Tapered Pixie Cut Styles for Black Hair

Tapered Pixie Cut Styles for Black Hair

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Tapered pixie cuts for black hair feature a crop that is long at the top and short at the sides and back. The layers at the top create an illusion of added dimension and volume. This haircut accentuates the facial bone structure remarkably well.

There are a number of things to consider when going for this haircut. These include care and maintenance, styling, and the hair products. For instance, a relaxed tapered pixie cut requires a lot of maintenance.

A tapered pixie cut for black hair is a high maintenance style, even though its short. You might need to visit the salon twice a month to style and maintain the pixie cut, depending on the length and texture of your hair.

Tapered Pixie Cut for Black Hair

Here are some trendy styles of tapered pixie cut for black hair that you can draw inspiration from.

  1. Well Designed Relaxed Pixie

If you’re looking for a short haircut to highlight your best facial features without doing too much, a well-designed and relaxed pixie cut would be an excellent choice.

You can easily style your natural hair with curls and use a finishing spray when done. The spray helps hold the curls securely in place. This haircut is suitable for women with fine textured natural hair as no chemicals are required to style it

  1. Textured Blonde Pixie with Bangs

This haircut strikes a perfect balance between casual and professionalism. It’s best suited for women of color, especially those looking for a classic yet edgy vibe. You’ll have to dye your hair to achieve the hairstyle.

  1. Extra-Short Buzz Pixie Cut

Dye your natural hair to your preferred color.

  1. Brushed Up Pixie Cut

This haircut allows you to effortlessly show off the texture of your natural hair. The haircut works well for all face shapes.

  1. Professional Pixie with Soft Waves

As the names suggests, the pixie haircut brings out a professional vibe as the waves add some extra oomph. I If you want something that is neither too edgy nor too short, this professional pixie with soft waves is one of the best tapered pixie cuts for black hair.

  1. Soft Curly Pixie with Shaved Designs

If you have just began your short hair journey, consider soft curly pixie with shaved designs. You can relax your natural hair for a relatively clean cut

  1. Relaxed Hair Pixie with Finger Waves

Tapered pixie cut for black hair is flattering, especially with the right maintenance and styling. Don’t be afraid to ty finger waves on your relaxed hair. A precision cut that highlights your facial features without compromising the length of the hair at the back will suffice.

  1. Cute Pixie Cut with Pink Highlights

Pink is the new black, baby! Embrace your boldness with a cute pixie cut and pink highlights that show off all your stunning facial features. Just make sure to keep up with regular styling and maintenance appointments to keep that look fresh and fabulous.

  1. Rooted Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

Want to turn heads? Try a platinum blonde pixie cut with roots that’ll leave everyone speechless. But, listen up, this is no DIY project – leave it to the pros to get those exceptional and consistent results.

  1. White Pixie with Finger Waves

For a sassy and sophisticated vibe, go for a platinum white pixie cut with silky finger waves. This layered pixie is the perfect balance between conservative and daring. Don’t forget to tie your hair down at night to keep those waves intact!

  1. Pixie with Shaved Sides and Designs

Unleash your inner edge with a pixie cut that features shaved sides and designs. This unique take on the pixie is perfect for curly hair textures and adds something special to the mix. Fade the sides and add designs around the ear for a truly edgy look.

  1. Short Pixie Hairstyle

Keep it simple yet chic with a short pixie hairstyle featuring frayed side bangs that leave your face looking delicate and smooth. These soft and short cuts are easy to style daily and give you plenty of opportunities to switch up your look.

  1. Pixie Cut for Black Ladies

For a modish and stunning look, try a platinum pixie cut designed specifically for black ladies. This cut is a perfect choice to enhance your eyes and other features.

  1. Simple Pixie Haircut for Black Women

Who says simple can’t be stunning? A simple pixie cut with warm-toned highlights is a great option for those who want a low-maintenance yet beautiful look. Just remember to schedule regular cuts every 40 days to maintain the shape!

  1. Natural Pixie with Bangs

Want a chic look without the hassle? Try a natural pixie with bangs! Short layers give great texture, while longer sideburns and wispy bangs add a feminine touch. Plus, you don’t need to spend hours styling it – just grab some styling paste and go!

  1.  Spiky Pixie for Textured Black Hair

If you’ve got thick, textured hair, show it off with a spiky pixie cut! Short layers help remove bulk, while smooth sides add some sleekness. It’s the perfect way to showcase your natural beauty.

  1. Beautiful Asymmetrical Pixie Cut for Black Women

Make a statement with a beautiful asymmetrical pixie cut! A side part and long front add interest to this short style. And if you want to switch it up even more, try a frontal lace wig or add some makeup to your hairline for a flawless finish.

