for Butterfly Locs?

All kinds of hair that are wavy are ideal for butterfly locs hairstyles. This includes the freetress water wave variant.

However, it really depends on the volume and length that you desire. In most cases you will need up to seven or eight packs.

How Long Do Butterfly Locs Last?

Butterfly locs hairstyles if maintained and taken care of properly will last for at least three months or even more.

How Much Do Butterfly Locs Cost?

Foe people who want to have extended lengths, they will pay between $180 and 300 $ where as those who prefer to DIY will cost them around $100.

How Long Do Butterfly Locs Take?

It will take three to five hours for short and mid-back butterfly locs hairstyles whereas those with extended length takes seven hours.

Do Butterfly Locs Hurt?

Because these types of hairstyles are done using a crotchet-a tensionless method, they do not hurt.

How Do You Do Butterfly Locs On Short Hair?

To do butterfly locs hairstyles on hair that are short, use rubber bands so as to secure hair located on the base of the scalp. This will enable you to easily loop braiding using crotchet needle.

Are Butterfly Locs A Protective Style?

Yes, this hairstyle is protective since it only uses the roots while the rest parts of the hair are not disturbed hence, they remain protected.

Do Butterfly Locs Tangle?

They don’t. This is despite the fact that the hair left out creates an unraveled appearence. Butterfly locs hairstyles stay untangled.

Do Butterfly Locs Pull Your Hair Out?

These hairstyles does not pull hair out when it is removed in a proper manner. It only pulls your hair out if you fail to occasionally apply the mousse on the locs.

Do Butterfly Locs Grow Your Hair?

A I said earlier, butterfly locs hairstyles are protective thus it does not disturb your hair leaving your hair growing smoothly.

How Do You Do Butterfly Locs?

Let us now discuss how crotchet and butterfly locs hairstyles can be DIY, how you can do them on clients for those who are hair stylists and also how sealing and refreshing butterfly locs is done.

If you want to purchased the products and hair used, just click the links or check other local alternatives in your region.

DIY Butterfly locs

Butterfly locs

In order to do this, you are required to have Crotchet Needle, Edge Control, Rat Tail Comb, seven to eight packs of Freetress Water Hair, and Shine N Jam.

The Shine N Jam helps in giving you proper hold of the hair by sleeking down the hair roots.  After having the proper hold, section the hair and begin braiding them into small and mid individual hair by using natural hair.

The final results should be the same as this. You can also choose not to have the hair braided completely.

To fluff and unravel the hair, run the fingers through the Freetress Water Wave hair. You are also supposed to unraveled the hair into the braid with the help of crotchet needle.

For you to ensure that the two sides of butterfly locs hairstyles are equal, the freetress hair should be pulled towards the loop and wrap the opposite side of Freetress Water Wavw Hair.

When doing this, you must loosen the hold after wrapping the base so as to wrap it gently using your thumb while you move it along in order to give your hair unraveled look. This procedure should be repeated in all parts of the head until when you are completely satisfied with appearance and length of the butterfly locs hairstyles.

If you want more details, watch the following video.


Crotchet Butterfly Locs

If you want to avoid the challenge of doing butterfly locs hairstyles from scratch, then don’t worry because there are butterfly locs that are ready made. These include Toyotress Butterfly Locs which only requires you to install them to braided sections of your hair.

However, if they are not installed properly, these type of butterfly locs hairstyles end up having an appearance that is not natural.  The best way to avoid this from happening is by doing parts individually on the front, on the back do back cornrows. This will enable you to come up with any hairstyle you want

For more information on how to do this, check the following video.

How Can I Do Butterfly Locs On My Clients?

Are you a hairstylist who needs to learn the best method of doing butterfly locs hairstyles? Check the visual description on this video to take you through three easy ways to do it and become a pro.

How To Seal Butterfly Locs

There are two ways of sealing ends of butterfly locs hairstyles.

The first one is tying a knot using part of hair and wrapping the remaining hair on your loc until there is no hair for you to work on. This can only be done when you are satisfied with the length of your locs.

Another method is using GOT 2B Freeze Spray or nail glue on the hair end and wrapping the hair remaining around those that have been glued.

No matter which of the two method you decide to use, ensure that you do it in a thorough manner because you do not like spending a lot of money getting them done only to look unpleasant after just one week.

How To Refresh Butterfly Locs

After around two or three months of doing butterfly locs hairstyles, it is necessary to refresh them so as to appear new. This will enable you to have another two months having them before removing.

Refreshing of butterfly locs hairstyles is done by washing the hair. This is in line with the thumb’s rule that caring the natural hair does not end with getting protective hair styles.

Once you are done washing them. The next step is conditioning the air and drying the locs before oiling the scalp. These should come first before the process of refreshing.

Apply Shine N Jam to the roots of your hair and soeci9ficaly where there is a new growth. A comb is also used to pull lightly fly-away to help secure the coated growth on root of the hair.

