Messy Pixie Cut with Bangs Hairstyles

Messy Pixie Cut with Bangs Hairstyles

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If you want a fresh look, a messy pixie cut with bangs is the way to go! This hairstyle will give you the changes you desire, whether or not you have straight natural hair.

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You’re at the right place if you’re looking to join the short hair club. Read on to learn more about messy pixie cut with bangs.

Messy Pixie Cuts with Bangs Hairstyles

This short length hairstyle is classy with lots of layers for texture. The bangs add density to the tresses and create an illusion of added volume by providing a tousled look.

Messy pixie cuts with bangs work for all women, regardless of age and face shape. Moreover, the natural grays texture on a pixie crop deliver a striking look.

There’s a range of pixie cut variants to choose from. Therefore, consult a professional hairstylist for best results. The stylist should look into the texture of natural hair, its density and growth direction.

Messy Pixie Cut with Bangs

Here’s a round-up of some of the trendiest messy pixie haircuts with bangs:

  1. Choppy Combover Pixie

You shouldn’t hide your best facial features and this choppy combover pixie will ensure that. The haircut offers a luminous appearance.

  1. Classic Pixie Cut with Side Swept Bangs

Pixie cuts look better with sharper features. A classic pixie cut with side swept bangs is best suited for women with cheekbones and a jawline. The side swept bang is a staple for a messy pixie cut as it adds extra oomph.

  1. Layered Short Bangs

A layered short pixie with bangs will give you a more feminine and edgy vibe.

  1. Short Messy Pixie Haircut

If you want something that requires less maintenance but doesn’t compromise on style, this short messy pixie haircut would be an excellent choice. Styling the haircut is easy. However, you might need to trim it to maintain the shape.

  1. Messy and Tousled Pixie

This messy pixie cut with bangs looks edgy and is best suited for older adults. Style with a pomade and run your fingers through the hair to mess it and add texture.

  1. Asymmetrical Copper Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

If you’re looking to make your hair stand out, a copper pixie cut with long bangs is the way to go.

  1. Chocolatey Messy Pixie Cut with Sideburns

Chocolatey messy pixie cut with sideburns is an evergreen haircut that incorporates elements of shag. If you’re looking to enhance or emphasize your cheekbones, then go for long sideburns.

  1. Pixie Cut for Messy Curl Hair

This is a low maintenance hairstyle that requires a diffuser and curl cream for styling. The style is quite popular as it offers a lived-in, effortless finish.

  1. Salty and Peppery Pixie Party for Coarse Hair

Looking for a way to make your coarse hair more manageable and fun? Consider cutting it short with a salt-and-pepper messy pixie! An undercut on the sides and back will give you some room to play with the top. Use a smoothing serum like Pureology’s Style + Protect Shine Bright Taming Serum and let your creativity run wild. A messy pixie works on all face shapes and gives you endless styling possibilities.

  1. Jet Black Long Pixie with Bangin’ Bangs

If you’re ready to level up your look, check out this long, messy pixie with bangs! It’s perfect for ladies with longer faces who want a chic and edgy style. Add some light styling cream to your hair and play with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to create a tousled texture that’s effortlessly cool.

  1. Jet Black Messy Pixie with Shaved Sides – Ready to Rock!

Looking to make a statement? This jet black messy pixie with shaved sides will definitely do that for you! It’s edgy, bold, and perfect for those with the confidence and attitude to rock it. Keep the tousled texture looking fresh with regular trims and use lightweight styling products like mousse or sea salt spray to add texture and volume without weighing down your locks.

  1. Tousled and Messy Pixie for the Fabulous and Over 50

Who says older ladies can’t have fun with their hair? A tousled and messy pixie is perfect for those looking to add some edge to their style. Enhance the texture of your pixie cut with a pomade and use your fingers to create a fun and playful look.

  1. Asymmetrical Messy Pixie Cut – Unleash Your Inner Siren!

For a longer, alluring, and cool pixie hairstyle, try an asymmetrical messy pixie cut. It’s versatile, easy to maintain, and requires minimal styling. Use a styling paste to create a carefree and fun look that will make you feel like a siren.

  1. Messy Pixie Bob Cut – The Best of Both Worlds!

Who says you can’t have it all? With a messy pixie bob cut, you get the best of both worlds – the fun of a pixie cut and the sleekness of a bob cut. Plus, it’s easier to manage and creates a soft, feminine look with just the right amount of edge. Let’s get messy and have some fun!

  1. Shrink Your Round Face with a Short Messy Pixie Cut

Tired of looking like a round-faced cookie? Try a short, messy pixie cut to make your face appear thinner! This style is soft and flattering, and you won’t have to spend hours styling your hair in the morning. More time to snooze, yay!

  1. Get Edgy with an Androgynous Pixie Cut and Textured Ends

Want to be the center of attention and turn heads? Try an androgynous pixie cut with textured ends! This messy, lived-in look requires little to no styling, perfect for a busy gal like you.

  1. Embrace Your Messy, Wavy Hair with a Textured Pixie Cut

Let your messy, wavy hair shine with a textured pixie cut! This edgy and sophisticated style is easy to achieve and requires little to no styling. Add some extra shine with a couple of drops of Olaplex’s No. 7 Bonding oil, and you’re ready to slay the day!

  1. Feather Your Edges with an Edgy Pixie Cut

Want to go low-maintenance but still edgy? Try an edgy pixie cut with messy, feathered ends! These messy haircuts are easy to style, and a dime-sized amount of Redken’s Aerate will give you added volume and texture.