  1. Low-Maintenance Pixie Hairstyle

Looking for a sexy, low-maintenance option? A pixie cut has got your back! Just let your hair air-dry with some gel or mousse, and you’re good to go. And if you have curly hair, you don’t even need to trim it too often. But remember to moisturize to keep those locks healthy!

  1. Pixie with Long Side-Swept Bangs

Get ready for compliments with a pixie cut featuring long side-swept bangs! The mix of textures is beautiful, with a long top that can be left natural or straight, and short sides that look great curled. Plus, it flatters all face shapes and is super low-maintenance.

  1. Layered Pixie with a Blonde Hair Color

Feeling daring? Try a layered pixie with a blonde hair color! It’s absolutely gorgeous, but be aware that not all black hair types can handle the bleaching process. If you do decide to go for it, make sure to get the proper treatments to keep your hair healthy and happy.

  1. Pixie Cut for Black Females

Last but not least, a pixie cut for black females is a super easy-care style that exudes class. Just have your stylist cut the sides and back short and leave the top longer for a stunning shape. And the best part? It’s a wash-and-go style that will have you conquering the world in no time!

  1. The Curly Pixie Magic

Curly hair, don’t care! A pixie cut for curly hair is totally achievable with some dry-cutting magic. Keep your locks moisturized for maximum gorgeousness. And don’t forget to defuse your curls with conditioner and oil to get that soft and beautiful shape.

  1. The Textured Long Pixie

Get ready for some finger wave action! Ask your stylist for a long pixie that will showcase your naturally textured hair. Relaxers and silk presses are the keys to unlock the potential of your curls. The longer pieces can be curled with a small flat iron or curling iron to give you that mohawk shape that’s so fabulous.

  1. The Ageless Pixie Cut

Who says pixie cuts are only for the young? Black women over 50 can totally rock this look with evenly cut layers all around the head. Wear it on your forehead or push it back for a versatile and youthful style. And to keep that fresh look going, dry shampoo is a must.

  1. The On-The-Go Pixie

Always on the go? Try a very short pixie for your 4C curls! Keep it simple by letting it air-dry and adding a leave-in conditioner and scrunching gel. But remember, don’t touch it while it’s drying or it might frizz up on you.

  1. The Glamorous Long Pixie

Get ready to turn heads with a glamorous long pixie cut! Straighten those soft layers with a flat iron or comb, but don’t forget to protect your hair with a heat protectant. Add some hair oils for that extra shine that will make you glow. And if you want an instant style change, try a pixie-style wig!

  1. The Cute Short Pixie

Black girls, get ready to slay with a cute short pixie cut! Keep your hair moisturized and protected from heat damage with a specially developed product. You can blow-dry it for a smooth look, but don’t be surprised if it curls back up after washing and drying upwards.

  1. The Natural Pixie

Going back to your natural hair texture? A pixie cut for natural hair is a great option! It’s perfect for day-to-day care and offers endless sophistication. So go ahead, embrace your natural beauty with a pixie cut that’s totally you!

  1. Longer Pixie for Straight Hair

Looking for a way to spice up your straight locks? Try a longer pixie cut for a fresh and rejuvenated look. And don’t forget to add some warmth to your hair tone to make your skin glow!

  1.  Pixie Haircut for Black Women Over 60

Who says you can’t rock a pixie cut over 60? With a modern and edgy touch, a pixie cut can bring out the best in you. So go ahead and embrace those irregular cuts and messy styles!

  1. Super Short Pixie

Feeling powerful, ladies? A super short pixie cut can definitely give you that vibe! Just make sure you find a professional who knows how to rock this look to avoid any hair-raising mishaps.

  1. Pixie with Finger Waves – Short Hairstyle

Are you a black girl with many personalities? Then a pixie with finger waves is perfect for you! Get those waves by using your fingers and a comb, then add some gel and start pressing hair strips to create that wavy effect.

  1. Pixie with Layers for a Black Woman

Want to show off your inner style? A pixie with layers for black women can highlight your face and bring out your personality. But remember, finding a stylist who can cut your hair type is key!

  1. Wavy Pixie for Older Black Women

A wavy pixie for older black women is the perfect blend of style and texture. Your stylist should consider the density and texture of your hair to create the perfect cut for you. Long, wispy layers styled forward can give you a simple and sweet style that’s quick and easy to do. So why not give it a try?

So, there you have it, ladies! The world of tapered pixie cuts for black hair is full of endless possibilities. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and sophisticated style or something edgy and bold, there’s a tapered pixie cut out there that’s perfect for you. Just remember to find a skilled stylist who knows how to work with black hair and who can help you achieve the look you’re going for. With a tapered pixie cut, you’ll feel empowered, fierce, and ready to take on the world. So go ahead and rock that pixie cut with confidence!

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