How to Maintain Bohemian Distressed Locs

How to Maintain Bohemian Distressed Locs

The braids evolution has seen the rise of different braided hairstyles as a result of genius techniques. Braids have been around since time immemorial dating back to the 1300BC when slaves used them to deliver secret messages and weave escape routes and maps. It’s safe to say that the current crop of braided hairstyles is a pure work of art.

Professional stylists are now creating other new hairstyles like passion braids and passion twists. The creations exhibited by black stylists is unparalleled. Let’s talk about the new wave of faux locs in town.

The famous bohemian distressed locs otherwise known as fairie or love locs are a less messy version of butterfly locs.

This article highlights all the information you need to know about bohemian locs including maintenance, look and the type of braiding hair used.

Let’s dive right in!

 Bohemian Distressed Locs

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are bohemian locs?

Bohemian distressed locs are also known as messy locs, fairie or love locs. They are typically a new version of faux locs made with braiding hair in different textures wrapped together to give it the distressed look.

  1. Are bohemian locs heavy?

Faux locs are usually heavy. They can also cause hair breakage especially if moisture is not properly sealed in before the installation process and also maintained throughout the wear.

  1. How long can you wear bohemian distressed locs?

With proper care, you can wear bohemian distressed locs for up to about three months.

  1. What’s the installation cost of bohemian distressed locs?

Installing bohemian locs will cost you about $300 or more depending on the hair stylist and your desired length. It will cost you anything between $80 to about $100 for a complete look if you do it by yourself at the comfort of your home.

  1. Which braiding hair do I need to use for bohemian locs?

You can use any type of faux crotchet faux hair that you like. To create the distressed look, use another type of braiding hair on top of the crotchet faux locs. It usually depends on the length and look you are going for. You can use a combination of Bobbi nu locs, springs twists, Marley hair, curly hair and water wave braiding hair to achieve the look you are going for.

How to Install Distressed Faux Locs

1st Method

You’ll first begin by sectioning your blow dried or straightened hair into different parts of the size you desire.

Apply shine n jam to the root of the hair to give you a proper hold and also make the sectioned parts look neater.

Braid the sectioned parts individually then loop in the braiding hair into your natural hair. In this case, you’ll be looping in the Bobbi nu faux locs to your hair.

Unravel the spring twists right after looping in the Bobbi nu crotchet faux locs and wrap them in the opposite direction ensuring you cover all the hair as you move along the length.

Secure the wrapped spring twists on the locs using nail glue. The end result should be a full head of gorgeous bohemian locs.

2nd Method

The distressed bohemian locs have curly ends and are slightly extended in this braiding technique.

Section your blow dried hair in different parts then braid them individually just like in the first method. Loop in the freetress natural wavy twist braiding hair using the crotchet latch hook.

Loop in the freetress deep twist braiding hair at the bottom of the natural wavy twist on each side ensuring they are even. After you are done, unravel the freetress bohemian braiding hair then wrap it on the locs ensuring you cover all your hair.

Secure the wrapped freetress bohemian braiding hair and your locs using a nail glue.

You can use different braiding hairs to wrap the locs including Marley hair, freetress water wave hair and freetress bohemian braids irrespective of the technique you choose.

Advantages of Bohemian Locs

  • Bohemian locs help promote growth of hair as it will remain undisturbed for quite sometime owing to low to no manipulation
  • Bohemian distressed locs tend to look better overtime. This means that the longer you wear them, the better they look.
  • Bohemian distressed locs are easy to maintain
  • Bohemian distressed locs will give you dreadlock vibes without the commitment that comes with their permanent nature

Maintaining Bohemian Locs

When it comes to maintaining bohemian distressed locs:

  • Apply anti-itch oil on your scalp to prevent itching
  • Use a piece of clean cloth, a cotton ball and dry shampoo to clean your scalp
  • Use a silk scarf to wrap your bohemian locs when going to bed or wear a satin bonnet

Bohemian Distressed Locs

Watch the compilation below of messy faux locs:

Here are some of the best bohemian distressed locs we are sure you’ll love:

1. Bob Bohemian Distressed Locs

Bob Bohemian Distressed Locs

2. Long Distressed Bohemian Locs


3. Bob Distressed Locs


4. Distressed Locs Updo


5. Extended Locs


6. Long Boho Distressed Locs


7. Bob Messy Locs


8. Bob Boho Messy Locs


9. Messy Faux Boho Locs


10. Long Messy Locs


11. Long Messy Faux Locs


12. Half Down Half Up Distressed Locs


13. Brown Distressed Locs


14. Shoulder Length Messy Locs


15. Bob Messy Locs


16. Long Messy Bohemian Locs


17. Extra Long Boho Locs


18. Extra Long Boho Distressed Locs


19. Long Boho Messy Locs


20. Cornrows in Bohemian Distressed Locs


Watch the video below for some more styles you may fancy:


For more inspiration, you can check out this talented hair stylists on Instagram @akiralasha @loccsoflove @hairbys_a and @thekainoirexperience.

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