You are supposed the exact same hair that was used on the locs and then wrap at least four times after that loosen the grip and begin wrapping it gently. This procedure must be done repeatedly across your head so as to achieve the desired loc style.

Check the video below for more details.

Butterfly Locs Maintenance Tips

The butterfly locs hairstyles have an appearance that is unraveled thus they do not need any extra hair maintenance apart from the standard one.

  • Wrap the hair with a Bonnet or silk scarf when sleeping to avoid tangling them.
  • When you feel your scalp itching, use Anti-itchy Oil
  • Always clean your scalp using Dry Shampoo
  • For you to keep your locs looking vibrant, use braids spray, Mousse, or your preferred oil.

25 Butterfly Locs Hairstyles

Are you planning to get butterfly locs hairstyles? We have compiled a list of the best 25 butterfly locs hairstyles to help you in making an informed decision. They include short, long, and colored locs to ensure that every one gets something to accompany them during their next visit to a hair salon.

Ginger Butterfly Locs

Ginger Buuterfly locs enables you to throw your locs in space bun while leaving out two locs on the front.


Bob Butterfly Locs

Bob Locs are bob all black butterfkly locs and baby hair that have been laid skilfully in a winner or side swoop.


Blonde Butterfly Locs

Blonde Butterfly Locs are head turners with their 613 hair color.


See more inspirational black and blonde mixed hairstyles.

Black Bob Butterfly Locs

Black Bob Butterfly Locs are made of a 100 percent Kanekalon fiber to give you confidence and absolute elegance


Black & Red Butterfly Locs

Black & Red Butterfly Locs will bring in fiery red into your butterfly locs which have a black color.


Blonde Bob Butterfly Locs

Blonde Bob Butterfly Locs have bohemian hair, passion twists that are pre-looped, and crochet braids all done by and expert hair stylist.


 Black & Blue Butterfly Locs

This adds blue elegance to black butterfly locs hairstyles


Maroon Butterfly Locs

This is ideal for people who love hairstyles that are colorful. If you are one of them, then you will like these Maroon Butterfly Locs.


Long Butterfly Locs

These are good for anyone looking for a butterfly locs hairstyles that have waist length


Mid Length Butterfly Locs

These butterfly locs are recommended for people who do not like short and long butterfly locs hairstyles

Mid Length Butterfly Locs

Long Butterfly Locs

Long butterfly locs features a complete black color and edges that have been laid perfectly


Bob Butterfly Locs

Don’t be afraid of the excess wrapping hair that’s left out; the fairy in butterfly locs is there as a purpose.


Colored Butterfly Locs

You already aware how much we like bright colors.


Mid Length Butterfly Locs

For the ultimate casual appearance, tie the butterfly locs in half-up and down hairdo.


Dark Brown Butterfly Locs

This brown butterfly locs are a perfect match for black eye color.


Grey Butterfly Locs

You don’t want to make a complete commitment to a striking color choice? Using black butterfly locs in the front, you may tone it down a notch.


 Color 613 Butterfly Locs

We can’t have enough of these particular shade of hair colors.


 Butterfly Locs With Highlights

Everything simply does seem to work so seamlessly together.


Distressed Butterfly Locs

Many women like the half-up and down butterfly locs hairstyle featuring two locs that are  left out from the front, which is a popular choice.


Butterfly Locs with Red Highlights

A safe choice if you don’t want to commit to a complete head of  vividly colored hairdo is to go for highlights.


 Long Mixed Colors Butterfly Locs

Who would have thought that these two hues would go so beautifully together?


Mid Length Blonde Butterfly Locs

Please pledge that you will at least once attempt Color 613 Butterfly Locs and that you will tag us on any photos you take of yourself doing so.

Mid Length Blonde Butterfly Locs

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Burgundy Butterfly Locs

On black ladies, burgundy butterfly locs, burgundy braids, and burgundy anything is always a winner.


See ideas of burgundy box braids with curly ends.

 Colored Butterfly Locs

If you’re not frightened of color, experiment with various color combinations for the butterfly locs.

Colored Butterfly Locs

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Butterfly locs hairstyles, which have become a protective style mainstay, are quite similar to this new form of loc.

Despite the fact that distressed locs are really the bohemian relative of the clean fake locs that have been fashionable in recent years, there is one major distinction between distressed locs and Butterfly Locs: the curling loops generated in the Butterfly Locs that give them their distinctive appearance.

Butterfly locs are a cross of divine locs and frenzy twists in the best possible way. It’s wispy, low maintenance, and incredibly natural-looking to dress in a sloppy, boho fashion way.

This hairstyle may be suitable for those of us who prefer a style that evolves with time, doesn’t need much effort to maintain, and that embraces curl and coils while yet safeguarding our own hair.

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