  1. Be Funky and Fresh with a Tapered Pixie Cut Over 40

Ready to stand out from the crowd and feel funky at the same time? Try a funky, tapered pixie cut over 40! This modern and lived-in look is perfect for women who want to show off their fun side.

  1. Go Grey and Gorgeous with a Textured Pixie Cut Over 60

A grey pixie haircut over 60 can be chic and stylish! Messy hairstyles are flexible and soft, and they accentuate your femininity even more. Ask your stylist for a textured cut and see how fabulous you’ll look!

  1. Stay Timeless with a Very Short Pixie Cut Over 70

Want to look youthful and radiant over 70? A very short pixie cut will do the trick! These messy hairstyles are flattering and forgiving, and they’ll soften your features in all the right ways.

  1. Showcase Your Best Features with a Messy Pixie Cut and Glasses

If you wear glasses and want to stand out, try a messy short pixie cut! This look highlights your best features and accommodates your spectacles seamlessly into the style. Use a pinch of Moroccan Oil’s Molding Cream on your ends to give your straight hair some added texture and shine, and you’ll be looking like a stylish queen!

  1. Edgy Pixie for Women Over 50

Who says you can’t be fun after 50? Show off your playful side with an edgy pixie! It’s messy, but still feminine with softness around the edges. Get ready to feel like you’re in your 20s again, without looking like you’re trying too hard.

  1. Short Messy Pixie for Older Women

If you want a hairstyle that’s soft yet edgy, go for a short and messy pixie! It’s modern, flattering, and easy to style. Just spray some Redken’s Guts 10 onto your roots for extra volume before blow-drying.

  1. Brown Messy Pixie

Let your inner wild child loose with a brown, messy pixie! This style is all about embracing imperfection and having fun. Use Osis Thrill by Schwarzkopf to get that piecey texture that will make heads turn.

  1. Razored Short Pixie Cut

For a textured and bendy look, try a razored short pixie cut! It frames your face softly and adds some oomph to your locks. This style works best for straight to slightly wavy hair. Just apply some styling cream or texturizing mousse and use a diffuser while blow-drying to get those perfect messy waves.

  1. Low-Maintenance Messy Pixie

If you’re always on the go but still want to look fabulous, go for a low-maintenance messy pixie! It’s short and choppy, with honey and caramel highlights to add some depth. Get ready to rock that messy bedhead look in no time!

  1. Messy Pixie for Fine Hair

Fine-haired ladies, this one’s for you! A chic messy pixie haircut is perfect for lightening the weight of your hair and showing off your natural gray. It’s age-appropriate, yet alluring with its messy layers.

  1. Shaggy Pixie Hairstyle

Want to be on-trend? Try a shaggy pixie hairstyle! It’s a modern twist on the classic shag, with vertical lines that showcase your beautiful features. To get those messy waves, use metal hair clips to set your bangs and flip them to the sides. It’s the perfect look for round or heart-shaped faces that want to sass things up!

  1. Choppy Pixie Cut

Feeling edgy? A choppy pixie cut with a modern shag flair is the way to go, babe! Not only will it give you a soft and edgy silhouette, but it’ll also create cheek hollows that make your face and neck look elongated. Just make sure you keep up with regular trims to keep that youthful and free-spirited vibe going!

  1. Messy Pixie with Bangs Hairstyle

Want to mix things up? Try out a cute messy pixie with bangs hairstyle! It’s perfect for showing off your hair texture and adding volume to fine hair without overwhelming your face. But if you’re a glasses gal, steer clear of long side-swept bangs or you’ll be dealing with irritated eyes all day long.

  1. Blonde Pixie for Messy, Thin Hair

Got thin hair that needs some love? A blonde pixie for messy, thin hair is just what the hair doctor ordered! Just add some spray wax or texturizing spray to damp hair, flip out sections with a curling or flat iron, and you’ll have a “hair is a mess” look that’s sure to turn heads.

  1. Messy Pixie for Women Over 30

Hey, age is just a number, and a messy pixie for women over 30 is a cute way to update your current haircut! The extra volume and symmetry will do wonders for your round face shape, and a balayage will take your cut to the next level.

  1. Messy Pixie Cut with Bangs

Looking for a fun way to balance heart and oblong face shapes? Look no further than a messy pixie cut with bangs! It’ll soften harsh lines, make your eyes pop, and enhance those natural wave patterns. Just spritz on some sea salt spray and use a diffuser for easy peasy wavy texture.

  1. Luscious Layers for Thick-Haired Pixie Queens

Looking for a hairstyle that screams, “I woke up like this?” Look no further than a layered pixie cut for your lush, thick locks. These messy layers create a full-bodied, voluminous look that flatters your face shape. This style is perfect for any age group that wants effortless, low-maintenance hair.

  1. Edgy and Undercut, Oh My! The Messy Pixie for Rebel Babes

If you’re feeling rebellious and want to show off your edgy side, an undercut, messy pixie cut is the way to go! This look is both androgynous and boyish, giving off major cool-girl vibes. The undercut frames your face, highlighting all your best features. Use some styling paste to add to the “I don’t care, but I still look amazing” look.

Don’t be afraid to chop off those locks and embrace the fun and versatility of a pixie cut with bangs! Whether you’re looking for a choppy, messy, blonde, or layered style, there’s a pixie cut out there that’s perfect for you and your unique personality.

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